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Developing Team Skills

Organizational development is based upon variety of factors mainly the internal organizational culture is required to be assess at very large scale. Foremost there is need of concentrating on the fact that through positive organizational culture the organization can build stress free working environment and relationship among staff and employers could become stronger. Team work is a major factor which is a part of organizational culture. If team working is effective and yielding results then it corroborates for the favorable organizational culture.

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Getting Work Based Experience

Working with any organization with leading organizations is the lifetime experience and it enhances the professional attitude as well as the seriousness towards the professional could also develop. While working as an intern the challenges and issues of the work environment could be understood and mentally preparation could be done in effective manner before entering into the company (Lopper, 2007). Here in this study the industry experience has been explained with the context of hospitality industry and most importantly the roles and responsibilities which are required for intern that has also taken into special consideration. Further in current scenario the learning and improvement after the internship program has also explained in an articulated manner.

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Training and Development of Human Resource

Training and development is one of the very crucial elements that help in eradicating the problematic aspects into the organization and providing leading edge to the competency of people. Further there are various advantages of training and development package; one is that the potential of individuals could be developed as per the requirement of company and as per their expectations the employees could be trained.

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Managing Human Resources

It is to acknowledge that with the help of human resource theories the organization can manage their international business operations and most importantly the changes in international labor market could be handled easily. The major aim of this study is to assess the human resource theories with the international perspective (Kovach, 2000). The applicability and measuring the effectiveness of these theories have gained huge consideration into the current scenario. Further the ways to promote equal employment opportunities have also prioritized in current scenario. Avoiding the discrimination, proper performance management, implementing the legal aspects etc. these aspects related to human resource management have also discussed in current report.

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Classical and human resources approach of McDonald

Operating the business at international level is not an easy task. It is something which demands huge level of understanding about the cultural aspects, management style and most importantly the fundamental principles must be clear. The McDonald has commenced its operations in Australia when this concept was new to this world and very organizations were active into the process of internationalization. But with the help of classical approaches to management the organizational handles its business operations and develops the huge market share and organizational structure in short period of time. Here in this report the relevancy of classical approaches has been judged within the business operations of McDonald. The Henry Fayol’s five principles (planning, organizing, command, controlling and coordination) has been measured and assessed with respect to the McDonald and its decision making process. Further the flow of communication has also analyzed in an appropriate manner.

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Working with leading people

Recruitment and selection are foremost organizational activity that could be faced by the candidates. Thus, it is essential to be practiced in most professional as well as in well-organized manner. Ahead the role of team work is something that allows building the favorable working environment within the organization (Hede, 2010). Here in the current scenario, the special consideration has been given to get knowledge about the recruitment process and its dimensions. Further, the teamwork has also understood in an appropriate way. The major learning of the current study is related to the development of intellect about the leadership qualities or skills. At last, the performance related aspects have also taken into special consideration.

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Human Resource Management and Motivation: A Case on GSV Group

Since 1985 lot of firms have started focusing more on their human resource department as they started believing that they can significantly enhance the overall productivity and performance of the employees and that of company as a whole through effective human resource management.

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Driving Performance and Retention through Employee Engagement: A Case on Muntajat

In the present competitive business environment companies understand the importance of its human capital, as this resource is very crucial for their success. However, most of the organizations across the globe are facing the problem of labour crunch, thus it is crucial for them to develop an effective employee orientation experience.

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Evaluation of the Best Employee Development Delivery Approach for an Organisation

Employee Development (ED), also known as Human Resources Development, is concerned with developing people, facilitating learning and helping the organisation to adjust to changing strategies and priorities (Wilson, 2012). Integrating it within an organisation remains a challenge (Harrison, 2009) just as the need to

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