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A common concern in contemporary films from Asia is a shifting conception of gender, and particularly of gender hierarchies. Male characters are frequently dysfunctional, inarticulate, lacking any direction, while female characters struggle to find agency. To what extent do contemporary films use this crisis to imagine different understandings of gender?

In Asia the level of diversity within the movies is very high and it just show the different dimensions related to gender perception as well. The characters and differentiation in both the genders could be realized at very large scale. Asian movies cater lots of subject and so many genres have been treated by the directors and eminent filmmakers in Asia. Here in this report proper light has been shed on the different perception regarding the role and work of different genders (Ciecko, 2006). The changes into the story lining and scripting has also taken into special consideration. Moreover the impact of unsystematic gender presentation over the present film environment has also depicted in an articulate manner. The film making has been changed tremendously and the changes into the field of film industry have also taken place.

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