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Every country has certain elements that enable them to ensure their better future. The education system is one of those significant elements which allow the countries to build highly knowledgeable and intellectual students who can handle the international affairs and can represent the country at world platform. The education system needs to be effective so that the students or other associated people can promote the high level knowledge to the upcoming generations and more deep and conceptual as well as practical could be disseminated among the students. In the same process there are lots of participants who affect the educational system. Moreover the major role could be played by the national curricula that have been designed as per the need and retirement of the students. But the major factor is that what are the criteria’s to decide the subjects into the national curriculum and normal topic or content to be included within the curriculum that has been discussed within the study (Machin and Vignoles, 2005).

This essay is an example of a student's work


This essay has been submitted to us by a student in order to help you with your studies. This is not an example of the work written by our professional essay writers.


Majorly the country and government department (responsible for the education sector) have eminent personalities from different fields and areas who suggest the government and other panelists to include the most suitable and intellectual content within the national curriculum. These panelists are normally researchers and head of the various departments who provide their suggestions as they have deep understanding about the educational system. Selecting the curricula is very responsible job. Here the educational department of the country has to ensure that the students or children of country should get healthy and competitive education which is sufficient for them as per the international level. The status of knowledge is increasing and new inventions and discoveries are giving dimensions to new kind of knowledge. The need of science is increasing rapidly. The panelists can never ignore the fact that the inventions and discoveries into the history have made study little bit difficult and the burden of knowledge have been increased on the students. Ahead it could also not deniable that while designing the content or topic the panelists need to ensure that the curricula should not include very high concepts. The age group and their learning capabilities must be considered at very large scale. Thus other than researchers the help of psychologists could also be taken by the government who can actually suggest the limit of average human mind to grasp the knowledge. The capabilities could be identified by consulting to the researchers and scientists who are conducting the research or investigation into the same field (Phillips, 2000). Thus the panelists or education department need to consult with the psychologists, researchers before designing the curriculum.

Further the professors and teachers and principals of big schools could also be a part of curricula designing process. The eminent people could get a chance to provide their suggestions so that the transparent and quality education could be developed. The curricula include various subjects and different topics so the interference of diverse people is required at very large scale. Therefore the department of education can rely on their team mates as well who act as their regular counselors for the same purpose. Hence these are major participants (in broader terms) who have their words regarding the content or topics to be included into the national curriculum. Further while deciding the national curriculum there are two major elements which are required to be focused upon. One is the age factor of students and other element is related to the level of education in other competitive countries. The education department has huge responsibilities that can’t put the overburden on the students for must making them more competitive. On the contrary it is also needed to be focused that the content must not be under competitiveness so that the students can lack the international competition else the entire educational system could be collapsed. It could never support the educational system and brilliancy and proper leaning could never be inherited within the country (Kelly, 2009).

Thus the major element is that the age factor should gain priority by the government and panelists. According to the age of the students the curricula and subjects must be decided. Additionally the international environment is also supposed to be aligned with in order to design the national curriculum. The advanced study is taking place as the science and mathematics is growing very rapidly. The subjects are become more wide and deep and most importantly the subjects like physical education (related to sports) and personality development, grooming also becoming the part of national curriculum. These are certain examples of advanced study or advanced curriculum based on the globalization. The students have also faced the impact of globalization as they are the assets who compete at international in future. They represent the country so it is a responsibility of education department to develop their potential and competency. Therefore these factors influence the curriculum content at very large scale. The interrelation of subjects also matters immensely while selecting the content. Sometime various subjects could comprise of various other information like in psychology the knowledge is related to human mind as well as related to behavioral aspects as well. The nature of subject could be wide as it can affect various other subjects in future course of action. Thus justifying with wide area and its applicability with student’s requirement is essential (Ryndak, 1996). The language to be written is also a part of national curricula designing process which supposed to be the combination of complex as well as easily understandable. Knowledge could be disseminated into various forms but identifying the most suitable form is necessary. The practical knowledge, logical applications, case study analysis, theoretical knowledge, learning by doing etc. these are certain kind of knowledge gaining or learning process. Every subject has different kind of treatment even the content or topic within the curriculum demand diverse treatment or learning pattern. Hence determining the learning style from different topics must gain special consideration into national curriculum designing process. Inappropriate learning pattern for the subject can create loop holes in educational system and effectiveness of the curriculum could be deteriorated. The students can face trouble in learning as it may go against the natural and suitable process.

This essay is an example of a student's work


This essay has been submitted to us by a student in order to help you with your studies. This is not an example of the work written by our professional essay writers.

To make it more interesting and competitive the government or the educational department can take the help of common people as well. Some people can participate into the curriculum designing and can register their important suggestions (Hlebowitsh, 2005). Other than bookish knowledge and subject intellect, the knowledge about moral values and responsible attitude should also be a part of national curriculum. As mentioned above that personality development etc. is some of the additional subjects that has been added intentionally. So in same way the subjects like environmental knowledge, civic sense, moral values and ethics etc. these subjects must also gain huge consideration. It is a need for the students as well as of society. The knowledge without appropriate moral values is inappropriate and it can never help society as well as the educational system to be grown. Technology and computer these are two major areas that has become normal subjects within the curriculum which is changing scenario for the students now a days as compare to study pattern popular in 70 or 80’s. Thus it indicates towards the change in the curriculum according to the need of society. The level is different for the students as it may change as per the interest and grading of students. Further the subjects like arts, music, painting, dance or craft etc. also needed to be included within the curriculum. These are creative subjects that fulfilled different motive for the students. However these subjects are not based on very deep technical or logical specifications but still they need to be developed painstakingly. These are purely dependent upon the interest level of students, it can never be enforced and these subjects are not part of national curriculum as mainstream learning subjects (Print, 1993).

The games are extra co curricular activities which are required to make students fit and could be designed or included with an aim of educating the students about the significance of healthy body. The knowledge of physical fitness and disease free body could be disseminated effectively by including games in national curriculum. Again this kind of extra co curricular activity is also a based on interest level of students. They can take it as their hobby or can definitely take it as their profession. But the need of different kind of is essential and it should be included into the national curriculum. Other normal subjects like English, history, geography, basic science, English and math’s etc. these are some basic subjects which become part of curriculum. Avoiding or skipping these subjects is impossible and the level of content and topics also increased as per the grades or student’s capabilities. Further in some regions the language also becomes the major part of national curriculum. Some of the researchers or eminent counselors for the educational departments think that the need of language learning is essential for the students. Including various European languages as the course or subject has become trend now a days. Hence all these elements determine the curriculum content and subjects (Hlebowitsh, 2005).

Once the national curriculum is decided and designed in an appropriate way then it definitely could be imposed within the national educational system of the country. It could have variety of impacts over the system and teaching patterns as well. Majorly the significant changes could be realized on the learning style of the students. As mentioned above that every subject has different nature and even the content or topics demand various kind of learning styles. The practical learning style is more popular as learning by doing is something which is very much popular among the students. The case study analysis is another pattern of learning that could be helpful for the secondary as well as higher school students. Ahead the theoretical should also gain perfect mix as it may help in clearing the concepts appropriately. The national curriculum and it content always affects the learning style. More the content is heavier and have quality more the students can learn the concepts easier (Machin and Vignoles, 2005).

As far as the teaching pattern is concerned the national curriculum affects the teaching style as well. The teachers need to increase their learning and have to update themselves if the national curriculum consists of various international affairs. It is mainly the responsibility of school administration to improve the level of teaching within their schools or colleges. The teachers have to improve their knowledge and intellect as well. At the same juncture it is essential to explain that the role of technology is immense on the teaching pattern. The technology has changed or brought down huge transformations in teaching pattern. Traditional techniques of teaching have been converted with technology. Even the national curriculum also aligns with the role of technology and allows teachers to stay comfortable with the technologically affected teaching patterns. Teachers have become friendlier while teaching to students; they are more expressive and can disseminate the knowledge effectively. Therefore it could be stated that the national curriculum has huge impact at the teaching and learning assessment (Phillips, 2000).

This essay is an example of a student's work


This essay has been submitted to us by a student in order to help you with your studies. This is not an example of the work written by our professional essay writers.


Overall it could be mentioned that the designing of national curriculum is most responsible job for any government department. It includes the future of not only students but the growth of country also depends on the educational system. It determines the learning and mental status of students. In order to support the national curriculum there is huge requirement of focusing upon the advice and experience of panelists, researchers, psychologists, policy makers, scientists and professors or principles. Further two major factors to be considered are age group and international educational environment. These aspects can help in designing the quality and effective national curriculum.


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This essay is an example of a student's work


This essay has been submitted to us by a student in order to help you with your studies. This is not an example of the work written by our professional essay writers.

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