Health and Social Care

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Managing quality in health and social care


The quality perspective is the major concerning area for the stakeholders. It leads towards the customer satisfaction and allow putting positive impact at the stakeholders. The quality should be the ultimate objective for the companies. In health and social care the meaning if quality is not just providing the appropriate services it includes each and every dimension of their operations which they provide to their customers. Here in current scenario special consideration has been paid to understand the impact of quality on stakeholders and their expectations regarding the quality (Fisher, 2005). Further the challenges in managing the quality has also discussed in current scenario.

Task 1:

Q 1:

The external stakeholders have different perspective with respect to the quality and their concern also matters in terms of managing the quality at health and social care setting. The major importance is that the customers always focus on getting the high quality services form health and social care so hospital or health care setting can definitely align with their expectations and can bring appropriate changes into their operational dimensions. Getting the cure and quick treatment is the major expectation of customers. Another significant importance could be noticed with respect to the employees. The staff people are moreover concerned towards their safety and security at workplace. They demand such working environment which is disease free and is positive with the perspective of maintaining their health. Ahead the government and other regulatory bodies are concerned towards the adherence of legal and regulatory norms related to the set quality standards. Following the legal guidelines is something which is highly favorable for the purpose of meeting out the expectations of government and highest regulatory bodies. The industrial standards and compliance have their huge level of association with hospital’s infrastructure and installed equipments as well. The major importance of this perspective is that reputation among the stakeholders could build and trust factor of government and higher statuary bodies provide the vote for confidence form employees and customers too (Ki and Hon, 2012). Thus these significant aspects could be availed by health and social care setting.

This essay is an example of a student's work


This essay has been submitted to us by a student in order to help you with your studies. This is not an example of the work written by our professional essay writers.

In NHS the role of external agencies and stakeholders is quiet immense in ensuring the availability of quality at workplace or their business practices. The stakeholders or external agencies build pressure upon health and social care workplace to show their reverence to follow all the set standards and procedures. It is something which works on every aspect and ensures the quality from each and every stakeholder’s perspectives. These external agencies could be apex body for the industry or regulatory associations. Further the research agencies also play a crucial role in ensuring the quality within the health and social care setting. It is clear that research firms provide ratings or ranking to the hospitals on various parameters. So quality is also one of the major considerable areas. It determines the level of operations for any hospital and it influences the organization to manage the quality. The research agencies publish the report at international or national level so that people can have access to these reports. Thus it helps on the ground of managing the reputation or brand value. Further the role of media couldn’t be neglected at this juncture. They actually make people aware about the quality standards of hospitals and NHS need to gain vote of confidence from media agencies (Improving Health Care Quality, 2002). Thus these are some external agencies or stakeholders who influence the quality as standard in healthcare organization.


It has been observed at various instances that when an organization fails to ensure the maintenance of quality then it affect the stakeholders at very large scale especially employees and customers. Actually employees handle the patients directly and stay with them for the longer period of time. Thus the quality should be maintained as per their expectations else it can put negative impact on their health. But here it has been observed that due to bad quality measures the customers show their anger and fury only to employees. It creates trouble in creating the healthy working environment at premises and the relationship between staff and patients can’t be developed. Sometime employees may feel stressed due to high level of arguments and complaints from relatives or friends of patients. The level of problem that has been faced by patients due to poor quality is very high and immense. It is clear that the patients might feel de-motivated if the surrounding is not proper and quality of treatment is also not as per the expectation level. It is psychologically proven that when patients feel stressed and tensed then it reduces the recovery speed of patients and it slows down their capacity to react towards the treatment (Orwig and Brennan, 2000). Thus these are certain adverse impacts of reduction in quality over the stakeholder’s physical as well as mental health.

This essay is an example of a student's work


This essay has been submitted to us by a student in order to help you with your studies. This is not an example of the work written by our professional essay writers.


To evaluate the level of health and social care services it is essential to rely on various research technique or methods. These tools can provide helpful results if has been implemented in proper and effective way. The quality could be accessed through regular feedback sessions. It is something that can help on the ground of understanding the experience of patients and their associated people with respect to quality treatment provided by health care setting. The feedback could be taken feedback form or through questionnaire. It may consist of some normal questions that indicate towards the quality and services. The responses of stakeholders can provide the actual scenario about the level of health services. Another assessment technique could be the benchmarking pattern. It is very simple to be adopted. It allows measuring the actual scenario with expected scenario and the differences can make familiar with efforts of healthcare to maintain quality. The benchmarking could be done by comparing the external industry standards, competitor’s level or by comparing the legal compliances and norms. Both the techniques have power to generate reliable and valid results and most importantly the changes could be introduced, if required any (Proudlove and Boaden, 2005). Thus feedback and benchmarking are those two techniques that could be adopted at health and social care setting.

Task 2: (Presentation)

Task 3:


To ensure the quality at care home the Sam is required to make alignment with the CQC standards and their guidelines. It is foremost method and procedure that will be adopted by the Sam. It helps on the ground of making the balance between external legal compliance and required norms and internal legal arrangement or quality facilities. This particular element can put positive impact at CQC and the suspension letter could be postponed or reversed. But it can’t be sufficient because the situation at care home is quiet worse and problematic. There is requirement of addressing the staff so that certain level of confidence could be inherited within them. The most appropriate system could be related to setting the patients grievances agencies. The set up of grievance department could be put into system. It can help in registering the problems of patients and in this way Sam could take action against various problems in effective manner. The set of grievance agency could be treated as most systematic and well organize system to deal with identified problems and challenges (Besterfield, 2004). Thus in this way internal system and legal policies or work procedures could be imparted at care home by Sam.


The most significant factors that can lead towards the quality of management or services are the competitor’s analysis. It is clear that the working procedure of competitors always influence to bring quality at own workplace. The policies and procedures that have been adopted by the competitors could be implemented by hospital or care home. Another factor that can also influence is the strict monitoring done by regulatory bodies like CQC conducts the regular inspection for Stanford care home. It is something which influences to attain the quality management at very large scale. The guidelines and suggestions of CQC could be followed and quality of services could be ensured. The list of factors includes the alliances or association with outside agencies. These agencies can guide the company on various dimensions and can help on the ground of bringing the required improvements. The research firms can provide the actual problems and at the same juncture can increase the familiarity of hospital with the solutions as well. Thus in this way the quality management could be attained through these factors.

Quality improvement is very crucial element that should gain huge priority by Stanford care home. There are various ways or techniques that can help on the ground of bringing the improvement in quality management. The foremost pattern is related to the adequate amount of resource management (Promoting effective communication among healthcare professionals to improve patient safety and quality of care, 2010). The resources that any hospital possesses must be utilized in proper way. The wastage could lead towards the unorganized organizational operations and can minimize the level of quality. Further the proper management of resources provides the leading edge and most importantly the competitiveness of care home could be increased. The utility of financial resources in effective manner could be helpful in various ways. Another technique to improve the quality is to provide adequate amount of training to the employees so that they can understand the urgency of delivering the quality services. Through training the Stanford care home can definitely increase the competency of staff people and patients can get excellent services. The dimensions or scope of training could be wide so that the huge knowledge and skill enhancement could be imparted within the organization. At last the principles of total quality management can’t be neglected by the Stanford care home. After reading the case study it has been found that the role of TQM could be immense in ensuring the high level of quality improvement. The fundamentals of total quality management could be followed by Sam so that the industrial norms could be followed (Lahiri, 2011). Thus in this way the Sam will improve the quality of care services in Stanford care home.

This essay is an example of a student's work


This essay has been submitted to us by a student in order to help you with your studies. This is not an example of the work written by our professional essay writers.


Involving the service users means understanding their expectations from health care. It is highly significant element which must be taken into special consideration by the health care. The service users know that what they demand from the hospital so it can put positive impact at the efforts made by hospital to improve their service quality. For instance, if patients indicate towards any special quality or skill of any individual staff member that made them special and comfortable then those skills could be identified if the service users are involved into the health care or quality improvement process. The organization can try to build those skills and behavioral aspects in other staff members as well. Therefore it is one factor that shows the significance of involving the service users in health and social care. The service users or associated people with them can indicate towards the problematic and challenging areas of organization which are creating obstacles in improving the service quality. So it may help in bringing the appropriate change (Improving Health Care Quality. 2002). The opinions and viewpoints of customers is something that can definitely helps on the ground of improving the performance on the ground of quality measures. Therefore it could be mentioned that the role of service users is huge in making the health and social care innovative and quality driven hospitals.


On the basis of above study it can be concluded that the role of quality is immense in engaging the stakeholders with health and social care settings. Further the role of external agencies in ensuring the implementation of quality service is also clear with the help of current report. Ahead the feedback and benchmarking techniques are best way to understand the areas of concern in order to bring adequate amount of change in quality dimensions. The case study analysis helps in understanding the role of higher authorities and various factors to bring service quality improvement.

This essay is an example of a student's work


This essay has been submitted to us by a student in order to help you with your studies. This is not an example of the work written by our professional essay writers.


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