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Why project management is the key to success?

Now days the giant corporate houses are indulged into the management of big projects and tasks; the operations and investment criteria have become very wide. The project involves so many aspects to be handled at same point of time. The project management has its huge role in ensuring the development of right approach for the investment and delivering the right kind of attitude towards the identified issues and challenges. The project management helps in managing the operations of organizations and most importantly the risks could be identified in the easiest way. The cost structure could be managed and proper alignment could be ensured on the ground of handling the external economic environment.

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Skills, trait, characteristics or personalities for an effective project manager.

The professional objectives like career development and growth are dependent upon the enhancement in personal and professional skills. The individuals need to focus upon improving their skill set so that the available opportunities within the organization could be grabbed very easily. Here in current scenario the concepts and theories related to personal and professional development has been taken into special consideration (Zepeda, 2011). The self management learning approach and lifelong learning has been discussed in current scenario. Ahead current study also include the explanation of various time management strategies which are required with a view of developing the professional attitude. For the same purpose the selected organization is Vodafone.

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Activity on Node- Project Management

For completing the entire plan, total 11 activities are required. The table below shows the complete project plan and includes all the activities with its immediate predecessor activity and time taken by each activity

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