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Home Of Dissertations assist students in their dissertations so that they can make the most out of their academic career. We are in the business from quite some time and in very short span we have gained the reputation of one of the best agencies in this business. Our help will not only improves grades of the students, but they also learn a great deal through our services.

Our fair price provides a framework in which we work and our work should be used by the students and guides students how they can improve their academic work.


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The ethics of our model answer services

Avoiding the temptations of plagiarism

Our work is just for your guidance. We request students not to use our work as their assignments, articles, essays to dissertations. You are advised just to use our work for your future research and to improve your understanding in the subject. We request you to try to create your own original work.

All our researchers and writers are passionate about education and thus help students so that they can gain as much knowledge as they can during their university education. Copying our service won’t help you in any way and further it may hamper your learning abilities.

Guidance on fair use

Understand what our fair use policy means to you

How should I use the model answer then?

When you receive your order from us:

  • Go through the solution provided by us so that you can understand what the exact solution to the given question is and how it is achieved.
  • Try to apply your own imagination and ideas to it
  • Go through the content provided by our writers and try to find out even more content related to similar topics
  • Instead of coping our essays, use them to produce your own original work
  • This will ensure that your final work is 100 per cent original and you have deep understanding on the subject matter

Though the entire exercise will be bit cumbersome for first few cuts but later on you will develop understanding on topics and that will help you in your exams.

Will I get caught if I hand in the work?

We don’t copy paste from anywhere. All our custom work are 100 per cent original and can be submitted to any of the University of the World. One can check our work through any of the plagiarism check software and we guarantee it will pass all the software. Moreover, on submitting to university, even university won’t be able to know that you have hired services of some professional agencies for completing the work.

Although the tutor won’t be able to distinguish between your work and the work done by others, but there are chances that he may ask you to explain the entire dissertation process or assignment. In that case you will get into difficulties and he will find that you have not completed the work yourself.

If a student submits our custom work without giving any inputs from his or her side, we consider it as plagiarism as the student is using our word and thought process as his or her own. Thus, we recommend to use the custom work in accordance with the fair policy and we guarantee you will definitely get benefited from it. It will not only improve your grads at the university levels, but will also help you in your professional life.

So why would I buy a model answer?

After reading our fair use policy, it is obvious that you will have a question that why to buy a model answer then? Here is the answer to your question. Students refer many sources for gathering information required to complete the work. However, in most of the cases either the information is incomplete or is in the format that is different from the required one. Here our services help the students. We provide a framework to the students that how they should proceed to answer the question so that they can get better grades. Everybody knows that th best way of learning is through examples. Thus, students must take our custom work as an example. Although our work is the 100 percent correct solution to the question, yet students must use it as example only for reference purpose and must conduct their own research for completing the project. Even though it any of our existing, loyal or potential client have any double regarding our fair use policy or terms and conditions, feel free to contact our friendly customer care team and we will be glide to help you.

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