Harvard Referencing

An Overview

In Harvard referencing researcher needs to reference the cited work within the text of the document in parenthesis. It can be done in two ways, firstly Brown (2008, p. 43) keeping the author out of the parenthesis and secondly (Brown, 2008, p. 43) everything within the parenthesis. One can cite the reference without page number also like (Brown, 2008).

Referencing a Book

  • Author - in the form of surname and name/initials followed by a comma
  • Publication date, followed by a full stop
  • Title in italics followed by a full stop
  • Place of publication followed by a colon
  • Publisher followed by a full stop

Thus, the citation of a book in Harvard would read like this:

Brown,J., 2008. Referencing Styles. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Referencing a Journal

Davis, C.,2008. Referencing. Journal of Modern Referencing, 2(4), pp. 231-320.

Unlike book, the title of journal is not in italics. Publisher of the journal is in italics followed by the volume of the journal with number in brackets and page numbers.

Referencing an electronic source

Web Guide to Referencing. 2007. Is Referencing Essential.(Referencing Essays).[Online] Available at: http://www.ucas.uk.referencing [Accessed on 11th August, 2008].

Remember to arrange all the references in alphabetical order

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