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Employee qualifications and training sessions


Within the organization there are variety of problems that could be faced by the managers and higher authorities. Hiring the employees in an inappropriate manner is also one of the major problems that have been faced by the companies. It distorts the company’s efficiency to deliver accurate work to its clients as they have wrong employees (Sheldrake, 2003). Here the recommendations and suggestions have been provided with respect to improve the training sessions in order to increase skill set of employees and most importantly the suggestions have been given to improve the recruitment aspects as well.

Suggestions for employee qualifications and training sessions:

It is one of the major factors which are required to be followed by BEC. As per the given case scenario it has been found that the organizational structure of company is now improved after the transformations took place in the year 2006. Mr. Zhang restructured the organization and brought down certain beneficial changes that help them in improving their business aspects. The major factor is that the company has hired most of the people who have degrees in psychology department. It is to acknowledge that management is completely a different aspects and the owner of BEC has to understand that the management related knowledge is very much essential to handle the business operations. He himself is the one who understood the management but rest most of the employees are just familiar with psychology related subjects and its aspects (Neff, 2006).

This kind of education qualifications can never help in improving the internal work culture of organization. As per the organizational behavior theory the managers need to possess some sort of management related aspects that can help in taking the right kind of decisions. Here it is essential to understand that the qualification of management is not priority factor if any individual has experience in handling the team or managing the projects then that person can also become the part of the organization (Locke, 2009). Without managerial skills no one should lead the projects else it can cause various conflicts. There is need of bringing the more people who possess the management degree and qualification. In case of current organization the people who understand human resource management in well manner could be extremely beneficial for the company. They can not only provide the better working environment but the solutions could also provide at very large scale. No doubt the people who have degree in psychology they can understand the work of BEC in appropriate manner but management degree holders are also required (French, 2011). The main suggestion is that the team work and stress management are two major factors which are taught to management students. According to organizational theories these are two major factors which create difference within the organization’s working.

Mr. Zhang has to identify the people who understand the core management issues and must keep the spirit to deal with those issues. Further the structure of training sessions could also improve at very large scale. The staff is very limited and when the staff size is restricted to 20 then no such issues could be faced with respect to provide training sessions to employees. On the job training could be helpful for project managers (Tosi and Pilati, 2011). If company got success in hiring the people with only management related field then it can definitely help in bringing the experience so the training sessions could also be improved. It is to acknowledge that BEC hired the experienced people but ultimately they are working in company whose environment is slightly different then other organizations. To handle the strict deadlines the training could be provided for time management. Stress management is another which could gain priority within the training sessions. In cited organization the situation is not so worst and it could be dealt through training modules (Berghman and Vloeberghs, 2003). The conferences and seminars could also undertake by Mr. Zhang. It can also put positive impact at the mindset of employees.

Thus it becomes clear that management should be prioritized employment qualification which must be searched within the employee’s resume or curriculum vitae. Further on the job training sessions could be another solution or recommendation with respect to strengthening the training sessions of employees. Here the management theory like managers is the basis of completing the tasks within the study so both the suggestions revolve around the most common rule of organizational behaviour. It is not very complex situation and could be managed very easily. Here the major issue that has been identified is that the employees are working on the stipulated deadlines and it is just causing high level of work pressure. Thus the managers need to develop their management skills. Thus it is clear that the training sessions are required to conduct for managers on the priority basis (Training and Development, 2009). They should undertake training sessions so that their management skills could be improved.

In training the Fayol’s principles are required to be explained which planning, organizing, coordinating and controlling the activities. Here the lack of proper planning is another issue that has been identified. Thus the training session could help in eradicating such aspects. Further it is also clear that in case of less staff some fun activities could be conducted in order to minimize the stress related to the work pressure (Ahmad and Schroeder, 2002). But such kind of innovative decisions could only be taken by the people who possess the managerial skills or professional degree. For a psychology degree holder the situational handling capacity could be different but mainly the accuracy could be introduced only by management student’s especially human resource personnel. The organizational behaviour motivational theory focuses upon increasing the motivation level of employees (Ahmad and Schroeder, 2002). It is clear that the company is growing so they need to retain the people who have already aligned with company’s objectives and have learnt the way company is handling their business. Thus the old employees should be retained else some major problems could be faced. Here the Herzberg’s two factor theory could be applied. Most importantly the supervision style must be improved and there is need of improving the working conditions as well along with the increment in motivational level of employees. Therefore along with above mentioned suggestions there is huge requirement of following theories as well (Wilson, 2014). Mr. Zhang needs to understand that the applicability of these models could definitely help on the ground of bringing the positive results and internal organizational structure could be improved. Further the hierarchy level could also align properly.

This essay is an example of a student's work


This essay has been submitted to us by a student in order to help you with your studies. This is not an example of the work written by our professional essay writers.


The study is helpful with respect to understand the expediency of management knowledge with respect to managing the business operations. The curricula of management related courses have always been designed in such a way which allows students to learn the skills related to proper management. The contribution that could be given management students is far better than the psychology subject’s degree holder. Mr. Zhang neglects the most basic fundamental of business and faced lots of issues. Further on the job training sessions for both employees and employer could be beneficial as it become clear after constructing the above report.

This essay is an example of a student's work


This essay has been submitted to us by a student in order to help you with your studies. This is not an example of the work written by our professional essay writers.


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