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A brief on Organizational Sustainability

Every organizations works for two main objectives which are not meant to set or to be stated into the companies’ mission or visions statement. These two main objectives are understandable and none of the organization can neglect the availability of these objectives. Actually every private or public sector organization works for these two aspects and these are sustainability and profitability.

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Organizational Behavior : ASDA & British Airlines

As one of the major principle of the management suggest the organization as a perpetual identity so same wise it is also true that the organization behaves in very peculiar manner which is called organizational behavior. The perpetual identity is based on its employees and management and the level of behavior is also depending upon its employees and top management (Dexter and Prince, 2007). The organizational behavior includes its decision making, culture, strategies, structure, team culture etc. All these aspects are part of organizational behavior. Here in this study the different dimensions of organizational behavior have been assessed in appropriate manner.

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A brief on Organisational Structure and Change

In the present business era, it is very important for the management to give proper focus on the culture of the organisation as the uprising global culture can affect a company and its workers both in positive and negative manner. Thus, it significantly impact the change initiatives which the company needs to adopt. Whatever the change may be, it has been always found that people find reasons to oppose the change. Most of the employees generally have negative thoughts about the change even if it is for good reasons (Maguire, 2003).

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A brief on Organisational Learning

Organizational development is very significant and crucial process. It involves each and every aspect of business operations. It is to acknowledge that it might be helpful on the ground of dealing with the business related challenges and most importantly the growth of an organization could be ensured hugely. Organizational development mainly involves making the alignment and integration between various organizational activities and improving the current process of accomplishing the task on the regular basis.

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A brief on Organisational Development

Organizational learning refers to a state whereby an organisation attempts to understand the recent changes and acquire information on the recent trends and changes within the market. The business entity makes alignment with the environmental factor by gaining knowledge about them (Zepeda, 2011).

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