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Employment Laws


The employees put their efforts for the benefits and growth of companies so in return they should also get proper awards and appreciation for their efforts. It could be beneficial on the ground of increasing their morale and motivation. Further with respect to humanity as well the employees should get fair return for their efforts and contribution. But it has found that due to centralize economy or privatization the employees got exploited form their owners and the distribution was not so appropriate and equal (Locke, 2009). Thus for the same purpose the employment or labor law comes into existence and it allows protecting the rights of employees from various perspectives. Now a day’s within the organization there might be lots of issues and problems that can create problematic environment for the employees. Diversity has been increased tremendously and it is enabling problems for higher authorities to avoid discrimination. Here in this report the expediency of employment law has been depicted with respect to creation of pleasant working environment. This report covered the crucial legal issues like equal employment opportunity, avoiding the discrimination, managing the diversity and most importantly providing the fair remuneration and ensuring the safe protective environment (Davidov and Langille, 2006). Thus the various aspects of labor or employment law have been discussed in an appropriate manner.

History or evolution of employment law:

The roots of employment law could be realized from very early period of time. The industrial revolution was the time when the need of proper employment was realized by the UK government. It was essential to ensure the benefit of employees so that they can get proper remuneration and good working facilities. Earlier at the commencement of manufacturing era the machineries were not available and employees used to work as slaves. Their condition was so pity and it has experienced that distribution of wealth was also completely unequal. It creates the turmoil and heat among the employees and owners (Docherty, 2012). In result it leads towards the strikes and layout so at that time some law has been created so that employees may get proper working environment and the remuneration should be fair enough. Thus it brings changes into the working situation of employees. The labor got transformed various times and every time focused on different aspects as per the scenario of business environment. In the machinery era when lots of new kind of machines was invented it creates lots of problems and issues. The danger for employees body parts or for their lives was so high and it also influence the government to introduce some law so that the safety and protection of employees. Here labor law or employment law has delivered lots of benefits to the employees. The wages were appropriate due to new amendments into the employment or labor law. In 19th century when the industrial revolution was at its peak the health and safety of the employees was the major priority (Docherty, 2012). Various acts come into existence and it just promotes the pleasant working environment and avoided the illegal as well as unethical practices of owners.

Current challenges faced by employees and organizations:

Today the industrial environment has been changed completely. The problems which employees are facing are not similar as to earlier times. It is something which indicated towards different set of problems for employees as well as for organizations. In the era of globalization the issues and challenges are also different and there is huge requirement of giving the consideration to different legal aspects. In earlier era the major problem was related to the exploitation of employees, the labor worked as slaves. According to Cabrelli, (2014) it won’t be wrong to say that during the industrial revolutions there were no employees everyone was labor who were working for under pity conditions. Due to globalization the cultural exchange has become possible and companies have opened their business at various parts of world. Further the employee exchange programs are taking part in the business world (Cabrelli, 2014). It is providing birth to one of the major problems and it is related to the management of diversity. The diversity is the factor which is related to the differentiation in the organizational culture.

Within any organization there are various employees who belongs to variety of cultures, their values is also diverse and most importantly the thought process also seems to be change. The major factor where the differentiations have been noticed is that due to migration the religious diversities in societal aspects have been realized. Thus the impact of this social migration could be realized within the business entities as well. The person belongs to different rituals, religions, ethnicity, caste and creed works with each another and shares their values. It is a major reason behind the high level diversity within the organization. The major issue that has been faced by employees and organization is related to the discrimination. It has been experienced that religious and caste these are two major factors which cause huge level of discrimination (Collins, 2010). People develop the hate and their own opinion towards another religion and behave as per the thought process. The differences in their values and ethical aspects could be noticed at very large scale. Thus so many employees faced discriminatory behavior on the ground of caste, creed and religion.

This essay is an example of a student's work


This essay has been submitted to us by a student in order to help you with your studies. This is not an example of the work written by our professional essay writers.

Racism or color is another very crucial issue that brings the discrimination at various hierarchical levels. Inside the company the environment might seems very normal but actually the scenario is not normal. It is to acknowledge that the racism and color differences are most common scenes in European countries. It cases the discrimination and most of the employees stay isolated and it just hamper their productivity (Wilson, 2014). Still in European countries the trends related to the color is very ancient and traditional. According to Bateman and Snell, (2013) the impact of culture could be realized upon the internal culture as well. The social values affect the behavioral aspects of individuals towards each another (Bateman and Snell, 2013). According to Nothhaft, (2010) it is very common that the stress level of such organizations remains very high. With the help of employment law such issues could be controlled but actually this discriminatory thought process has its roots within the society (Nothhaft, 2010). Thus it has become challenge for companies to eradicate the element of racism and color related discrimination. As per the view point of Tosi and Pilati, (2011) it could be cited that employment law could develop the policies and rules and regulations within the business entity but it can’t control the environmental activities and the thought process is also uncontrollable (Tosi and Pilati, 2011).

However due to the stringent implementation of employment law the discriminatory activities has been suppressed but still exists within the companies as mentioned by (Ordiz and et,al., 2003). The employees practice such activities in very confidential manner and never show their grudges very openly. It made the scenario worst as in such cases it is not possible to control the unethical business values. Ahead Miller, (2011) has mentioned that the scenario become worst when top management or middle level managers also practice or believe in such kind of aspects. They should not support such kind of activities as it can establish their reputation as unethical organization. The top management is the one who is responsible for the successful implementation of employment law and its clauses within the organization. The discriminatory aspects are required to be controlled and these are the major problems that have been faced by organizations and employees in contemporary period (Miller, 2011). However these discriminatory aspects were common during the industrial development as well and now are under control up to the certain extent. The employment law and its clauses has put control on discriminatory activities but challenge is related to eradicate this social issue completely as suggested by Barnard, (2006).

Another factor which also laid under the diversity related issues is the gender discrimination. According to Millington, Holland and Burnett, (2015) it is something which not at all affected by the globalizations. The gender discrimination is the one which were highly common in businesses from traditional times. The female employees never get the same working environment and growth opportunities within the organization. They get tougher working environment and harassment is also one of the major factor which create troubles for female workers. The sexual harassment is something which depicts the double standards of organizations. The employment law also provides safer environment to women’s so that they can work in free environment and the stress level could be minimized. Special provisions have been amended into the employment laws which are beneficial for female workers. In result female workers have also shown their competitive advantage and have created their distinctive identity (Millington, Holland and Burnett, 2015). As per the view point of Sargeant, (2000) the higher authorities needs to understand their responsibilities with respect to these aspects and they have to develop the organizational culture where employees are working in highly ethical and relaxed environment.

This essay is an example of a student's work


This essay has been submitted to us by a student in order to help you with your studies. This is not an example of the work written by our professional essay writers.

Other than discrimination into the behavioral aspects the problems could be associated with the unequal employment opportunities. It is one of the major factors that can affect the working of employees and most importantly the role of employment law is very huge in this situation also (Sargeant, 2000). It has experienced that the employees working at the lower level can face the issues and challenges at very large scale. If middle level managers believe on the racism or castes related aspects, gender discrimination etc. then they prefers not to promote employees equally. The influence of discriminatory behavior could be realized clearly. It is something that has huge level of problems associated with the equally employment opportunities Barnard, (2006). According to Morris, (2001) employment law is very effective in dealing with such aspects. The staff people can raise their voice against such aspects and can definitely demand justice form higher authorities. They can provide the evidence and there are various clauses of employment law which protect the growth opportunities of employees. Herein contemporary period it has been noticed that the favoritism is very much affecting the growth chances of employees. The element of favoritism is gaining the lead over the performance criteria. The managers tend to promote employees as per their personal relationship and it causes the bad employer employee relationship (Morris, 2001). The employment law prevents these kinds of activities to take place within the organization and most importantly the equal growth opportunities could be fostered to the employees. It is also a part of discrimination but is not relevant to the diversity related aspects as cited by Forstenlechner and Lettice, (2008). Thus it could be stated that discrimination, diversity and equal employment as well as equal growth opportunities is major factor that could be handled properly with the help of employment law.

Further while recruitment processes also the recruiters can’t practice the discriminatory behavior. They need to hire the candidates on the basis of their skill set and talent aspects. It can definitely stated into the employment law that if any company found to be indulged into such activities then strict legal actions could be taken against them. Another factor which is also very crucial at this stage is the employee benefit with the perspective of wages and remuneration of the employees. In contemporary aspects the employees are facing such issues at very large scale. As per the employment law it is essential to give adequate amount of remuneration to employees so that the justified amount could be delivered against their efforts (Posthuma,   Roehling and Campion, 2011). In contemporary period the level of competition has been increased at very large scale and it is putting pressure on companies to ensure their sustainability in the business environment. For the same purpose the organizations are putting immense pressure on the employees and it just forces them to perform up to the highest potential and caliber. But it is not enabling them to get fair wages as per their efforts and work demand from business entity. It is one the major problem that has been faced by the employees at very large scale. The expectation level of organizations has been increased tremendously and but the salary structure and pay scale of lower level employees is not compatible. Thus it is also one of the major issues that could be managed effectively through employment law (Gennard, 1998).

There are various approaches that could be beneficial with the context of managing the employee’s relations. The organizations are required that there should be proper formulation of strategies that can help in dealing with these negative aspects. There are certain steps that can help on the ground of dealing with the discriminatory behavior. First of there is need of setting up the grievance removing agencies who must be solely responsible for the removal of such activities form the organizational culture. The starting should be done from aligning with the employment law. The clauses of external legal aspects and industrial standards must be followed and implemented within the organization (Morris, 2001). It might help on the ground of improving the legal standards and it could become easier to convince the employees towards avoiding the discriminatory behavior. It is to acknowledge that with respect to the handling the negative aspects of discrimination the organization should focus on two aspects one is to establish legally influence environment within the organization and second is to raising the moral values of the employees. It might help in attaining the objectives related to the eradication of negative consequences.

As mentioned above that the grievance set agency should be there in any organization. It is something which provides power to staff people to raise their voice against the discriminatory or unequal working opportunities. In case of any kind of unpleasant activity or pressurized working situation the employees can directly file their complaint to the grievance department. The authorities within the department can definitely take the actions against the people who are in fault. It raises the standard of law and rules and regulations (Forstenlechner and Lettice, 2008). The employees can put their faith and most importantly the people who practice such aspects a clear message could be conveyed to them. It can definitely help on the ground of eliminating the discrimination. Ahead the employees should get clear opportunities on the ground of showing their skills and gaining the higher positions within the organization. In case of finding any sort of favoritism stringent actions must be taken on the immediate basis. It could definitely help around and performance could become the basis of promoting the staff people. It is to acknowledge that with the help of legal actions and strict implementation of employment law can create the sense of fear among the people who believe in bullying the people on the ground of caste, creed, religion etc.

At last another approach could be related to affect the moral values of employees as well as society. The major impact of these aspects is that the higher authorities can arrange certain activities that can help in eradicating the differences among the people and the message of humanity could be promoted within the organization (Miller, 2011). In such aspects the role middle level as well as higher authorities is huge. They need to arrange such kind of fun activities on the regular basis. It can definitely improve the employee relations. Ahead there is need of developing the sense of respect among each another. For the same purpose some sort of conference or seminars could be arranged. Through speech strategy the staff people could be influenced towards the high moral values. It can help in minimizing the hatred thought process. Once these activities got success then the sense the respect towards each another could be developed very easily and solutions could be provided to entire business world. Thus in this way the psychological as well as legal aspects can improve the employee relations and pleasant working environment could be developed. The clauses of employment law could be tough to understand for employees but the organization can include the principles of law within their policies in simple language and could influence the employees to follow them. These efforts could be in vain if organization doesn’t improve their communication flow. It is very much essential for the companies that the communication process must be proper else the meaning of eliminating the discriminatory behavior could be of no relevance (Tosi and Pilati, 2011). Effective communication process helps immensely in managing the diversity. People come at single platform, they share their experiences and most importantly the hesitation could be filled by friendly working environment.


In above scenario the role of employment law and its need has been stated in an articulated manner. It is to acknowledge that there is no need of grasping the entire law and its sections there is just requirement of understanding that the employment has comes into existence to save the rights of employees and improving the working environment. Here the major learning is that in contemporary era managing the diversity and ensuring the effective communication is the major challenge in front of organizations. They need to ensure that the discrimination should not be a part of business entities. The organizational culture must not support the element of favoritism as learnt through this report. The equal opportunities should be provided to employees. Additionally in current scenario the approaches to deal with the problem has been mentioned in an appropriate manner. Setting up the grievance agency, aligning with external legal aspects, creating the sense of respect and fear among the employees etc. are some of the approaches that can help in improving the employee relations and working conditions for employees. These approaches are very significant within the organizations and responding towards the globalization could become easier. Further the organizational culture and employee relations could be built in positive manner.

This essay is an example of a student's work


This essay has been submitted to us by a student in order to help you with your studies. This is not an example of the work written by our professional essay writers.


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This essay is an example of a student's work


This essay has been submitted to us by a student in order to help you with your studies. This is not an example of the work written by our professional essay writers.

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