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Managing Diversity-Tesco Culture

      In today’s era the organizations are facing lots of troubles and internal issues and it is enabling them to focus upon new strategies so that they can get rid of internal issues and all the organizational challenges. Out of all the problems and issues the major one is the diversity and wide range of employees. Due to globalization the organizations are hiring the most competent employees, which belong to various races, gender, regions, etc. It is allowing business entities to ensure their sustainability at the global level, but it is giving birth to different kind of problem and managing the diversity has become one of the major challenges for the organizations. It is to acknowledge that the management of the diversity related issues is required at very large scale else it can tumble down the organizational culture and most importantly the brand value and reputation of the organization could be suppressed (Brislin 2008). Inequality among the employees, whether it is related to providing equally pay opportunities or related to growth opportunities, etc. vast differences could be experienced on the ground of gender, race, cast, region, etc. At the same juncture, it is essential to mention that through inequality issues the stress within the business entities remains very high and it minimizes the motivational level as well. There are very serious consequences of the mismanagement of the diversity related aspects and it has direct relevance with the productivity of the employees and the company both. It is recommendable that the organization should focus on different strategies that can subsidize the level of diversity and discrimination within the organization (Buch and Wetzel, 2001).

This essay is an example of a student's work


This essay has been submitted to us by a student in order to help you with your studies. This is not an example of the work written by our professional essay writers.

Tesco is a large organization and they are working all across the globe so it is quite obvious for them that they sent their employees at different locations for the learning purpose and they employee integration is also very common in the organizational working environment of Tesco. But this kind of integration and knowledge management arrangement, it's become tough to handle the level of discrimination which take place at the lower level and sometime middle level managers also show their familiarity with the sick attitude (Busch, 1989). Tesco has to foster such kind of management practices that will allow them to create the pleasant working environment and diversity could be managed properly. Tesco can work in two ways, either they can implement the legal policies or they can rely upon the formulation of strategies. In both the cases the concept of inequality regimes given by Joan Acker could be helpful for cited organization.

The major factor that can enable an organization to get over the mentioned challenging aspect is suggested by the Joan Acker’s. The concept recommended by the cited author is immensely beneficial with respect to handle the discriminatory issues and implementing the equality policies. Most studies conducted on the discriminatory behavior suggest towards the eradication of difference on the ground of gender, race, region, etc. But they missed out the fundamental conceptual knowledge transfer that could be treated as limitation of those studies. In the concept of inequality regimes the major concentration has been paid on to the fact that the inequality is a part of organization and it lies within in every area or department or activity (Chung, Fam and Holdsworth, 2009). In the study of inequality regimes the author has focused on the fact that organizations are supposed to lay down emphasize on the distribution of work in proper.

According to them it is a very common scenario within the companies that on the gender or racism basis the decision making related to the distribution of work comes into existence. It is one of the major reasons that weaken down the strategy related to the strategy implementation process of diversity management. The Acker has suggested that it is a responsibility of the company that the competency identification must play an important role while assigning any duty to any individual. It can help on the ground of generating better results or outcomes and most importantly the employee satisfaction can also take place. On the gender basis, it has been that men have more power than women employees and they were not allowed to contribute in the decision making process (Cook, 1998). Organizations are supposed to come out of such kind of attitude and there is requirement of providing equal opportunities to the people working within the organization. In his study of inequality regimes the author has mentioned various kinds of management practices that indicate towards the inequality within the organization. So the companies can learn from such kind of instances and try to avoid such kinds of business practices.

This essay is an example of a student's work


This essay has been submitted to us by a student in order to help you with your studies. This is not an example of the work written by our professional essay writers.

The example of gender discrimination has been seen into the Swedish banks and it was completely unacceptable by banks that females took the lead and contribute in the organizational success. Thus, it is a first lesson which assists organization very strategic manner. It can assist organizations to implement the inequality eradication strategies and transforming results could be generated. The power should be transferred into the right manner so that the right kind of employees gets the privilege of power and decision making freedom. Likewise the characteristics of inequality are different and it should be dealt in a proper manner (Hall and Hall, 1990). According to Acker the change could be introduced within the company, but it demands a high level of efforts and commitment from the higher authorities. The major factor that could be treated as a success factor for bringing the change is the proper communication. In the study of inequality regimes the major expediency has been given to the level of communication. According to author if communication is not proper then it is impossible to bring any kind of change and most important every effort ad strategy implementation will be failed. Thus the creation of communication has been taken into special consideration. Through proper communication, the need of equality could be promoted and the people who indulge into the discriminatory behavior can get away from such practices (Wadham et al. 2012). Through communication, the people who experienced the discrimination or inequality could be informed about their rights and legal options which they can choose in case of discriminatory behavior within the organization. Another advantage of communication that has been mentioned by author is that it provides a high level of comfort level employees and the level of misunderstandings could be minimized. The people can work on one platform and by interacting with each another the employees can share their emotions and viewpoints.

Another way in which the model or concept of inequality regimes could be helpful is that it has direct relevance to the implementation of proper legal rules and regulations within the organization. There are two ways in which an organization can deal with mentioned problem; one is the formulation of policy and other one is designing the favorable strategies. The combination of these two practices can create some fruitful results for the business entities. It is to acknowledge that the policies of organizations could be revolved around the Equality Act, 2010 (Auch and Smyth, 2010). It is one of the most prevalent acts which enable an organization to get rid of mentioned challenges and most importantly the clauses of this act are most suitable to create a sense of fear among those organizations that practices inequality and discrimination. The significant aspects of equality acts are that it helps on the ground of minimizing the impact of discrimination. The organization can make effective use of Acker’s suggestions in both the strategy, designing and policy formulation process. The Equality Act, 2010 must be introduced within the company and all the acts are required to be followed in a stringent way. It is to acknowledge that there are various benefits of these policies and strategies that could be availed by any organization. These benefits generally used as a turnaround factor for the companies and helps in managing the diversity (Kirton and Greene, 2010). Tesco is enormous organization so they need to adopt the legal formalities and need to disseminate them at various hierarchical levels. The law which has been designed by the government or local incumbencies should be available in the internal policies of the Tesco as well. The equal employment opportunities act states that every individual associated with the company has right to grow with the organization. There should not be any kind of evidence related to inequality or discriminatory behavior. Being an employer Tesco is responsible for the growth and development of all the employees depend upon their capabilities and potential rather than race, gender or region. Thus, in this way equality act, 2010 can show its expediency in dealing with the monstrous challenges faced by the employees (Kirton and Greene, 2010). There are certain benefits that could be derived by Tesco if they get success in implementing the strategy or policy effectively. The explanation of these benefits is given below:

Better organizational culture: the major benefit that could be availed by cited organization is that they can definitely provide the better organizational culture to its employees. The harmonious relationship among the employees and employer could be created if the organizational culture is good. It is to acknowledge that the major benefit is related to the creation of group behavior or team culture with the organization. Through team culture the Tesco can accomplish their objective and competitive advantage could be gained very easy. Thus, it is most significant benefit of managing the diversity (Acker, J. 2006).

Brand reputation: Other than the eradication of differences the organization can get the advantage of high level of brand reputation among the job seekers and existing employees of the company. Tesco is supposed to outrun their competitors in every situation and for the same purpose the removal of discrimination and inequality is required. The mentioned entity can gain the confidence of employees, which further lead towards the creation of brand reputation.

Employee motivation: It is well said that employee motivation can be improved if an organization is provided them secure working environment. It is acknowledged that through removing the inequality the level of job security could be increased at very large scale (Wadham et al. 2012). Through providing the equal growth opportunities the level of fear among the employees could be minimized and it leads towards the highest level of employee motivation. At the same juncture the Tesco can experience the employee retention as well. It is another benefit that can show its expediency within the business entity. If job security is there along with the tension free working environment, then employees won’t leave the organization and stay associated for the longer period of time. It is something which is highly beneficial for the continuity of operations for the longer period of time.

The list of benefits includes the improvement in productivity as well. If all the above mentioned aspects have proper alignment with each other then it automatically contributes into the better performance of employees. All the employees work at same platform and focus on fostering the innovation and creativity rather than focusing upon the unethical business practices. At last the communication is something that can’t be neglected from the list of benefits of proper policy or strategy implementation process in the management of diversity. Without communication none of the organization can convey the message about their ethical values among the employees (Auch and Smyth, 2010). The communication is something that helps in making people familiar with the values of higher authorities and floating them at various hierarchical levels. High level of interaction always required when the company works at a global or international level. Therefore, these are major benefits that could be faced by Tesco in the long run and they can get the leading edge on their competitors as well.

With the help of above study it can be concluded very articulately that the concept of inequality regime has a high level of learning’s for the organization and the principles given by Acker could be useful in implementing the change with the perspective of managing the diversity (Chung, Fam and Holdsworth, 2009). Tesco needs to adopt the concept of inequality regime just for improving the brand image among the employees and job seekers.


This essay is an example of a student's work


This essay has been submitted to us by a student in order to help you with your studies. This is not an example of the work written by our professional essay writers.


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