How to Write a Literature Review for a Dissertation?

How to Write a Literature Review for a Dissertation


To embark on the journey of writing a literature review for a dissertation is a daunting task. Here, all it takes is to understand the literature review and get adherence to your dissertation help easily. The step-by-step process will navigate you to your destination in no time.

Firstly, you must know what the topic “Literature review” actually derives and then must do an in-depth study about the particular points taken under it. When formatting the dissertation literature review there are certain areas which should be highlighted and must be researched.

The research should specify the missing areas and must ensure that it undertakes the academic journals in it. In short, it is a summary based on the study that already exists. The person studying it just has to dig in and gather the information about the missing areas and find sources that can help write dissertation easily while formulating its actual structure.

Steps to Outline Your Literature Review for a Dissertation

1. Outline the Motive of the Research

When outlining the dissertation literature review the main purpose of drafting it must be mentioned, along with defining your specific area or the themes derived under it. The objectives of your study should be highly contributed and the aim to do it should be achieved, this step should be highly paid attention to because the entire written work counts on it.

2. Navigate the Solutions

To narrow down your study is very important. Once the outlining is done, make sure it guides your thesis where you can define your study questions, search for keywords, make use of operators and filters, and search for citations. With all this, you can direct your research in deep.

3. Reviewing Reliable Arguments

When structuring, be sure your dissertation has strong arguments, also the dissertation writer must collect all the past and the updated assets which is necessary during the study of your dissertation. It is also essential to see that your study is transparent and can be conveyed to others so the person who is about to read can understand it easily.

4. Critical Analysis of Data

When the dissertation helper is done with collecting the resources, the motive behind writing the literature review is understood. Then the next step begins with finding a way out of it, the techniques, strengths, weaknesses, outcomes, etc should be analysed. Dealing with the analysis of the collected data is necessary so that it verifies whether the need to draft the literature review is achieved or not.

5. Classify the Citations and Explanations

Be sure to mention the citation and the reference part in your literature review dissertation, as it is necessary to provide the sources from the existing literature review, whereby choosing it from the journals, academic journals, etc. However, the work submitted should be original and must be plagiarism-free.

6. Mention the Key Aspects of the Summary

When all the pointers are collected, then be sure to synthesize your work properly so that it looks accurate and cohesive which the dissertation must look. Also, it is necessary to see that the opted information must be relevant to the topic and must be structured in the current period.

7. Editing and Proofreading

To get done with the dissertation process, it is highly advised to use a mixture of editing and proofreading. If the dissertation fails to deal with these two, then there are chances that your literature review dissertation will face failure. Ensure that your help with dissertation supports the literature review and marks its goals. This process is undertaken so that it is free from grammatical errors and also provides a surety that it does not carry any plagiarism content.

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQ's)

1. How to Write a Dissertation Literature Review?

To write down a dissertation literature review one requires the basic three steps to get it done.

  • 1. Identify Sources
  • 2. Read Your Sources
  • 3. Identify the Gaps Prevailing in Your Research

2. How Long Should a Literature Review be in a 10,000-Word Dissertation?

A literature review dissertation is in the form of a lengthy process and goes up to 100s of pages based on the topic chosen by the individual and the data prevailing in it.

3. What are the Three Parts of a Literature Review?

Whenever you are drafting a literature review make sure it contains the introductory part, the body of the content, and the conclusion. These three steps are essential when one is working on the dissertation.

4. How Long Does a Literature Review Take for a Dissertation?

Mainly, it requires three to six months of period to outsource the literature review dissertation with in-depth revisions.

5. Is Literature Review the Hardest Part of a Dissertation?

Yes, literature review is known as the hardest part of a dissertation process; as one needs to have full focus when assembling all its points and relevancy.


In the end, while working on a literature review for a dissertation it is necessary to adapt the above guides to ensure that your written work is up to the mark and can be carried forward whereby by following all the rules and guidelines that are necessary while structuring it.

Make sure your dissertation is to the point and it does not provide any unnecessary information, also must be based on the current facts and figures while assembling the quality of your dissertation. When dealing make sure that your dissertation does not rely on actual quotes but ensure that it carries your point of view and opinion which highly matters.

One must deal with the academic protocols also the literature review dissertation is made for academic purposes and not for self-need, so certain areas should be properly analysed. The mentioned steps help the writers to draft a good literature review for a dissertation which helps them stand out of the box while covering all the areas.

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