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Overview of the Beatles and its cult

It happened very rarely in history that any music group makes people crazy and obsessed for their music. The Beatles group was one of them. The four guys in their early age put huge impact at music and actually brought the huge revolution through their music or strings. The success of the Beatles could be experienced with a fact that people started to practice each and every aspect related to them; their clothes, haircut, a way of talking, Outlook etc. They inspired lots of musicians through their music and brought innovation into the music industry. In today’s era, there are lots of people who still follow the strings of the Beatles and treat them as a role model. Generation by generation lots of changes took place, but the first preference was only the Beatles when it comes to music. Way back in 1957 the group was formed when the group members were in just their teenage. It was the greatest achievement that any band or musician can accomplished. The name of legends who were part of Beatles were John Lennon, Ringo Starr (actually it was his stage name, his real name was Richard Starkey) Paul McCartney and George Harrison. It was the time when the music gets into its revolutionary stage, and lots of achievements and accomplishments got registered for The Beatles. They changed the mood and genre of music. In every music album or song, the Beatles has tried to do something different. The impact of their personal grudges, drug addicted habits, etc. could be experienced in their music strings. Thus, they influence each and every category of music lovers. It is quiet popular talk those days that the people who died before 1960 are the one who don’t like the music of Beatles else it is impossible to neglect the strings and music of the Beatles. They wrote their songs by themselves only which brought purity into their music and allow them to experiment with their musical practices. They understood the nerves of people extremely well and change the dimensions of the music industry.

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The journey first started when John and Paul met in any fair at that time John was 16 and Paul was 15. Till now John was already having his band with a name of Quarry Men and after the meeting with Paul, John found him highly devoted and dedicated to music which bring John and Paul at one stage. Now it was time for George to join their group as another guitarist. The name Beatles was actually a by chance for their group. Actually in early days Beatles continued their group with Stu Sutcliffe and Pete Best as bass guitarist and drummer respectively. It was the time when Stu suggested the name Beetles which was further molded by John, and it become Beatles. But later on Stu quitted the band, and again the group was left with four members. The first success of the band came when they record for the songs like Love me do and Please I love You. These songs actually determined the destiny of Beatles and made them highly popular and number 1 on the charts. By the time before recording these songs, the former group members fired Pete Best with an excuse of studio recording and it was time for Ringo Starr to join the band. Now actually the real Beatles band comes into existence, and their magic started to capture the emotions of music lovers. These first recordings took place in the year 1962 and year 1963 was the completely touring year for the Beatles. They performed and put their magic on maximum number of people. But the major challenge was America where The Beatles visited in the year 1964 but it was never a challenge for Beatles since its inception. They got star welcome form local people and The Ed Sullivan show was actually the foundation for Beatle mania in America. Everyone had their role and contributed immensely in delivering the excellent misc and top charts. John Lennon used to do vocals, rhythm guitar and piano, Paul McCartney focused on vocals, bass guitar, piano and guitar, George focused on lead guitar and vocals and Ringo Starr gave consideration to percussion and vocals. Thus in this way they contributed and managed their band. The George has also written some songs for the band, and Ringo sang some songs in the later part. On the contrary for the most of the times Paul and John remained the lead singer and song writer for the band.

Other than music albums and stage shows the group has made some movies as well. It involves A Hard day’s Night, Help, Let it be, and Magical Mystery Tour, yellow submarine. It was clear that Beatles put huge level of positive impact at their fans and influence each and every aspect of their life. The early days of 60’s was the rising period for Beatles; mid 60’s turned as cult period and end of 60’s was the worst time period for the Beatles. They lose their command on music and found themselves stuck in so many controversies. Their popularity was becoming their major problem. The Beatles and group members were not able to handle their stardom. The quote of John corroborate this situation, he quoted that we are more popular then Jesus now. Further, the group people started to take LSD and marijuana drugs that ruin their carrier and affect the level of their music. After so many years of troubles and own personal grudges, the members remain away from each other. Finally it was 1969 when this fairytale comes into an end, and this group performed last show together and in 1970 the group comes to an end. It was the time when so many fans got dishearten and disturbed with this decision of Beatles. It was the end of beautiful music journey and but their cult among other musicians, people and upcoming generation never comes to an end. Before ending their band and their journey they already given so many record breaking albums like let it be, A hard day’s night, help, St. Pepper’s lonely heart club 1962-1966 red album, etc.

These all were the music albums that create their different identity and helped them in reaching at the heights of success. Afterwards, the Beatles group started to record their music solely and choose different life paths. In 1980, John Lennon shot was his fan and George Harrison was died in 2001 after suffering from throat cancer. Their life journey may be ended, but the contribution they made to the music industry will remain alive in our hearts forever. To understand the cult of Beatles, the quote of George Harrison’s could be stated that “The Beatles will exist even without us.” It provides the huge level of understanding about the legacy and popularity among people. They never reunite but in 1994 Free as a Bird and Real love were the major songs that were recorded by members of Beatles other than Lennon. The popularity and ranking actually strengthen their cult that even after 24 years of splitting they were able to rock the charts. In the end while adding something into their cult it won’t be wrong to say that they would have created some more masterpieces if they wouldn’t have broken their bond.

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