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Employment Laws

The employees put their efforts for the benefits and growth of companies so in return they should also get proper awards and appreciation for their efforts. It could be beneficial on the ground of increasing their morale and motivation. Further with respect to humanity as well the employees should get fair return for their efforts and contribution. But it has found that due to centralize economy or privatization the employees got exploited form their owners and the distribution was not so appropriate and equal (Locke, 2009). Thus for the same purpose the employment or labor law comes into existence and it allows protecting the rights of employees from various perspectives. Now a day’s within the organization there might be lots of issues and problems that can create problematic environment for the employees. Diversity has been increased tremendously and it is enabling problems for higher authorities to avoid discrimination. Here in this report the expediency of employment law has been depicted with respect to creation of pleasant working environment. This report covered the crucial legal issues like equal employment opportunity, avoiding the discrimination, managing the diversity and most importantly providing the fair remuneration and ensuring the safe protective environment (Davidov and Langille, 2006). Thus the various aspects of labor or employment law have been discussed in an appropriate manner.

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Employee qualifications and training sessions

Within the organization there are variety of problems that could be faced by the managers and higher authorities. Hiring the employees in an inappropriate manner is also one of the major problems that have been faced by the companies. It distorts the company’s efficiency to deliver accurate work to its clients as they have wrong employees (Sheldrake, 2003). Here the recommendations and suggestions have been provided with respect to improve the training sessions in order to increase skill set of employees and most importantly the suggestions have been given to improve the recruitment aspects as well.

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Employability Skills

It is highly accepted that the employees should have skills and potential that can enable them to ensure their growth and development within the organization. Further, the growth of company could also provide. But it is considerable that every job determines a different kind of roles and responsibilities that demand different kind of employability skills (Berghman and Vloeberghs, 2003). Here the role of employability skills on housekeeping section has been explained in an efficient manner. Further the work based problem along with its solution has also discussed in the current scenario. At last, the role of team working has also taken into special consideration.

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Plan of the Improvement of China’s Private Companies’ Incentive System - A Case Study on Suning Group’s Customer Service Department

For any scholar who wants to pursue his or her career in the field of corporate finance, it is essential to very essential for him or her to have adequate knowledge regarding the mechanism of company valuation.

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