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Research proposal to evaluate the impact of cash management techniques on the profitability of Standard Chartered

Now days the banking industry is dealing with so many industries and fulfilling the financial needs of the companies. The industrial development has put down the pressure on banking industry to meet out the demand of so many organizations as well as deal with households and premium retail customers. In such scenario managing the liquidity is one of the major challenges for the organizations. Thus here in this scenario the significance of cash management will be depicted in an appropriate manner. The Cash management is a phenomenon where organizations decide about how the liquid capital could be used in the best way (Brigham and Houston, 2013).

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Brief about Investment Management

Every individual saves some part of his or her income for any unforeseen situation. In addition to this, saving is also important for every person as adequate amount of money in the account after retirement will ensure a better and tension free life

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An analysis of how private sector companies in Saudi Arabia should alter their business strategies to attract foreign investment

For all the countries worldwide, Foreign Direct Investment or FDI is one of the most vital factors in their economic development. It not only brings capital to a country, but also facilitates transfer of skills, knowledge and technology, provides access to the global market and develops organizational and managerial practices

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Financial Market and Investment Analysis

AIREA PLC is one of the reputed design led specialist companies that believes in innovation. The company offers high quality original products and responsive customer service into both contact and retail market. The company operates on the philosophy of "to be black and white" and this shows transparency of the company in everything it does.

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Comparative Financial Analysis- Tesco and Sainsbury

The evaluation of financial statements of organisations is critically important for the assessment of the entire performance of the firm and finally evaluation of better investment decisions. There are different financial tools that are accessible for establishing relevant analysis of the financial statements of organisations (Fernie & Ebooks Corporation, 2005). One of the financial tools that are widely used in evaluating the financial statement is ratio analysis,

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