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Leadership in Change Management

This report aims to understand role of leadership during organizational change. The study is based on extensive review of available literature in order to identify appropriate leadership in specific organizational change situation. With a view to gain deep insight into the subject matters, varied concepts and theories related to leadership and change have been explored and further applied to our present case study.

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Contemporary Leadership

rking styles and operations in an organizations changes with time. With the inventions of advance technology and developed infrastructure, the present business industry has been completely revamped. Not only technology and equipment, but the way in which the workers behave has also changed.

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Various leadership styles and its impact on followers

There are varieties of factor which may affect people within the organization. Leadership style is one of the factors which have a huge impact at the subordinates and followers. There are usually six leadership styles which are present in today’s organizational setting. The six leadership styles are autocratic, participative, laissez faire, transformational, transactional, situational leadership styles. All these leadership style has its own impact and consequences. The availability of effective leadership not only determines the better decision making and organizational success, but the growth of individuals could also ensure.

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Collaboration, leadership skills and effect on overall business performance

Synergy is a very common word used by the business world, and it simply means that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. When salesmen of a company put their efforts to increase sales performance of the company, it is seen that the total result of their individual efforts (considering each one of them giving their maximum) is always less than what they can achieve when worked cohesively following a plan formed by the group. However, this collaborative movement will produce the best result only under the guidance of a skilled leader of the group. Without an efficient leadership, the collaborative movement of the sales team will simply fail to produce the desired synergic effect.

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