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Research questions for Thomson Tourism


The construction of research project is helpful on the ground of gaining the knowledge about the research process and its intricacies. After the construction of research project, it becomes easier to focus on high academic aspects as it helps on the ground of increasing the capacity with respect to constructing the thesis report. Here also, the research project has been done so that the intellect regarding the niche tourism and its impact at organizational operations could be identified. Further, the research strategies could also identify in an appropriate manner. Thus in this way the research project has been conducted in a related study.

This essay is an example of a student's work


This essay has been submitted to us by a student in order to help you with your studies. This is not an example of the work written by our professional essay writers.

Task 1

Title- An analysis of various types of tourism, niche tourism, took place in past years and their impact over the company’s strategic operations. A case study of Thomson holidays.


Travel and tourism sector are one of the major sectors that have the variety of associated sector and it has interlinked with the variety of industries and activities. The tour operators are also one of them. Being tour operators the Thomson holidays have faced lots of transformations into their management activities. Tour operators are the one who are actually responsible with the decision of customers for the specific kind of tourism activities. They need to make all the possible arrangement so that customer convenience could be ensured. Other travel and tourism sector like hospitality, restaurant, aviation etc. they need not to worry for the fact that what is the motive of tourist to visit the country (Schraeder, 2002). They just focus on improving their staying or accommodating facilities but on the contrary, the tour operators need to be particular about their operations and functions as they need to understand the purpose of visiting any particular country by the tourists. Thus, it is clear that the development in the tourism sector has affected the operations and strategies of tour operating companies at very large scale. The tourism sector has seen lots of various activities like sports tourism, cultural tourism, events tourism, heritage, educational, adventure etc. these are major kind of tourism that has been developed in recent past (Tensone, 2006). These tourism activities are highly vulnerable and people are inclined towards the tourism activities. There is a huge requirement of focusing upon bringing the huge level of change within the operational aspects with the change in any kind of tourism activity as the nature of these tourism activities is completely different. Here in the current scenario, the overall consideration has been paid to understand the development of various activities over the years within the tourism sectors. What are the various kinds of travel and tourism types that have been coming into existence. Another major element that has gained priority in the current context is that how such kind of development has shaped the operational aspects of tour operators. For the same purpose, the Thomson holidays one of the major tour operator’s organizations in the entire world has been studied in the present report.

Introduction of company

Thomson holidays are one of the largest tour and travel operator based in the UK and have huge market share. The original name for the Thomson holidays was the Thomson tour operations but it was renamed in the year 1997. In 1998 the company got listed at London stock exchange and since then the organization is doing well in various aspects of the business. It is clear that Thomson holidays understand the changes into the field of tourism and basically bring an adequate amount of changes within their business operations. It is a subsidiary of TUI group and was bought in 1965. The vision of the company is to provide support to the traveler scattered all across the globe (Tod and Solomon, 2002). It is one of the major companies that ensure the excellent service quality and most importantly ensuring the security of customers. Price reasonability along with fair deals is the major attractive features of cited organization. They have changed themselves in a well manner in the changing era. The Thomson holidays perform well in every situation and have put control on their management activities. It is something which provides a competitive advantage for the company. There are various challenges that have been faced by the company on the ground of dealing with changing perspectives of travel and tourism sector. They have designed their package in an appropriate manner so that every class and category or interest of people could be targeted in the easiest way. In certain holidays plans, the travel insurance is also provided by the Thomson holidays. It is a unique feature that make them different than other organizations. The cited organization has ABTA, Association of British Travel Agents and ATOL, Air travel organizer’s License numbers which are essential for the travel and tourism sector companies. Since its inception, the organization has made its competitive advantage by providing the exciting and lucrative features to the customers. It is actually an initiative of Thomson holidays to adopt the changes in travel and tourism sector and providing world class experience to the customers. It is something that helps immensely in bringing the innovation within the field. Thus, the vision of company has been followed in an appropriate way. To make their plans and policies more effective the Thomson holidays has focused upon the sustainable tourism. They understand their responsibilities towards the environment and surrounding (Wise and Sirohi, 2005). For the same purpose, the campaign named holiday forever has been launched by the company which fosters the vision of sustainable tourism of Thomson holidays. Ahead the reputation of Thomson holidays allows them to improve their package quality by associating with such good and world class brands. It assures the customers towards the fair return on investment. It is something which improves the credibility and corroborate towards the brand value of Thomson holidays. The operations of Thomson holidays are well organized and smooth as per the different kind of tourism scenarios. It enables them to enter into the field of various kinds of tourism and managing them in a proper way.

Aims and objectives

Aim- The major aim of this study is to investigate the various types of tourism activities [niche tourism] that have been developed in recent past and their impact over the strategic operations of the company. For the same purpose, a case study of Thomson Holidays has been taken into special consideration.


  •          To identify the various types of tourism activities
  •          To understand the impact of tourism over the company’s operations
  •          To recommend various strategies to improve tourism management and activities

Research questions

  •          What are the various types of tourism activities?
  •          What is the impact of travel and tourism over the company’s strategic operations?
  •          How travel and tourism sector could be developed and management could be improved?

This essay is an example of a student's work


This essay has been submitted to us by a student in order to help you with your studies. This is not an example of the work written by our professional essay writers.

 Literature review

The word travel and tourism itself contain the feeling of enthusiasm and freshness within it. The people feel highly zealot towards the tourism activities as it enable them to get indulge into their favorite activity or coming over of their stress level. Different people have the diverse thought process or perception towards the tourism and travel sector. The tourism industry is growing very rapidly. It is clear that the tourism sector is the one where the role of international people remains very high (Krakel, 2007). More the international people are inclined towards the tourism activity more it helps in gaining the leading edge and contributing into the national economy. The tourism industry has faced lots of transformations that have led towards the introduction of so many tourism activities and diverse fields have been commenced into the tourism field. It is to acknowledge that the tourism is something that has changed due to the change in people’s interest. The spectrum of the tourism sector is very wide as it enables to improve the service quality (Birge and Linetsky, 2007). It is clear that the travel and tourism sector is independent sector but its development is also dependent upon a variety of environmental elements.

The major factor that causes the development of tourism sector is the growth of modes of communication. It is highly responsible for the growth of travel sector. Ahead it has been discussed in a detailed manner. Another element that has also an equal contribution in the growth of the travel and tourism sector is the globalization. People started to exchange their values as well as the culture. The distances become shorter so it helps in developing the travel and tourism activities. It provides the chance to understand the entire world and its different perspectives and dimensions (Greasley, 2007). The travel sector provides the opportunity to understand the world and its diversities.

Niche tourism

It is a highly emerged form of tourism which has become the identity of travel and tourism sector. In recent past, the term niche tourism has provided a strong foundation to the travel and tourism sector. The definition of niche tourism is such kind of tourism which allows tourist to explore any kind of specific activity or fulfilling the interest. Another definition of niche tourism is related to specific tourism which is specifically designed for the purpose of various interest levels of tourists. It is clear that the niche tourism may be defined in a different manner but its major essence is hidden in its nature of characteristics which depicts the different kind of tourism. Wildlife tourism, ecotourism, nature tourism etc. these are the example of niche tourism (Varun and, 2011). The spectrum of niche tourism has been increased tremendously. It is something that has not only contributed at a micro level, to the companies but put its impact at the macro level as well. The growth of the economy and various other industries has become possible due to the niche tourism. It role is immense in establishing the connectivity all across the world as it is giving a reason to visit from one place to another.

Various kind of tourism

Leisure tourism- It is most popular and very prevalent tourism type which is common among the people who visit just for the purpose of spending their leisure time or holidays, vacations. Behind such kind of tourism, there is no particular interest level of the tourists. Here the operations need to be changed at very large scale.  It just involves focusing on two aspects one is to deliver quality service and improving the level of experience. Here the fun and entertainment should be at its peak along with appropriate security and comfort (Waterton, 2010).

Sports tourism- In this tourism activity the consumers visit any place for the purpose of enjoying any kind of sports activity. Now it could also segregate into two categories; one took place if any significant and important sports event is taking place within the country and people visit to witness the glorious wins. Further, any other which represents the local culture is tending to play on the regular basis. The Olympics took place in the year 2012 is the part of seasonal sports tourism where people just visit to see the Olympics. On the contrary, the Tomatina festival of Spain is very crucial with a view of attracting the people towards the territory. Thus, the difference is very thin still has huge significance with respect to arranging the operations and management (Williamson, 2003).

Adventure tourism- In this kind of tourism the people don’t bother for comfort or luxury they want their adrenalin to be at its peak and enjoying the life’s thrilling experience. Here the level of security needs to be excellent as in the case of any unpleasant activity the name of tour operators could be spoiled. The adventure tourism is also a part of sports tourism as sometimes some sports events are also treated as adventurous activities. Thus, the adventure tourism is also very challenging and crucial with the perspective of handling the operations.

Educational tourism- It is very sophisticated kind of tourism where students, professors or university or college people visit any other country for the purpose of gaining some intellect related to their study field (Wong, 2004). It is highly popular these days as most of the international universities are collaborating for the purpose of exchanging their courses and programs.

Cultural and heritage tourism- Here in such kind of tourism the entire concentration is paid on to gaining the knowledge of local culture. Language, dresses, dancing forms and knowledge about the historical buildings are the part of cultural and heritage tourism. It shares the rich past of any country and informs about the current culture and its transformations. It is another very significant type of tourism which is popular among the tourists (Youell, 2000).

Food tourism- However it is a part of cultural tourism as the food is something that has relevancy with the culture of any country. But due to the high level of diversity into the food, it has become a separate reason to visit any country. However, it happens very rarely that any person spent too much just to taste the food and don’t visit any place or tourist destination within a country.  Thus, the food tourism also put its impact at the operational activities.

This essay is an example of a student's work


This essay has been submitted to us by a student in order to help you with your studies. This is not an example of the work written by our professional essay writers.

Mix tourism- In such kind of tourism when people are interested in two or more activities in one visit but just to gain the experience is their purpose of visiting (Novelli, 2013). Here the principle of niche tourism doesn’t apply. For instance, when people visits to understand the culture and history then it also includes the food tourism within it. It slightly differs than the leisure tourism.

   Wildlife tourism- Now it is one of the very interesting and adventurous kinds of tourism activity which is highly popular among the tourists all across the world. Here the tourists get the information about the species of animals and birds and another kind of wildlife. Water tourism for the purpose of the study of water species is also a part of wildlife tourism.

Nature tourism- It is a kind of tourism which allows people to admire nature and its beauty. The nature tourism is completely dedicated to spending the vacations near water, sunset, mountains and greenery (Stokes, 2006). The people who love to feel nature close to their heart and want to experience something stunning and amazing should select the nature tourism.

Thus, these are some of the major kinds of tourism activities which are highly popular. Other than these niche tourism activities the culinary tourism, medical tourism, eco-tourism, business traveling etc. these are some of the elements of niche tourism which are on the emerging stage and most importantly the people have started to show their interest into it. Thus, the niche tourism has transformed the economy at micro as well as macro level.

Niche tourism and operations

The most significant aspects are to understand the impact of niche tourism over the operations of the company. Here the operations involve the set of decision making as well as the financial arrangements, strategic tie-ups and marketing strategies (Swarbrooke and  Horner, 2012). The operations are a very wide area which affects the various aspects of organizations. The operations have highly affected the area in which the company is operating their business. It is clear that for every kind of tourism the marketing strategies remains different and it helps on the ground of attracting the customers. For adventurous kind of tourism, the young age people were generally targeted by the company so the entire marketing mix tends to be designed accordingly. It is a very significant decision which is required to be taken in very painstaking manner. Thus, here the segmentation has been done on the basis of demographic level or more specifically on the basis of age group (Ivanovic, 2008). Same wise for the purpose of food tourism the food lovers could be targeted so that the number of customers could be attracted. Here the operations tend to prepare the checklist of main attractions or food centers where the local food or taste could be provided to the customers. It demands a huge level of research about the local food and taste. Thus, in this way, these are certain differences that could be experienced by the strategic team within the operations or various management activities. During the tourism, belong to any interest level, the security, and lifetime experience is the major prioritized element for any tour operator. They need to ensure the comfort level as per the package taken by the tourists (Cooper and Hall, 2012). These elements are the essentials for every industry of the travel and tourism industry. The strategic tie-ups include an arrangement of hotels or resorts as per the preference of customers and on the basis of their niche tourism activity. Making arrangements for other aspects as the tourist’s remains unaware with the local environment is also a responsibility of the tour operators. It also brings the huge level of changes into the strategic decisions of tour operators that they try to introduce such features within their operations so that the customers could get something new and innovative. The challenges have also become as high for the companies as they need to deal with people with different expectations and perceptions. Therefore, it becomes clear that the niche tourism has a huge impact at the operations and management activities (Bhatia, 2002).

Research methodology

The selected research methodologies in current scenario are as follows. It is to acknowledge that these research trajectories can strengthen the level of the report and most importantly the quality of research outcomes could be provided. The description of research methods and technique is given below

Research philosophy- Here in the current scenario the selected research philosophy is the interpretive research philosophy as the entire study is based only on one company and the dimensions of the study are based on company’s operations that could be changed at various instances. With the change in environment and the perspectives of niche tourism, the interpretive research philosophy could only justify. It is clear that the cited research philosophy is one of the major philosophies that help on the ground of understanding the subject matter from various angles and viewpoints (Merriam, 2009).

Research approach- Here in the current scenario the researcher is not intended to find any new theory so there is no meaning of applying the inductive approach. Thus, in the current context, the deductive approach has been taken into special consideration. Through deductive approach, the researcher can definitely focus on reaching out to the conclusion by reaching out at a certain level of conclusion.

Research type- It has its relationship with the nature of subject matter and the impact of research objectives is  huge in selecting the research nature. Here in the current scenario, the information is completely subjective in nature which also affects the selection of the type of research. Normally there are three types of research types; qualitative, quantitative and mix research types. All these research types have a huge level of impact at the research process and data analysis techniques as well. The quantitative research type actually deals with the numerical information and applies the statistical and analytical tools. On the contrary, the qualitative research type enables a researcher to deal with subjective information which is impossible to be measured in terms of numbers or in numerical form. It is clear that qualitative type of research is lengthy and is explained the concepts in a detailed manner(Muijis, 2010). Further, the mix of both the techniques is known as mix research type and most importantly the characteristics of both the research type could be noticed. Here in currents scenario, the qualitative research type has been applied by the researcher. It could be helpful in justifying with the subjective information as the elements or components of niche tourism and its impact on operations could be measured easily. The qualitative nature if a study could allow shedding light on various dimensions and most importantly the deep level of intellect could be developed.

Research design- Out of three major research design; descriptive, casual and exploratory research design the major one is the exploratory research design. It is one of the major researches that have its huge level of usage with the subjective information. As the name suggests the exploratory research design enables the researcher to get detailed knowledge about the subject matter and most importantly the research objectives could be fulfilled in an appropriate manner (Hoy, 2009).

Sampling- it is very significant research component that has gained huge consideration within the study. It is clear that with the help of such factor it could become possible to focus upon the high level of quality and relevancy within the study. The sampling could be significance in two ways; one is that it helps on the ground of gaining the real and accurate results about the subject matter and second benefit are related to gaining the strong and diverse opinion about the topic. Here the selected sampling size is 20 employees of Thomson holidays who can actually clear the scenario about the operations of the company with respect to various tourism activities.

Data collection- There is actually two kinds of data collection techniques one is the primary sources and second one is related to the secondary sources of data collection. The primary sources include the questionnaire, interview, survey, observation and focus groups. These are certain techniques that help on the ground of fresh and raw information. On the contrary, the secondary information could be useful with respect to understanding the particular trend or development into any field. It is to acknowledge that the sources of secondary information are online articles, books, and previous researches. Here the data has been collected with the help of both the sources and most importantly the different information has been gathered from diverse resources (Jonas, 2007). The development of niche tourism over the years has been identified with the help of previous researches and most importantly the secondary sources have been utilized for the same. On the contrary, the primary sources have been taken into consideration for the purpose of gaining the intellect about changes into the operational activities with different tourism activities. The questionnaire has been constructed consists of the questions related to the tourism and operations. Thus, both primary and secondary sources have been prioritized in the current scenario.

This essay is an example of a student's work


This essay has been submitted to us by a student in order to help you with your studies. This is not an example of the work written by our professional essay writers.

Data analysis- In order to get the reliable results the researcher needs to apply the research data analysis technique in a proper way so that the interpretation of respondent’s responses could be registered in an effective manner. It is to acknowledge that on the basis of actually the data analysis technique could be selected by the researcher. Here it is clear that the nature of the current report is qualitative and most importantly the information nature is also subjective (Merriam, 2009). Thus, it is clear that the thematic analysis could have been most appropriate technique into this report. Here the responses could be divided into various themes and it could help in gaining the results which are logical and relevant to research objectives.

Reliability and validity of study- To give priority to these aspects the sampling techniques and data analysis process along with the effective data collection has been taken into special consideration. The data has been collected with the help of proper sources that has a potential to generate the high level of relevant as well as true information. The employees have the capacity to provide operational informational so the sampling has also contributed immensely in the maintenance of reliability and validity of the study.

Limitation of the study- The major limitation of the study was to complete the report on time and most importantly following the time management schedule. It was one of the major problems that have been associated into the current scenario (Hoy, 2009). Another problem was related to approaching the people who were supposed to be the part of a research process. It took a time to approach them and getting the information related to their operations. But these limitations have been faced by the researcher in an appropriate manner.

Ethical considerations- To ensure the ethical consideration the researcher has focused upon the basic principle of the research process that the identity of respondents should not be revealed under any circumstances. It is something that can definitely affect the ethical aspects of the study. Further, the research outcomes are not altered for the purpose of creating the sham results or consequences. At last, the major ethical aspect that has been taken into special consideration is the avoidance of copying the same information from any secondary sources. Thus in this way the ethical aspects has been followed in the proper way (Muijis, 2010).

Task 2

Questionnaire- A data collection tool

  1.       Name: _____________________________________
  2.       Age : _______________________________________
  3.       Gender: _______________________________________
  4.       Position: _________________________________________________
  5.       Experience: ______________________________________________
  6.       Please list the tourism activities which are highly popular and prevalent


  1.       Do you think that the tourism dimensions have been changed tremendously?

Yes       (     )      No     (    )

  1.       If yes, then how


  1.       How different kind of tourism activities put their impact at operations?


  1.   What are the extra responsibilities you feel with different kind of tourism?


Task 3

Interpretation of results:

Theme 1: Thomson holidays mainly deals with leisure tourism.

Here the employees of Thomson holidays themselves provided the fact about the situation of macro environment and development within the niche tourism. The employees of the cited organization, during the analysis process, mentioned that there are various kinds of tourism activities which are highly popular these days. But mainly company deals with the queries of leisure tourism where the demand of tourists and customers is completely diverse. Some people love to visit through complete comfort and luxury and some want to amazing and lively experience. The dimensions of the leisure tourism itself have been changed immensely. It is clear that such kind of tourism has a huge level of impact at the operations of Thomson holidays. Nowadays the arrangements and resources requirement has been increased as there are lots of options available in front of people.

This essay is an example of a student's work


This essay has been submitted to us by a student in order to help you with your studies. This is not an example of the work written by our professional essay writers.

Theme 2: The changes in the strategies and operations are very common in a different kind of tourism.

Here it is clear that the tourism activities demands a variety of strategies to be implemented within the organization. None of the organization can prepare the same kind of tourism strategies for every ki9nd of tourism activities. Various activities of niche tourism have its own nature and need to be handled accordingly. The employees provided the fact about the complications of dealing with different kind of tourism activities. They said that it is just like the same scenario where the manufacturing company has different products same wise these are different products which have different category of people. The main problem which company faced is to hire the people who have an understanding of these kinds of tourism activities. It is a highly painstaking decision that expertise should be acquired by the company. They understand the situation and intricacies of every kind of decision so it helps on the ground of improving the service quality. Thus, this challenge or operational issues is very common. Further the employees mentioned that the team also divided as per the niche tourism activities which work in a dedicated manner to handle the issues and problems or to generate new business. It is clear that the Thomson holidays work in a very professional manner so they are able to deal with operational as well as functional issues. Further the employees cited about the change in marketing stunts which was another very crucial element to be fulfilled by the organizations. The marketing process and its all the strategies are completely different. The availability of direct marketing channels, mass marketing channels like email, mobile, television and online platform is clear within the organization. The tour operators need to gather the information from different sources which are another very big issue. Segregating the information then identifying the most relevant information these are certain features which put its impact at the strategy formulation of tour operators. Hence, these are certain operational aspects which never remain the same while dealing with niche tourism.

Theme 3: The strategic tie-ups also required to be done in a painstaking manner.

At the same juncture the employees provide the fact that the maintenance of business relationships with other industry associations is something which needs to be done in an effective manner. The tour operators are the one who understands the significance of stakeholder mapping as they deal with variety of parties to improve the level of customer satisfaction. Staying, ticketing, local travelling, destinations, food etc. these are some of the major activities which lie into the operations of tour operators only. The Thomson holidays have built their reputation so it was never tough for them to develop better relationship with industry associations. But with respect to handling the luxury customers it always a challenge for any company. Medium section always demand the comfort and return on investment which is easy to provide as per the expectation and the type of tourism selected by them But in specific tourism the set of duties and roles increased for every department. The research team need to find out the places which have potential to put positive impact at the mindset of customers. Thus the set of responsibilities increased. On the contrary the upper section of society demands innovative all the time, their experience must be highly excellent and amazing then only they could be put into the satisfied category. The pricing is another very crucial area of concern. It should be reasonable and profitable with the perspective of every strategic partner. The most significant element is that the quality provided by other parties or strategic partners also affects the business of tour operators. Once any hotel or aviation option suggested by the tour operator perform inferior as per the expectation or perception then its negative impact could be experience on the brand image of tour operators. Thus the strategic tie-ups are not very easy task in terms of ensuring the overall satisfaction of tourists. Thus these are certain scenarios of strategic aspects which are required to be taken into special consideration.

Theme 4: There are certain responsibilities need to be fulfilled in any kind of tourism.

With the help of analysis, it becomes clear that whether the niche tourism has a large range of varieties but there are certain aspects which need to be available in every kind of tourism.  It includes the high level of security. It is a responsibility of tour operator that the tourist destination that has been selected by the tour operators into their package must be secure and safe in terms of visiting. Further, the security like protection measures and identification risks etc. these are other steps which must be undertaken into any kind of tourism. The compromise with the security of international tourists could be done under any circumstances. Other than this it is also clear that the comfort is another very significant element which must be provided to the customers. For the same purpose, the hotels or staying facility provided by the tour operators plays a very crucial role. The hotels where the arrangement of accommodating the customers has been done that should be completely aligned with the expectations of customers. Thus, these are certain factors which are responsible aspects for the tour operators no matters which niche tourism activity has been handled by them.

This essay is an example of a student's work


This essay has been submitted to us by a student in order to help you with your studies. This is not an example of the work written by our professional essay writers.


With respect to improving the operational strategies, there is a huge requirement of focusing upon the combination of various activities. The Thomson holidays need to understand that they have already created their competitive advantage and they have developed their huge market share. But in order to beat the competition and understanding the customers in more detailed manner or closely, there is a huge requirement of focusing upon bringing certain kind of changes within the management activities and operational aspects. The Thomson holidays need to make proper alignment with the environmental changes taking place very rapidly. It can help on the ground of bringing the stability within the operations. After identifying the environmental changes, there is a huge requirement of concentrating upon inheriting those changes that can help in dealing with external environmental changes. The team which deals with tourists should be an expert in their field.

Thus it makes clear that there is huge requirement of hiring such people who understand the basic fundamentals of every kind of tourism. They can attend the tourist’s queries in proper and effective way and can definitely help in improving the operational efficiencies as well. For instance if any individual is good with food then the responsibility of handling the food tourism should be given to that individual. It helps on the ground of improving the business ratio of food tourism. Other than this expertise knowledge normal and common business management tricks must be clear to that individual. It is also recommended that the staff should get proper training about their job and responsibilities. It could enable them to handle the uncertainties and most importantly the challenges of travel and tourism sector could be handled in an appropriate way. Thus their recommendations could be helpful on the ground of increasing the competency and indirectly it lead towards the effective operations only. At the same juncture the role of proper communication process could be huge. It is clear that during the analysis process it has been found that the role of communication within the operations is very immense. The expediency of communication is huge in both external as well as internal components of business. It helps in handling all the business affairs. The most significant element is that the communication facilitates to establish the communication with the stakeholders which is hugely required for the companies like Thomson holidays who has tie up or association with so many industries and companies. Thus it is recommended that the communication process should be quick and transparent so that information could be disseminated.

The list of recommendations includes the development of such strategies and strategic tie-ups which are highly reasonable with the perspective of creating the strong business relationships and most importantly the service quality could be improved. Through these strategic tie-ups, the benefits could be transferred to the customers or tourists. The wide spectrum of associations or tie-ups is required at very large scale. Thus, these are a certain set of recommendations which are required to be followed by the Thomson holidays in order to improve their strategic positioning and improving the operational aspects.


On the basis of above study it can be concluded that the travel and tourism sector has grown itself just to attract the customers all across the globe and companies have also bring transformations within their operations. Out of the all associations or industries of travel and tourism sector the tour operators has faced the huge level of changes into their strategies as the niche tourism affects their business at large scale. It is clear that the tour operators are the one who deals with the tourists at first level. They are the one who is responsible to guide for different tourism aspects. The major outcome of the study is that there are lots of tourism activities which are highly popular these days and Thomson holidays has contributed immensely in making those tourism aspects popular. Sports tourism, heritage and cultural tourism, media tourism, wildlife tourism etc. these are such kind of tourism which is highly preferred by the tourists all over the world. The impact at the operations is that the segmentation of market needs to be done in different manner. All kind of tourism types couldn’t be offered to same kind of customers. On the contrary the marketing mix strategies are also different in each case. The biggest operational change is that the tour operators need to create their strategic partners accordingly. They can’t rely on single parties for all kind of tourism. Thus here the negotiation terms, strategic alliances, terms conditions all aspects need to be change on the regular basis. Another element of operational change is that the tour operators arrange the resources for the comfort or better return on investment to the customers accordingly. Therefore it could be stated that every department and operational activity is highly affected by the development of niche tourism.

This essay is an example of a student's work


This essay has been submitted to us by a student in order to help you with your studies. This is not an example of the work written by our professional essay writers.



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