Cultural Studies

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Critical evaluation of the implications of organizational and national culture in managing organization in an international context

International business environment is very dynamic due to globalization and its related components. Whenever any company operates internationally then they need to focus on a variety of factors that can affect their business operations at very large scale. There is a huge requirement of focusing on designing the appropriate strategies so that the negative implications of international environment could be eradicated.

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Cross Culture Management

About a decade ago around 20 per cent of the world’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) was produced and consumed in international market. In the views of most of the economist, in the next two decades, the international Gross Domestic Product is expected to increase up to $ 91 trillion and around 80 per cent of the world output will be in the intercontinental markets.

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How the global banking industry manages change within different cultures look into Middle East (Saudi Arabia), Asia (China) and the west.

Now days the organizations are working into different countries and they have variety of growth options. One side global expansion is generating lots of profits from them and on the other hand companies are highly facing the problem of managing the people in effective manner

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