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Microcephaly and Neurological Features

To Whom It May Concern,

We are writing to you considering Kahna Agarwal, who is three months old and suffering from Microcephaly. This letter's objective is to request your reputable doctors to check the reports and suggest if they can treat or suggest any effective medication/treatment.


Kahna Agarwal is a child who was born to a normal mother who is now 30 years old. The child has Microcephaly features, which makes his head to be much smaller than expected. Child scan showed pachygyria with polymicrogyria complex in the left cerebral hemisphere. Also, myelination is demonstrated in gracile and cuneate fasciculi. Other features seen were superior and inferior cerebellar peduncles, dentate nucleus, and, among other features, ventrolateral nuclei of the thalamus. Furthermore, the scan also revealed normal cerebral parenchyma, an average signal in the hippocampus and mammillary bodies are seen to be normal.

Microcephaly features are of unknown origin since the mother was and is normal, the lateral and third ventricles are of normal size, position, and shape. Similarly, the scan showed that the child's interhemispheric and Sylvian fissures appeared to be normal. Again, the child's posterior fossa appeared to be normal, including cerebellum and brainstem, basal cisterns, and cerebellopontine angle. Lastly, the child did not show any sign of diffusion restriction. The ultrasonography test showed differentiation between white and grey matter. The child did not show any hydrocephalous signs, and the basal ganglia in both thalami were normal. Similarly, the test indicated no incidence of the defect in the brain stem and bilateral cerebellum.

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For more information, I hope that you will look at the attached medical reports both for the mother and child and give back feedback soonest possible. Kindly, if the feedback cannot be sent within 30 days, inform us of the date; we might expect to receive the feedback so that the family can be informed.

Thank you in advance as we create a significant difference in world health and help communities and individuals have a better lifestyle.

Yours Sincerely



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