A Skills Based Investigation

Application of Critical thinking

My investigation was focused to evaluate customer responsiveness of Easyjet. In this regard, my team paid significant attention to the online reviews of customers and ratings of the company. In the whole investigation, I applied a variety of skills such as communication, internet research, data collection, data evaluation, paraphrasing, report preparation and data presentation. My communication skills supported me in managing the verbal and written communication and flow of information with other team members to gain a clear understanding of the subject matter. It helped me to resolve my different quarries out about the online reviews of the company and the relationship between customer’s satisfaction and brand rating (Ottenberg and et.al., 2016). In the present case of Easyjet, I performed detailed online research about the reviews of customers on the different services and customer handling process of Easyjet in which my online research skills related to the identification of appropriate blogs, websites and online rating sites provided me significant assistance in the assessment of reliable information about the subject matter. In addition to that my skills related data collection and data analysis enhanced my ability in the handling of different critical tasks related to data management and generation of appropriate findings of the views and market rating of Easyjet.


In the whole investigation, I considered different sources of information such as internet blogs, online rating sites and journals. I applied the TRAPP model to check the reliability and appropriateness of each source of information. It can be termed as an important element of my critical thinking process because I found that the reliability of information is significantly influenced by the reliability of the source. Therefore, I checked the appropriateness of each source through a critical analysis in which TRAAP model supported me in providing the rating of each source of information. In the present case of Easyjet, TRAAP test emerged as an important element of critical thinking process because I was able to present appropriate data about the organisational responsiveness within customer handling process (Johns, 2017). In this process, I considered multiple sources of information about I had prioritised the data to assess the rating of the company with reference to the authenticity of the source of information. Furthermore, my writing and paraphrasing skills helped me in preparation for a quality report.


Improvement in paraphrasing skills

With reference to the objective of the present investigation, I prepared a report on the customer responsiveness of Easyjet, online reviews of customers and rating of the company. In this regards, I collected different kinds of data in which I found that paraphrasing skills are playing an important role in the integration of data and preparation of a final report in an appropriate manner. For improving the paraphrasing skills, I and my team adopted different tactics and strategies. In this regards, I was focused to change the structure of sentences in which I read the original text a number of times and got ensured about the main ideas. After that, I wrote the main ideal from memory to attain my objective.

The primary objective of structure change was to alter the existing structure of information without changing the key concept or main idea about the subject matter (Ullmann, 2017). In addition to that, I and my team were worked on the assessment of new words and synonyms that could be employed in paraphrasing process without changing the meaning of the original test. Therefore, I addressed that changing in words can be termed as an important approach of paraphrasing process. Furthermore, I synthesised the information with reference to own writing skills in which I followed the approach of local synthesis. It played a critical role in the summarization of information about the customer responsiveness and online reviews of customers. I felt that synthesizing requires critical reading and thinking in comparing different kinds of material, highlighting similarities, differences, and connections with a wide range of data (Potter, 2015). In this regards, I found that improvement in paraphrasing skills supported me in the successful synthesis of information about the views of customer and online rating of Easyjet. This is because I gained significant success in presenting new ideas based on interpretations of other evidence or arguments to attain optimum efficiency. Furthermore, I paid extra emphasis on the quality of data during the report preparation about the online reviews and customer responsiveness of Easyjet in which I felt that advancement in my paraphrasing skills enhanced my capabilities in the assessment of a wide range of data in synthesising process which was acquired from different sources.

While collection data related to customer’s reviews about Easyjet, I have addressed several challenges and problems that can be termed as important drivers of my internal discomfort. In this context, the Gibbs Reflective Cycle is applied below: Step 1: Description

In the present case of Easyjet, my investigation focused on assessing the company’s responsiveness of about customer quarries and complaints on the wide range of services offered by the airline firm. Therefore, I paid significant attention to the online reviews of customers, online rating of the company in the aviation industry and brand value of company. In this regards, I performed an extensive online research to assess customer responses and reviews of users of Easyjet services. This assessment has emphasised over the views of customers about the Easyjet responsiveness (Tanaka, Okamoto and Koide, 2018). In this process, I examined various online review websites, travel sites, websites of rating providers and company’s official website as well as a wide range of internet-based blogs and social media comments. However, I did not find any kind of reliable data to check organisational responsiveness. For dealing with this situation, I took suggestions from my others friends then I restructured whole data collection process in which I considered data of different websites and presented a final review as per the views of customers that were being provided by them on different sites.


During the whole process of data collection and evaluation, our investigation was tried to assess the common perception of consumers about the services of Easyjet. In this context, we found mixed responses of customers so as filtering of data to assess the final review or rating seemed like the most critical task (Potter, 2015). In this part, I felt frustrated because I performed extensive research to acquire reliable data about the market value of a firm, rating of the company and other aspects. The level of internal discomfort was enhanced in a significant manner because I found different ratings on different websites. However, attainment on a final conclusion seems the most critical task for me because I had to compare multiple ratings, mixed reviews of customers, the effectiveness of managerial decisions on the quality of services and customer dealing procedures, and perception of customers about Easyjet’s operation. My confidence level was reduced because I required to consider several variables in short duration to present final review and rating of Easyjet services. In the whole process, reduction in the level of confidence and increased frustration were being identified as important drivers of internal discomfort (Pianpeng and Koraneekij, 2016).


For handling the situation of my inner discomfort, I established a conversation with other team members and found some positive suggestions. In this context, we firstly focused on the availability of data in which I had already collected a variety of information from different sources such as online travel websites, internet-based blogs, reviews of customers, rating of company on different websites and many more. The availability of a variety of raw-data encouraged positivity in my perception towards the investigation (Ottenberg and et.al., 2016). The main reason of inner discomfort was that I and my team were found several difficulties in the data analysis process. It created a negative impact on our perception and confidence level during the whole assessment. Therefore, I paid significant attention to assess new alternatives of data evaluation process through which I could select the most appropriate alternative to examine the information. It supported me in a reduction of my inner discomfort level.


In this stage, I checked the reliability and effectiveness of different tools of data analysis and review. In this process, I performed an extensive discussion with my other team members to determine the pros and cons of each identified alternative (Ullmann, 2017). After selecting the most appropriate tool of data evaluation, I felt little motivated because I found improvement in my inner discomfort level. In this regards, we found that we should pay significant attention to our data collection and data measurement skills.


In the last stage, I applied the selected alternative of the data assessment process. In this context, my team considered different performance measures and variables through which I gained significant support in the assessment of a variety of data (Johns, 2017). These variables supported me in the filtering of the most appropriate data in the context of present investigation on the Easyjet. Therefore, I gained significant success in the presentation of a brief overview of the views of customers about Easyjet’s plans and policies related to customer handling process. I also derived an overall rating of the company with reference to rating provided other online websites. Furthermore, I and my team members formulated a skills advancement plan through we could improve our data collection and analysis skills.

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