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Getting Work Based Experience


Working with any organization with leading organizations is the lifetime experience and it enhances the professional attitude as well as the seriousness towards the professional could also develop. While working as an intern the challenges and issues of the work environment could be understood and mentally preparation could be done in effective manner before entering into the company (Lopper, 2007). Here in this study the industry experience has been explained with the context of hospitality industry and most importantly the roles and responsibilities which are required for intern that has also taken into special consideration. Further in current scenario the learning and improvement after the internship program has also explained in an articulated manner.

Task 1:

1.1 Research and evaluate suitable organizations that could provide industry experience

Marriott hotel is most suitable organization with respect to gaining the appropriate industry experience. The hotel has wide variety of operations and most importantly their international presence provides the opportunity to develop professionalism and confidence as well. In hospitality industry there is variety of areas where the industry experience could be developed in an appropriate manner.

Room management: It is one of the major factors that could provide knowledge with respect to manage the room occupancy and its revenue generation capacity. In any hotel it could be the major challenging in front of managers that they need to ensure room management in such a way so that the maximum revenue could be generated (Agha, 2001).

Food and beverage management:? In this department specialized skills and knowledge could be developed. The presentation of food and cooking various food items with using the scientific food technology could become possible in proper way. Managing the inventory within the food and beverage could be related to high level of industry experience.

Finance management: In any hotel the need of financial management is required at very large scale. The hotels have their own financial intricacies and techniques that could become easily understood and it is also a part of industry experience.

Human resource management: In cited hotel the industry experience could be developed on the ground of human resource management as well (Duignan, 2002). The need of human resource department’s efficiency is huge so that the diverse cultural environment could be handled in an effective way. Other: The Marriott hotel can definitely allow getting knowledge in the field of front office handling, reservation management, concierge services, room service etc. Thus there is wide scope of learning with the Marriott hotel and intellect regarding the hotels could be developed at very large scale.

This essay is an example of a student's work


This essay has been submitted to us by a student in order to help you with your studies. This is not an example of the work written by our professional essay writers.

1.2: Negotiate with work and academic supervisors a proposal for the work experience

I would like to get associated with your prestigious and renowned hotel so that I can get industry experience related to managerial experience. Please allow me to start my training in your June training batch which is specifically dedicated for the students.

I am graduated in hotel management and have sufficient amount of knowledge about related fields. Associating with Marriott hotel could be immensely helpful for me on the ground of gaining the working environment of international level (Little, 2000). I would like to work as trainee or intern with Marriott for the period of two months (June and July).

The interesting area in the spectrum of hospitality area is the front desk where handling the customer grievance or queries, managing the information about availability of rooms, linking between managers and lower staff etc. are my interest of work. It will help me in two ways first is that I can learn to work in collaborative manner and second is that the managerial skills could be developed in an appropriate manner.

I would like to with front desk and will definitely manage the query handling and room allocation process. I will try to understand various roles and responsibility of front desk manager with respect to handling his areas of concern. I would like to get training directly under the front desk manager in your hotel and will assist him in his work. It not only increases my work experience but my dedicated and energetic work approach will help in delivering the excellent work. My skills and industry experience will be increased at very large scale. My main roles and responsibilities would be make coordination with room cleaning staff and disseminating the information about room availability to front desk (Bowes and Harvey, 1999). Executing small duties given by front desk manager to me is also a part of my roles and responsibilities. Further handling the customer queries and dealing with them also lies under my duties.

This essay is an example of a student's work


This essay has been submitted to us by a student in order to help you with your studies. This is not an example of the work written by our professional essay writers.

1.3: Recognise the business constraints on the work experience offered

Every work has some sort of challenges and issues that could be faced by the professional’s or interns. The major challenge of hotel industry is that the organizational culture generally remains stressful and pressurized. The Marriott is one of the leading hospitality organization and the customers accommodate into the hotel at very large scale. It increases the pressure and most importantly the pressure could be experienced. Ahead another factor is that in hotel industry whatever the circumstances an employee is facing in his personal life but professionally they can never allow the frustration and irritation to get hold on the customer dealing capacity and communication skills (Mason and et. Al., 2003). The impression can be put on customer for one time and it remains for very longer period of time. Thus maintaining the proper alignment between personal as well as professional life is something that helps in dealing with these obstacles. Ahead the list of business constraints includes the problems occurred through giant size and structure of the business. Sometime the hotel could be unable to handle their operations as in hotel various departments works with each another and in service industry the challenges remains high. Further the departmental integration is also required at very large scale. Thus these are certain business constraints that could be faced related to hospitality industry work experience.

Task 2:

2.1 Agree and prioritise the tasks and responsibilities involved in the work experience.

AAs per my roles and responsibilities I need to focus upon the giving my hundred in ensuring the customer satisfaction (Zepeda, 2011). As I have shown my interest in handling the queries of customer then definitely I will get all the knowledge related to the hotel and would like to develop learning attitude so that queries of customer could meet out in an appropriate manner. My major aim is to satisfy my customers along with providing support to my immediate supervisor.

The prioritize roles and responsibilities:

  • Developing the learning attitude is the major priority which is required at every stage of my internship.
  • Keep on tracking up to date information about hotel as I would like to be part of customer interaction process so without proper and complete information about hotel it is impossible to answer their questions and doubts in one attempt.
  • Coordinating with team members is also priority for me as it will help me in putting the positive impression on my seniors and my work experience will be improved
  • Handling the customer queries will be the most suitable task as it will provide me the opportunity to improve my communication skills (Tosi and Pilati, 2011)
  • Executing the tasks given by supervisor is also prioritized element of my internship
  • Ensuring the proper communication improvement which is highly required while associating with international level hotel.
  • Learning new languages so that international customer can feel free while discussing their problems or experience.
  • Most important responsibility is to follow all the rules and regulations and work related procedures set by authorities
  • Not to breach any kind of legal aspect
  • Maintaining the proper diary for my work on the daily and weekly basis and getting it signed by the supervisor (Training and Development, 2009).

Targets to be achieved:

  • Ensuring the maximum customer satisfaction rate
  • Minimizing the errors in work experience
  • Gaining expertise in dealing with clients
  • Providing some new outcomes form my work experience that could possibly be helpful for the Marriott hotel
  • Showing full discipline while working as intern or trainee>

.2: Produce a plan for the work experience

A complete plan for the work experience is described below:

  • Tenure for training: The training time was 2nd June to 28th July 2014.
  • Location: The hotel is situated in London
  • Working hours: The time schedule is 9 hours i.e. form 10 AM to 6 PM
  • Arrangement, transport and meals: Company cab dropped me and picked me and lunch also included (Skiff, 2009).
  • Position: Intern trainee – Assistant to the manager
  • Attire: Dress given to me by hotel with it logo and i was supposed to wear on the regular basis; neat and clean

This essay is an example of a student's work


This essay has been submitted to us by a student in order to help you with your studies. This is not an example of the work written by our professional essay writers.

This kind of internship programs not only benefits the interns but delivered some sort of benefits to the businesses as well. The advantages to be availed by businesses are described below:

The major advantage is that the learning which generally managers or supervisors provide to interns that affect the quality and skills of interns and they can, in future, contributes into the organizational success. It increases the chances of hiring the competent employees as during the tenure of internship the company can identify the most suitable and talented employees and can acquire the person for the same post. It provides the opportunity for talent acquisition and the competency of company could be increased. Further the businesses houses can definitely build effective repo with colleges and recruitment channel could be developed. Here Marriott hotel can even develop better relationship with my college and can definitely recruit the students in future (Rose, 2008). It minimizes the recruitment cost as they need to spend money on advertisements or to other recruitment agencies. Different type of experiments could be done by hotels as they have interns who can help in executing those vocational courses. It provides chances to introduce something new and result oriented. Through coaching the employer can develop the employees as per their organizational culture and can hire the interns as per their capabilities. The coaching programs could be initiated by companies with respect to test their effectiveness and after the successful implementation could be applied to entire organization.

The advantages to be availed by the interns or trainee:

More that business houses the trainees get heap of advantages if they got internship in any international level organization. The can get familiar to the working environment of international hotels. The interns can prepare their mindset prior to enter into professional life and can definitely develop the professional attitude. The level of discipline and seriousness towards the academic also increases. Ahead their skills and potential could be developed immensely through work experience programs (Salas, Bowers amd Edend, 2001). The management and leadership qualities could be increased and learning attitude could be developed. Time management, following the code of conduct, understanding the expediency of discipline and confidence etc. could also easily understandable by students. Thus these are certain benefits that could be availed by interns or trainees.

Task 3:

3.1: Specified requirements of placement conforming to all related codes of practice

Likewise the permanent placement the internship also needs to be followed by some regulatory requirements. In Marriott hotel there are various codes of practices which interns need to follow. The major regulatory requirements have been described below:

Working hours: It is very crucial factor. The working hours for interns were 8 hours and they were allowed to work more than that duration. The timing starts from 10 AM and in case of late hours the relaxation of half an hour was allowed. But still prior notification to the immediate supervisor is required (Samaras, 2010). In case of failing the time related aspects the internship could be cancelled. Punctuality and time management is the major basis of Marriott hotel and it is inherited at hierarchical level even same rules are required to be followed by the interns.

Payment: As such there is no compulsion of providing any kind of payment or wage to intern students. But still in case of any profit or any other contribution Marriott hotel provides the incentives to the students which were more than sufficient and it could vary situation to situation. The major facility is related to the both transportation and food facilities.

Equal opportunities: The major code of practice is that the organization provides the equal opportunities to all the interns and there is no discrimination within the hotels. Marriott is ethically driven company and it shows within their policies and practices. Thus these are certain code of practices which have been followed stringently.

This essay is an example of a student's work


This essay has been submitted to us by a student in order to help you with your studies. This is not an example of the work written by our professional essay writers.

3.2: Produces systematic records work undertaken

The work that has been undertaken must be recorded in well systematic and well organized manner. It not only helps on the ground of keeping the records but the progress of work could also notice (Self managed learning, 2013). The records could be maintained effectively through work schedule, log book and most importantly the weekly review schedule.

Work schedule: It is useful to get detailed knowledge about the work to be done on the daily basis. Here the schedule could be maintained for the task which is required to be done. In Marriott hotel the sheet helps in identifying the task which is supposed to be performed by them. Interns also need to follow the work schedule on the regular basis.

Log Book: It maintains the documentation of the employees. Like registering the details of employees, employer, emergency contact etc. the log book is very much crucial for the purpose of having the details in accurate and systematic manner. The designation, roles and responsibilities also needs to write into the log book.

Weekly review schedule: It is broad technique or tool to maintain the records for the work undertaken. Here the work that has been done on the weekly basis get reviewed so that progress of interns could be measured. The results of weekly review helps in determining the decision related to continuity of interns with that same job or bringing the change in their task and duties (Koprowska, 2010).

This essay is an example of a student's work


This essay has been submitted to us by a student in order to help you with your studies. This is not an example of the work written by our professional essay writers.

Weekly review schedule: It is broad technique or tool to maintain the records for the work undertaken. Here the work that has been done on the weekly basis get reviewed so that progress of interns could be measured. The results of weekly review helps in determining the decision related to continuity of interns with that same job or bringing the change in their task and duties (Koprowska, 2010).

3.3: Revise the initial plan as required.

As the roles and responsibilities increase there was need to revise the plan as per the situation. The major change has been done with respect to change in working hours. Majorly the time shifted from 9 AM to 7 PM but only for 15 days. This increment in timing was due to extra work pressure and work load as some employees were on leave due to natural circumstances. Extra two hours of contributes successfully in managing the tasks and fulfilling the gap. Due to increment in responsibilities the work experience also got related to deal with business clients as well. There were some meetings so that the business clients could be convinced and plan of action could be shown to them. Further the training sessions have also provided so that extra responsibilities related to client handling could be managed. Fulfilling the needs and queries of business clients was now part of my main duties and responsibilities and assisting the supervisor into the same (Ahmad and Schroeder, 2002). It was the time when in order to boost the morale some incentives were provided and it was the positive move by the supervisors. Thus these were certain changes as compare to initial plan.

3.4: Make suggestions for improvement and review these with appropriate supervisor

Marriott hotel has already provided its edge to the customer and to its competitor but still there are certain areas where the scope of improvement is required. The major suggestion is that the employees who has direct association with customers they should have expertise at least two or three languages. It could help the customers in developing the connections at hotel and the level of customer satisfaction could be increased. This suggestion is highly required for the purpose of improving the competency of front desk employees. However Marriott has its presence at social media but still there is need of aggressive marketing and most importantly the people should be aware with the offers. At the time of discounts or offers the marketing stunts must be effective so that interest of customers could be developed. It can increase the competitiveness as well. There should be various programs to increase the customer loyalty and focusing on their retention. Marriott is very big brand name but to beat the competition innovation should be the most prioritized element of organization (Time Management Strategies. 2013). Thus these are some of the most significant suggestions that should be imparted within the organization.

Task 4:

4.1: Monitor progress against original proposal

An indication of good and professional organization is that it support the element related to monitoring of the performance and progress of employees. It is to acknowledge that the monitoring is one of the most crucial factors which determine the quality of placed students, if monitoring activity took place in proper and effective manner.

Monitoring could be done with respect to various aspects related to the time management, skill development and inheriting any other new quality. As per my point of view I can definitely lead towards the high level of development within short period of time and can put impressive impact upon my supervisors.

I get knowledge and get progress in two shifts during my training; first of all the commencement stage of internship was very normal yet learning too. I become familiar with organizational culture and understand my as well as other’s responsibilities. I started to feel confident towards my work and started to deliver as expected to me by my seniors and other team mates (Ottewill, 2002). By the time I was able to figure out two things fist one is that team work is the key of big organization’s success and second is that in hospitality industry the major measure of success is related to the improvement in communication skills. Through communication skills the impression could be put on supervisors as well as on customers. Ahead my second phase of learning was when I got additional roles and responsibilities for 15 days. It was the time when I understood the real meaning of discipline and professionalism. The scope of my learning is very wide and I have grabbed all the learning opportunities during my internship. I have monitored the huge progress within me against the proposal and negotiation terms.

4.2: Evaluate the quality of own performance

Name of hotel who provide training: Marriott hotel

Name of placement instructor: J. David

Date commence placement: 2nd June 2014

End of the training: 28th July 2014 (Nutley, 2008).

All the policies were already cleared to me and I was required to follow all the policies in stringent manner and have to comply with legal rules as well. It was the major factor which determined my quality of performance. I maintained the discipline and punctuality with respect to reporting my supervisors. The guidelines which were related to my work were followed by me. I have fulfilled all my responsibilities and it also corroborates towards the superior quality of my work. My assistance to my manager was excellent and it also helps me in improving the performance. Further I follow all the instructions and orders as per the requirement and expectation of my department. I shown my complete dedication en every work and just achieve my goals and targets. During my internship I was in position to collaborate with teammates and help them in their tasks. My learning skill was quiet good so I grasp all the related information and deliver it to customers whenever any query or doubt occurs (Cassidy, 2006). Thus all these aspects have corroborated towards the better quality of my performance.

4.3 Analyse the learning which has taken place during the work experience using suitable reflections.

The major learning that has been experienced me is related to the development of confidence. I work with highly professional people who understand the work culture and influence the environment by aura and positive thought process. Other than my responsibilities I come to know that every individual has some sort of link with organizational success and reputation even if room service department is not able to satisfy the customer’s then adverse impact could be faced by company. The staff people are required to understand their responsibilities first and then any sort of expectations could be set against the higher authorities. It was the biggest lesson that I have learnt during my internship. Ahead I come to know that with higher positions not only the responsibilities come but they need to deliver the stress free environment to both employees and higher authorities (Time Management Strategies. 2013). The managers need to take the decision which are aligning with the company’s success and most importantly leading towards the customer satisfaction. Thus these are certain learning’s that I have observed during two months trainee program.

4.4: Make recommendations on how the experience could have been enhanced

The major recommendation is related to improve the planning and organizing related aspects. There is need of ensuring that the students should understand the expediency of setting the goals. As I have good learning attitude so I got knowledge of different by myself. But I personally believe that the training programs should be very simple and all the aspects must be explained to students or interns in clear manner. The short term goals should be provided to the students and they need to work as per those goals and objectives. This kind of on the job training sessions are required to be provided in an appropriate manner. It should be divided in complete plan and strategies. Further the list of recommendations include that the students should get chance to showcase their skills and talent so that the organization can take the decision related to hire the interns. Identifying the skill set of employees is required at very large scale as it may provide opportunities to for both employer and interns (Salas, Bowers and Edend, 2001). Therefore these are certain recommendations which are required to be followed in an appropriate manner.


On the basis of above study it could be mentioned that industry experience could be developed easily with the help of internship or training programs. The students should focus on associating with leading private organization like I did while getting the internship placement in Marriott. It was highly learning experience for me and I understood my roles and responsibilities as well. The major factor is that these internship placement programs are highly effective for both companies and students.

This essay is an example of a student's work


This essay has been submitted to us by a student in order to help you with your studies. This is not an example of the work written by our professional essay writers.


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This essay is an example of a student's work


This essay has been submitted to us by a student in order to help you with your studies. This is not an example of the work written by our professional essay writers.

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