Complaint Regarding Missing Parts in Articulated Dinosaur Toy

The Customer Service Manager,

Tiny Tots Toy Company,

Company Address:


Sub: Complaint about missing parts of articulated dinosaur, model no. A400

Respected Sir/Madam,

I am writing to bring your attention on a serious issue that I have in your establishment. I have purchased an articulated dinosaur recently, and the model number of the toy is A400 from the Tiny Tots Toy Company. I have purchased it for my own son, who is five years old and thus the purchase decision is not for any gift purpose to others but for my son.

While I have unpacked the toy for my son after coming home, unfortunately, I noticed that, the parts f the articulated dinosaur is missing in that box for which it cannot be flexibly joined to each other. It is to inform you that, it is a serious issue and I am here to get proper support from the end of the Tiny Tots Toy Company.

As a dedicated customer of your organisation, I hope you will work to resolve my problem and find a solution for me. Kindly, find the attached copy of the original receipt along with the photo copy of the articulated dinosaur where I have attached all the parts which are present in that box. I am requesting you to look into the matter and I will wait eagerly to hear back from you about the issue and I hope you will cooperate with me for solving the problem.

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