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Student Dissertations: Content Writing Agencies vs. Professional Help Services - A Rejection Comparison

Content Writing Agencies vs. Professional Help Services - A Rejection Comparison


In academia, creating a dissertation is a momentous juncture for those treading the path of higher education. It is a time-consuming endeavour that demands exhaustive exploration, astute evaluation, and mastery of eloquent prose. To navigate this intricate undertaking, many scholars seek external assistance, gravitating toward content writing firms or availing themselves of the services of proficient dissertation help providers. Alas, the conscientious efforts invested by these students often meet an unfortunate fate, primarily due to the absence of fitting dissertation writing provisions. Though content writing agencies may appear economically viable, students are frequently confronted with disapproval and discontentment upon beholding the final creation. In this blog, we delve into the reasons underpinning students' recurrent encounters with disillusionment concerning dissertations produced by content writing agencies while illuminating the superior alternative offered by professional dissertation aid services.

Contrasting a PhD professor and an expert from dissertation assistance services

Exploring the contrast between a PhD-holding professor and a scholar from esteemed dissertation assistance services hinges upon specific context and requisites. Several considerations come into play:

1. Expertise: A professor with a PhD possesses extensive understanding and mastery in a particular academic domain. Their knowledge stands unparalleled after conducting original research, publishing scholarly works, and delving deeply into their field. Conversely, a content or academic writer may boast commendable writing skills and a broad understanding of various subjects but might need to reach the same level of specialised expertise as a professor.

2. Educational Guidance: The excellence of a PhD-holding professor lies in their capacity to offer personalised educational guidance and mentorship to students. They adeptly assist with research methodologies, data analysis, literature reviews, and the overall structure of dissertations. Their profound comprehension of academic standards ensures students receive top-tier support. Content or academic writers, while skilled in crafting written material, may possess a different level of experience in educational consulting.

3. Research Integrity: Professors affiliated with esteemed dissertation support services are well-versed in research rigour. They comprehend the significance of academic integrity, proper citation, and adherence to ethical standards. This guarantees that students' research maintains high quality and contributes meaningfully to the academic community. Content writers might place less emphasis on research integrity, particularly if their work pertains to general or non-academic content.

4. Tailored Support: PhD-holding professors provide one-on-one support and feedback to students. They grasp each student's needs and challenges and tailor their guidance accordingly. While content or academic writers produce valuable material, they offer different levels of personalisation or direct responsiveness to individual students.

5. Academic Standing: Professors with reputable assignment help writing services often boast established academic reputations. Students seeking assistance are inspired to have confidence and faith in them by their depth of expertise and trustworthiness. Authors of academic content have importance, but it may not be solely based on their educational background or area of research experience.


Professors with PhDs from recognised dissertation support organisations like HomeOfDissertation are better qualified to offer advanced degree candidates specialised academic mentoring and coaching. Instead of content or academic writers whose primary goal is to provide written content for various purposes and audiences, they offer higher expertise, research rigour, and individualised help. However, it is essential to recognise that both professions serve different purposes, and their worth depends on the unique requirements and aims of those seeking aid.


Shortcomings of Content Writing Agencies: Rejected Dissertations and Lower Grades

Content writing agencies may have loopholes due to which dissertations may get rejected, and grades may go down:


1. Lack of expertise: Agencies may need subject matter experts, which can affect incorrect content, poor grades, or rejection.   

2. Plagiarism Concerns: Some agencies engage in unethical conditioning like plagiarism, which has serious consequences.  

3. Poor quality content: Agencies prioritising volume may end up with crimes and a lack of thickness, affecting grades.  

4. Inadequate Research: Poor research and questionable sources can result in a poor dissertation.  

5. Missed Deadline: Agencies battling deadlines lead to late cessions, performing in forfeitures or rejection.  

6. Limited Modifications: Improvements are hampered by certain authorities' limits on adjustments.

7. Communication issues: Inadequate communication might result in misconceptions and inadequate.

8. Cookie-cutter Approach: Generic dissertations fail to meet specific academic requirements. 

9. Privacy Concerns: Privacy and data security may be compromised.  

10. To avoid these problems: 

  • Choose reputable dissertation writing services that offer high-quality, work.
  • Remember, outside help is no substitute for learning; Use the Services responsibly.
  • Develop vital research and writing skills to excel academically.  

Benefits of using professional PHD holders of essay help services for academic writing


Students that use dissertation assistance services for their academic writing gain a lot. These services offer knowledgeable assistance and support throughout the dissertation process, guaranteeing excellence and producing outcomes.


Dissertation assistance services, in the first place, link students with qualified and experienced writers. These experts cover many topics and are adept at conducting in-depth research to provide properly organised and cited papers.


Second, making use of these services lessens stress and saves significant time. Leaving the dissertation effort to competent hands allows students to concentrate on other academic pursuits and personal commitments.


Dissertation support services also raise the calibre of the work in general. They offer editing and proofreading services to guarantee that the finished product is free of errors and has a unified writing style.


These services also frequently follow stringent deadlines, assisting students in submitting their work on time and avoiding late fees. Last but not least, getting custom dissertation help enables students to learn efficient academic writing strategies. By observing the work of proficient professionals, learners might acquire and enhance their writing abilities.


dissertation help


Although content writing services may seem attractive owing to their low cost, students frequently need assistance with dissertation rejections because of underlying flaws. Recognising the importance of dissertations in academic life is essential, making professional dissertation writing help services a more reliable and beneficial option. These services guarantee that students can successfully fulfil their educational objectives by offering subject matter specialists, individualised attention, superior research, and adherence to academic norms.

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As a graduate student, I've had experience with both content writing agencies and professional help services for my dissertation.

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In my opinion, comparing content writing agencies to professional help services for student dissertations is like comparing apples to oranges. While content writing agencies may be suitable for simple writing tasks, professional help services offer specialised expertise and support.

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On the other hand, professional help services may be more expensive, but they often provide valuable guidance and support that can make all the difference in the success of your dissertation.

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Professional help services, on the other hand, may be more expensive but can offer personalized guidance and assistance that can greatly enhance the quality of your work.

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