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Sociology of Religion

It is a study in which the tools and techniques of sociology helps in understanding the various forms and beliefs of religion. Majorly in this field or area the special consideration has been given to investigate the impact of religion on society or the relationship between society, economical aspects and religion has been established (Cipriani, 2015). There are various eminent authors and economists who have studied the same subject or filed in depth and have given their viewpoint about the sociology of religion. Here in this report the work of Karl Marx, Max Webber and Emile Durkheim has been assessed properly to shed more light on sociology of religion.

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The rise of Scientology as a religion

Around the world, many scientists still debate on the term Scientology. More specifically, there is a debate between USA and Germany regarding Scientology as a religion or religious claims.

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A View From Within: The voices of Netanyans on their Jewish State – Israel

The proposed project will explore the views, perspectives and experiences of secular and religious Jews in Netanya. Since the creation of Israel as the "Jewish State" in 1948, there has been a significant amount of turmoil, both internal and external, that has affected the daily lives of its people.

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