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Working with leading people


Recruitment and selection are foremost organizational activity that could be faced by the candidates. Thus, it is essential to be practiced in most professional as well as in well-organized manner. Ahead the role of team work is something that allows building the favorable working environment within the organization (Hede, 2010). Here in the current scenario, the special consideration has been given to get knowledge about the recruitment process and its dimensions. Further, the teamwork has also understood in an appropriate way. The major learning of the current study is related to the development of intellect about the leadership qualities or skills. At last, the performance related aspects have also taken into special consideration.

Documentation process for the job profile of marketing manager


Job description- Current job profile involves the responsibilities related to handling the marketing related activities. The task involves guiding the team, increasing the sales of Tesco in different regions. Building the relationship with customers as well as the customer is also a duty of marketing manager. Ahead focusing on designing the result oriented marketing mix strategies (Kilmann and Thomas, 2005).

Person specification- The candidate should have the attitude of the manager. The candidate should be able to handle the team and must be capable of working in the pressurized situation. The candidate should be able to understand the market and need to be dynamic.  On the ground of educational qualification, there is huge requirement that a candidate should possess the MBA degree in marketing. An experience of 5 or more than five years is must (Kock, 2007).

Selection criteria- Three stage process need to be crossed appropriately. It involves right information and selecting the CV, written test and personal interview about the field and general questions or discussions. Further, the most important element is that the educational certificates must be genuine and authenticated.

Interview script- why Tesco, what are your hobbies, for instance, you are in the pressurized working situation what tactics you will adopt to burst your stress, etc. these questions could be asked in an interview questions.

Circular- The selection process will be of three stages; scrutinizing the CV’s, written test and personal interview sessions. Bring all your certificates during the interview session. The venue is college management campus; the date is 15th August 2015 and timing is 10 to 6 in the evening (Agha, 2001).

This essay is an example of a student's work


This essay has been submitted to us by a student in order to help you with your studies. This is not an example of the work written by our professional essay writers.

Detailing the selection process

In selection process, the company officials first demand the CV’s which could be sent to the E-mail address and afterward the recruitment manager can scrutinize the applications by their requirement and candidates potential level. Soon the selected candidates for the second round of selection process could be informed through revert on mail id or SMS, or the job portal of college could be checked. Further a written test will be conducted containing certain questions related to subject and job profile and about Tesco. The people who will cross the hurdle of written test they could become eligible for the stage of interview test. It is most crucial stage as it has huge weight in an entire interview sessions. In selection process, the entire consideration will be given to the communication, smartness, confidence, and stress handling the situation of the candidates (Back and et. al., 2003). After successfully crossing the interview sessions as well the final candidates will need to bring their certificates which are very the last stage of selection process. The authentication of these documents can ensure job placement into the Tesco as marketing manager. The most important element of this section is that the entire process will be transparent.

Three impacts of Equality Act, 2010 and ethical factors to be followed

The major impact of equality act, 2010 is that it enables to ensure the transparency in the entire selection process which is one of the major factors that helps on the ground of improving the level of the selection process. Further the quality act, 2010 facilitates to avoid the situation of discrimination. The candidates get selected by their qualification and skill set rather than by caste, creed, religion and sex-related aspects. Thus, the element of discrimination could be avoided at very large scale. Another impact is that the selection process is completely fair. All the details that have been enclosed about the job profile required skills and educational qualifications, salary package, etc. these aspects must be clear before the selection process arrangement. This element is highly crucial as it helps in avoiding the chaos during the interview. Further, it is also clear that through such aspects the level of selection process could be improved (Belbin, 2010). The most ethical factor is that the terms and conditions must be discussed at prior stage else it can create dissatisfaction among the candidates. Thus, these are certain positive impacts of equality act, 2010.

Benefits of team working

The major benefit of team working is that it helps on the ground of gaining the benefits of the high level of learning. The cited college can avail the benefits on developing the enthusiasm level as well. The team mates can show their support within the work, and they can learn the concepts in a good manner. Another benefit is that students put their efforts and learn the new things to improve their performance (Matiza, 2013). Thus, this element enables the college to improve their knowledge level. At the same juncture, it is essential to mention that the students very often get into the grudges so the aspects of team working can enable to develop the understanding of very basic principle of team working which is that every team mate should work with cooperation and proper collaboration. The list of benefits includes the sharing of information and knowledge. As mention that the team mates learn new things and it just maintains the enthusiasm as well so the sharing of knowledge could be a common scenario. The above project could be implemented in an appropriate manner. Each and every aspect could be aligned properly with each another. The activities can’t be taken into granted, and every aspect of recruitment process could be implemented effectively. Thus, the success of the project could be ensured. It can help in putting the positive impact at the Tesco as well.

This essay is an example of a student's work


This essay has been submitted to us by a student in order to help you with your studies. This is not an example of the work written by our professional essay writers.

 Managing the conflicts and difficulties

As such there were no such difficulties and conflicts faced during the process or handling the project. Every aspect and roles and responsibilities were clear to all the team mates. The only problem was required to handle was related to the stress and tensions (Morgenstern, 2004). There was lots of confusion regarding finishing the work and adjoining the tasks. It was the major problem that has been experienced during the project. It is to acknowledge that to deal with this particular factor scheduling has been made so that the activities could be managed properly. Being a leader proper plan has been made by me so that the alignment between various activities could be made in an appropriate manner. The communication was proper to my team mates regarding their roles and responsibilities. The nervousness was clear within the team as it was a huge responsibility to be fulfilled for the college. It includes our reputation in front of the college, organizations as well as on the peers. Thus, this three-way pressure and reputation building scenario create some difficulties in managing the confidence. But being a leader I acted as a motivator as well. It helps me in managing the motivation level of team mates, and we get success in accomplishing our project objectives (Mumby. 2012). Thus, in this way, the leadership role has been fulfilled and has been inherited by me.

This essay is an example of a student's work


This essay has been submitted to us by a student in order to help you with your studies. This is not an example of the work written by our professional essay writers.

 Effectiveness of team in achieving the targets

The team work is dynamic which involves the variety of people with the different skills set and potential level. It is one of the major factors that help in ensuring the effectiveness of team for the accomplishment of goals and objectives. The team builds a strong reputation among the college, and they get proper information from all the parties. The major of the project was to disseminate the right kind of information about the selection process. The students, college, and companies were connected with the team only to get reliable and relevant information. Thus, we understand our responsibility and establish well communication with the parties. The students get the right information about the selection process. Thus it helps in accomplishing the goals of the project. Ahead another goal was to arrange all the activities in an appropriate way. So to deal with this aspect proper plan and scheduling has been done so that the kiosk could be avoided (More, 2000). The team was effective to get the task done and to deal with identified challenges. The students were not in trouble as they get all the information on time which was another very crucial goal for the project. At the same juncture, it is also essential to understand that the effectiveness of team allows the college to maintain their reputation that their students are highly capable of handling their responsibilities, and their discipline level is so high.

 My role within team

My role was crucial within the team as I acted as a leader for my team. What I have done is that I gave priority to manage my team and assign the roles and responsibilities in an appropriate manner. It was the major responsibility for me to ensure that the team mates should get proper instructions and chaos should be avoided. I acted as a linkage between college, students, and company. I look upon all the set of activities so that the improvement could be introduced immediately if required. I gave the opportunity to each and every person and divide the responsibilities equally. The most important thing which I feel I have done better for me is that I practice the leadership fundamental in an appropriate manner (Carlisle and Loveday, 2007). I establish the communication and give freedom to my team mates to give suggestions to me. There was proper appreciation session where we try to bring all the people on one platform. Further, during the selection process, the scenario was very clear that every person should get the right information at right time, and this responsibility was fulfilled by me. Thus, I have done better in disseminating the useful piece of information at various instances of the selection process. Round after round we keep our self-updated so that the chaos could be avoided. Thus, these were certain aspects which we have done better.

This essay is an example of a student's work


This essay has been submitted to us by a student in order to help you with your studies. This is not an example of the work written by our professional essay writers.

Discussions of internal and external factors

The major internal as well external factors that may affect the performance are the very significant to be understood. The major internal factor could be the grudge level among the peers. It could have diverted their concentration level, and they could have focused upon unnecessary affairs (Dexter and Prince, 2007). Thus, this factor can affect their performance level. Further, the external factor is related to their personal matters. It might be possible that they are indulging into other activities, and their mind is struck by those aspects or external processes then also the decrement in their concentration level could be noticed. These internal, as well as external factors, are required to be handled in an appropriate manner. The major internal factor is that the personally the team mates might have certain kind of discriminatory thought process towards each another. So it can create differences, and they can end up by losing their energy on unnecessary aspects. Thus, these factors could be affecting the performance of peers.

 Success of assessment process

The assessment process that has been conducted is helpful in two ways. First is that the qualities and weak aspects of the team mates could be identified properly. Through assessment, the leader can come to know that what kind of responsibilities could be assigned to what kind of person. It helps in taking the right decision and most importantly the delegation of authorities could be done in an appropriate way. Here at the same juncture, the benefit of assessment process includes the arrangement of such aspects that can help in eradicating the weak aspects of peers (Gennard and  Judge, 2005). Through assessment, one could become clear with possible results of the training as well. The confidence level could be increased, and the desirable results or outcomes could be obtained by channelizing the energy of peers in the right direction (Klein, 2007). The leaders can get guidance from the assessment process. Overall it is clear that assessment is beneficial for both leader and peers as the leader can develop his leadership style on the basis assessment process results. Thus, these are certain possible success factors for the assessment process.

Personal profile and skill audit

Here the four smart objectives in common are

  •          Develop the analytical and judgment skill
  •          Focus on developing the stress handling skills
  •          Try to build relationship while working or people management
  •          Effective time management skills

This essay is an example of a student's work


This essay has been submitted to us by a student in order to help you with your studies. This is not an example of the work written by our professional essay writers.

These four smart objectives have been based on the current skill set and future skill set for both the candidates.


By above study, the role of recruitment process has become clear along with various stages to be included within the selection process. Further, the elements of recruitment and selection process are the major learning of the study which includes the job description, person specification, etc. it is clear that the expediency of team work has become clear in an articulated manner. Further, the leadership qualities and most importantly the benefits of the assessment process is the major learning of current study. It is clear that assessment process helps on the ground of bringing the improvement and competitiveness among the peers.


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