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Using and Managing Data and Information

Practice Test 1 (Feb 2021)

Exercise 1

Use Excel as a calculator to evaluate the following calculations. For each calculation you should provide the formula you have used.

a. 15.89 x 234.9 + ( 12.56) ÷ (23 - 12.5/2)

b. (2345 + 17.342 / 12) x 1234 / 23

c. (1342 x (12.3 x 11)/73) ÷ 23.765-5/3 x 5(81)+49)

Exercise 2


Use the Excel formatting facilities to answer the following questions (show your formula in Excel)

a. Express 0.3426 as a percentage (1 decimal place)

b. 234 out of 345 people attended a meeting. What is the percentage attendance? (2 decimal places)?

c. The following table shows price of petrol in the last two years:

Year 2010 2011

Sales 105pence 127pence

What is the percentage change in the price of petrol in 2019. (2 decimal places)?

Exercise 3

Use Excel financial facilities to perform the following scenarios:

You need to show the financial formulae you have used in each case.

a. Mr Bean wants to raise £25,000 in 6 years’ time to be able to retire comfortably. How much does he need to save now in a saving account that pays a fixed 4.25% annual interest rate, in order to reach his target? [ Revise activity 5 in week 4 ]

b. Johny Bravo wants to borrow £ 12,500 from a bank that charges a fixed annual interest of 6%. Calculate his monthly repayments if he would like to repay the debt over a period of 7 years. Assume repayments are made at the beginning of each month ( type 1) [ revise activity 6 in week 4 ]

c. Calculate the total amount earned in 10 years for saving a single amount of £14,500 in a bank account that pays 2.75% per year interest (annual compounding). [ Revise Activity 1 in week 4 ]

d. Calculate the annual premiums paid at the end of each year for a 10-year loan of £250,000 that costs 2% per year. [ revise activity 6 week 4 ]

e. Calculate the total amount earned after 12 years for a regular monthly cash investments of £ 350 paid into an interest account at the end of each month and which pays an annual interest rate of 5%. [ revise activity 3 week 4 ]

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Exercise 4:


You own a fast food shop which sells Peri Peri baguette with the following costs:

1. Your fixed cost is £1,200 per month

2. Your average cost of making a Peri Peri baguette is £1.50.

These are assumed to be the only costs of the business.

The average selling price of a Peri Peri baguette is £4.50


1. Produce a table of values for Units Sold ranging from 0 to 600 baguettes, increasing by 100

2.Create a column for Total Revenue (remember Total Revenue = Unit sold x selling price)

3. Create a column for Total Cost (remember Total Cost = Fixed cost + cost of making baguette)

4. Create a column for Profit (remember Profit = Total Revenue – Total Cost)

Exercise 5:

You are given the following data relating to number of deliveries by a distribution company in two regions. The data is shown as entered on an Excel spreadsheet. The grey row and column are those of an Excel spreadsheet.


a. Write down a function that will return the number of days the company delivered more than 5 items in the North region.

b. Write down a function that will return the number of days the company delivered 10 or less items in the South region.

c. Write down a logical function with an “If” statement to test whether the company has delivered more than 5 items in the North region and delivered 10 or less items in the South region. You should use “DLD” if the company has delivered more than 5 in the North and 10 or less in the South. (See activity 3 Slide 16, week 5)

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