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Managers today must be able to manage change so that organization can respond to the influences from external environments. Critically analyze this view.

In today’s business scenario if managers were asked about the most challenging task for them then surely the answer would be managing the change. It has become essential element that is required to be aligned perfectly with respect to manage the business operations effectively. Change is the ultimate truth for businesses and there is need of accepting this truth on the regular basis. Managers are required to assess the change and need to bring appropriate changes so that the change could become part of business entity easily. Here in this report the special consideration has been paid to the identification of change management processes with the help of different management models and theories (Hiatt, 2006).

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Sales Planning and Operations

This particular task is dedicated to understanding the role of personal selling into the promotional mix and various other communication activities. The promotional mix consists of various activities and personal selling is one of them. Ahead it is also clear that personal selling is helpful in various perspectives so its benefits has also assessed with respect to decision-making process and buyer behavior (Donnelly and Harrison, 2009). Further the significant aspects are to develop knowledge and intellect regarding the effectiveness of sales team in whole marketing strategies. Here the selected organization is Virgin Mobile and product is mobile.

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Management Skills and Entrepreneurship

While commencing the business the organizations needs variety of resources that can help them to continue the business for the longer period of time. The availability of resources and utilizing the resources in well organized manner both are two different things. In both the aspects the entrepreneur is highly required to focus on the maximum utilization of all the resources. Business runs on various components and decision making aspects but the role of resource management is very immense.

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Leadership and Change Management

Successful change management is highly dependent upon the effective leadership style. If the leadership is effective than only the change management could become result oriented. Here in this report the effectiveness of leadership with respect to change management has been examined. For the same purpose certain management theories and models has been applied so that the deep knowledge about the subject matter could be developed.

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Entrepreneurship- Street Kitchen

TIn today’s highly dynamic and competitive business environment, owning and managing a business is certainly a difficult task. Entrepreneurship has been defined as process of recognising and commencing business enterprise, sourcing and allocating available resources, and maintaining optimal balance between rewards and risks associated with business.

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Defining Change Management

The phrase "change management" has been surfaced about half a century ago and now it is one of the most important managerial technique to achieve the organisational objectives, by ensuring that the strategic changes are implemented properly and, to ensure the benefits of such changes to achieve a new set of goals or the mission of the company in a new way lasts for long.

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