How to Write a Dissertation Introduction, Conclusion, and Abstract?

How to Write a  Dissertation Introduction, Conclusion, and Abstract


It is essential to think about the entire structure of writing a dissertation as it will keep you on the right path throughout the process. The introduction and abstract come on the top as they are the starting chapter of the document. But in the real-time scenario, the case is the opposite as you are very far from these portions and it's better to write them after completing the other sections of the dissertation. What is the reason behind following this process?

First and foremost, it is advised to write the other parts as writing the introduction in the beginning is going to take a lot of time. In case you have some new ideas to be included in your dissertation then you also need to make changes in the introduction.

The second point is that it will help you in writing an accurate abstract that will hold all the essential data. It will be a bonus for the readers as it will get them familiar with the overall idea of what you have done so far in the research.

It is very essential to plan the whole work so that it can become easy to carry out all the steps that are involved in the whole procedure. You can plan your introduction, conclusion, and abstract with dissertation writing.

Questions to be Kept in Mind While Writing an Dissertation Introduction, Conclusion, and Abstract

  • Have I presented my rationale related to the study?
  • Are all the conclusions and recommendations included in the study?
  • Is the language used by me of high proficiency?
  • Is there a logical flow in all the sections of my introduction, conclusion, and abstract?
  • Did I focus on identifying the scope of my research?
  • How am I going to provide a summary of my main findings?
  • How am I going to conduct my research and is it evident?
  • Am I clear with all my thoughts and ideas?
  • What specific areas to be touched upon in the introduction section?
  • Is it fruitful to add additional information in the abstract?
  • What factors make a conclusion look more impressive?
  • Is misleading the structure going to affect the idea of writing an abstract?
  • Am I giving the relevant information in the conclusion?

Exploring the Dissertation Introduction Portion

How to Write a Dissertation Introduction

An introduction is a section that holds some necessary information related to the background of the topic. It is said to be the part that inculcates interest in the readers as once they get connected with the core of the study then they would definitely want to complete it to know each and everything till the last. Make sure that the points are mentioned differently so that there can be a good level of clarity. It is always advised to use the proficient language as it makes the writing more impressive and impactful. The accessibility to what is a dissertation has made it easier for the students to get familiar with the exact structure of the introduction.

There are 4 points in a row considered to be the rules of writing the introduction of a dissertation:

Give a Brief of the Background Information That is Related to the Context of Your Research

The main reason behind giving the background information is to make the readers comfortable with the topic. If they get a little bit of idea about the topic and several aspects related to it then they develop an interest in reading it till the end. Just providing the background information should not be the intention as you also need to focus on the question of why you took up the specific research.

Every reader wants to know why your research is worth enough to read it. It can be made strong and sensible enough by identifying all the possible gaps that can be addressed accurately with strong pieces of evidence in the research. Your information should be impressive enough to create an aura among the readers which is going to be very beneficial for the researcher.

Clearly Explain the Focus of Your Study

You must explain your focus in a clear word so that it can be understood by the readers at once. It should clarify all ideas and areas of your research. One thing that should always be taken into account while writing the focus of your research is that it should align with the background information. There should be a flow in the sections irrespective of the time when they are being written. There are many ways to get that link between the sections like the usage of transitional phrases, an interlinking sentence, and many more.

It is observed that the focus of the research always takes to the value area along with the aims and objectives of the research. Make sure that you use the fundamental language but it should be proficient enough to create an impact on the readers for a long time. The main reason to write a dissertation is to add value to society and also to new knowledge.

Highlight All the Possible Values of Your Research

It is said that value is the most essential portion of the introduction and it is said that it deserves to be a separate section due to its importance and the amount of knowledge it contains. Many students forget to add this point in the introduction which is not a good thing as it decreases the level of the section. It is just not to present the value of your research but it is also somewhere used to show your work out there that has been done with lots of effort and dedication. Be clear with all your mentions.

In the context of the ways to answer the questions that are related to the value of the research is essential to be known by you. It makes it easier for you to provide accurate and valid answers. Make sure you talk about the importance of the value that is being added to your research.

Briefly Tell About the Aims and Objectives of Your Research

Everyone needs to know that aims and objectives are two different terminologies that have separate concepts and bases so they should be taken in different contexts as per their domain. The purpose of the aim and objectives is just to have clarity as they have already been written and discussed in the earlier phases of the process. The aim should be stated directly as it is about the overall document whereas the objective is the one that tells how the aim is going to be achieved. The write a dissertation gets you closer to the concept behind writing the aims and objectives of the research.

The 4 parts required in creating the objective of the research:

Achievement: Each objective of the research should have the feature of being realistic and how much time it is going to take to get completed. Be very precise with what you want to convey and make sure that you complete all the points on time without making any mistakes.

Clarity: Make sure that your objective should not contain any uncertainty which means it should be clear enough to get in mind at the first go. Keep the language very clear and confined so that the reader does not get stuck at any point in the section.

Distinction: Ensure that each of the objectives is given an equal amount of focus so that the aim of the research can be attained. Do not depend on only one aspect of the section as everything is equally important to be mentioned and explained.

Appropriacy: Make it a point that your objective should be related to your study in all the areas and aspects clearly without having any doubt. It is very essential to attain the feature of accuracy in the introduction as then only it will be capable enough to deliver the true sense of the background information.

Exploring the Dissertation Conclusion Portion

How to Write a Dissertation Conclusion

It is heard by many students that they look at conclusions from two different perspectives and both of them are opposite to each other. First, they consider the conclusion to be a good sign as it is the ending note of their project. Second is that it is considered to be a challenging part as by coming to this portion the student gets exhausted with all the areas.

It is very essential to finish the thing at a good point and it will only happen if it is being done appropriately by following all the guidelines of writing it. Make sure that you avoid all the pitfalls by following the set structure of writing the conclusion. You should be aware of what needs to be included in it.

Generally, 3 parts are to be included in the conclusion of your dissertation:

Research Objective

This is the point of the conclusion that requires the answer to two main questions : what is the result of the literature review and the research done in the space of the empirical that you have done in your research and what is the end conclusion derived by you through the research?

There is one common mistake that is being made by the students is that they again start talking about the key findings and analysis. It is not at all required in this part as the reader is already aware of all the things from the above sections. It just needs the summary of all the points that have been discussed by you related to the findings.


The main reason for giving the recommendations is to give insights about the advice on what is being thought by you that should happen further. It is mainly given to the readers. It is very essential to add this value in the section otherwise there will be chances of getting low marks. Recommendations are also considered to be suggestions related to other aspects such as analysis, chapters, and many others.

It is observed that recommendations are categorized into two parts one is in the context of the particular evidence that is being discussed in the study and the second one is in the context of research that is going to happen in the future. It should always be regarding your data.


The concept of writing the contributions is followed more in the PhD work in comparison to the master's. somewhere it also depends on the nature and scope of the research. It is essential to cross-check with the professors whether you need to add it to your research or not. The students should always be very careful while writing all the sections and information so that it can make sense and make an impact on the reader.

Everyone aims to make the final document of the dissertation very impressive and for that, they follow all the guidelines, considerations, and most importantly structure. It is rightly said that a meaningful dissertation is the culmination of all these points. There are many ways to demonstrate the contribution of your knowledge like you can pinpoint the publication. Take all the benefits provided to make a unique dissertation report.

Exploring the Dissertation Abstract Portion

How to Write a Dissertation Abstract

An abstract is considered to be an essential part of the entire dissertation document as it contains several informative pieces of knowledge that build the interest of the readers. It is always advised that it should be written very carefully so that none of the points miss out. Follow the precise structure to make it look impressive and useful. All the researchers are smart enough to know what approach is to be followed by them to write an accurate abstract.

The elements contained in the abstract are:

The Statement of the Problem

It is said to be the most crucial part as here the complete information about the problem is discussed. Make sure that you answer all the questions by giving strong shreds of evidence as they are going to support all your facts and figures. It should always make sense as then only it will be understood by the audience and that is the main purpose of writing a dissertation. The language used in it should be clear enough to get into the brains of the readers. The problem statement should have a strong hold on the research conducted by you.

The Research Methods

Many forms of research methods are being viewed by the students to figure out which one is going to be beneficial for them and their dissertation. It is observed that many students juggle the research methods as they cannot decide which will be the best so they seek a dissertation abstract as a helpful source to clear all their doubts. The list of research methods is very long as it can be surveys, sampling methods, and many more. It is typically a practice that is performed to collect all the relevant data related to the topic of the research. Be very careful while selecting the research method.

The Key Results/Findings

This is the element of the abstract that contains the information related to all the key findings that you have collected through the research. Make sure that you mention all the results that have been derived by you in your dissertations. It is always observed that the results are solid as they stand out due to the strong pieces of evidence and arguments. Always follow an accurate approach so that it does not disturb the tone of the writing. All the findings mentioned in this part of the abstract should be real and current.

The Conclusion

Here comes the last point that is to be presented most efficiently. It is considered to be the end note of the abstract. Make sure that all the points are mentioned and the most important conclusion should be the summary of the elements that have been discussed in the above chapters. It should not contain any new findings or data. Follow the proper structure of writing the conclusion. It is a fact that doing what is written in the blog is going to help you in producing the most impactful writing which is the ultimate aim of every researcher.

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQ's)

1. How to Write the Introduction of a Dissertation?

To write the introduction of a dissertation first be know of the structure of the section. Make sure that you are precise with the information that is to be presented in the chapter. It is very essential to be clear with all the points.

2. What are the Five Chapters of a Dissertation?

The five chapters of a dissertation are the introduction, literature review, research methodology, conclusion, and references. All these chapters play a very important part in the whole document as they all provide essential knowledge yet are different from each other. Every chapter has a different element to talk about.

3. How to Write a Conclusion for a Dissertation?

To write a conclusion for a dissertation be aware that not to discuss any new finding or point is not a valid way of presenting it. it should only have the summary of the points that are discussed so far in the above sections of the dissertation.

4. How to Structure a Dissertation?

It is always said to be very profound in structuring the dissertation as it is a way to make it look impressive. All the chapters of the dissertation should have the required points so that it can make all the things clear in the minds of the readers. Make sure that you follow the hierarchy of every chapter.

5. How to Write an Abstract for a Dissertation?

To write an abstract for a dissertation be very confined to the points that are part of the section. It should include all the points that will help the readers to know what exactly the researcher is trying to explain. Make sure your information makes sense as then only it will get meaningful.


To conclude, it can be clearly stated that the information provided above helps write an accurate introduction, conclusion, and abstract. It is a guide about structuring all these three elements of the dissertation. It is always suggested to the students that they should get familiar with all the points that need to be mentioned in the chapter beforehand so that there can be no scope for making errors. If you aim to make your dissertation meaningful then it is essential to follow all the steps that are discussed in the blog. Give time to sink in into the process so that you can get the expected outcomes.

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