How Long is a Dissertation? A Comprehensive Guide

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How long your dissertation would be? You think about this question when you enrol in the PhD program. But this question is not common because other graduated students even ask this question too. So the answer to this question is, that the length could sufficiently satisfy the question stated.

Various factors may play a role in recognising the length of the overall document. The value of the research managed by the student, the scientific discipline, specialisation depth, the topic or problem explored and the choice of the department, as well as the encouragement of the supervisor.

The nature of the dissertation then will rectify the length and the introduction or any other section that will be convenient to readers too. The first important step to consider when you are wondering how long your thesis or dissertation writing could be to follow the guidelines provided by the department.

According to your subject area, look at the instructions specially deliberated for the type of dissertation you are creating. And also there will be usually set a word limit for the dissertation, you don't need to exceed that limit. The second strategy is to discuss your topic with the department or supervisor about their introduction, especially when the research is your own.

Honestly speaking, the more advanced your research paper, the length depends on it, so remember the length of the graduate dissertation will be shorter than a doctoral dissertation always even if they belong to a similar topic.

How Long is a Dissertation?

There is not only one answer to the question of dissertation length. Usually, dissertations are on average 100-200 pages long. Somebody can say it should be 155 pages while somebody else can say 80 pages. Every department has different requirements and lengths it actually depends on the subject, topic, writing style etc.

Academics need students to prepare dissertations writing when pursuing master's and doctoral degree programs. This paperwork structure is a crucial part of these PhD programs in valuable learning institutions. As such, most undergraduate students are stressed about the length of this content because it forms an essential aspect of their college life.

How Long is a PhD Dissertation?

According to academicians, the length of a PhD dissertation should not be more than 80,000 words. And this word count should include an overall dissertation i.e. introduction, main body, conclusion etc. The footnotes could never exceed 20%. Students get confused to add discursive footnotes, they never include footnotes that should be in the main body. This strategy helps to maintain the average length of a dissertation.

The qualitative tables of the dissertation should be approximately 150 words each. The department reviewed the dissertation proposal, as well as stated that includes in their proposed length of the dissertation. And if they don't follow the length mentioned, it will be refereed back for refinement before being submitted to the examiner or institution.

Brief Discussion About the Length of Your Dissertation Chapter

Another question arrives is how long your dissertation chapter should be. Well, this differs because each section addressed something specific. If you put the correct information accurately, then the final result of your writing length will be concise and interesting. So here is a rough explanation of how long should be the doctoral dissertation.

1. Introduction

The introduction section always explains why the topic is important and some briefness of the subject. This section tells readers why you have chosen the topic and what makes it significant and relevant. And the length is considered approximately 10 to 15 pages. Hence the dissertation introduction should be more than a teaser.

2. Literature Review

This section concludes the relevant sources for your research paper. It should add only sources that are used to prepare the dissertation. In this section, you simplify the strengths and weaknesses of your chosen sources. The literature review should be between 20 and 25 pages long.

3. Methodology

The range of this section should be between 10 to 15 pages. It defined the methods used to conduct the dissertation. Here, you discuss the particular method and data-analyse processes used. This section also consists of ways for approaching the sample population, as well as, the explored data.

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQ's)

1. How Long Should a Dissertation be?

It is considered that the length of a dissertation depends on many factors. It can range in different blocks of words for undergraduates, whereas the master's and phd thesis or dissertations need to be a bit longer.

2. Does a Dissertation have to be 10000 Words?

There is never a fixed word for a dissertation, as it depends on factors like institution and broadness of the topic. It is incredibly crucial to check the guidelines set by your university so that you can know what is going to be the length of your dissertation.

3. How Many References in a 10,000 Word Dissertation?

It is seen that the number of references in a dissertation depends on various factors like the depth of research on the topic and the requirements. According to the guidelines it says there should be 60 to 100 references for 10,000 words dissertation. You also need to focus on the guidelines set by your department in context to the references.

4. Is 7000 Words Enough for a Dissertation?

The adequacy of a dissertation relies on the analysis and complexity that exist within the topic. It is enough for some of the undergraduate dissertations. More extensive research is needed in the higher degree programs. The dissertation should address the research questions formulated in the study and analysis in the given word limit.

5. How Long Does It Take to Write a 20000 Word Dissertation?

Writing a 20,000-word dissertation is basically based on various factors like research efficiency and speed of writing. It is going to take months or years, which includes deep research of the topic, drafting, and revision of the complete document. A realistic timeline and consistent progress are going to help in managing the process of writing effectively.

Length of Dissertation chapter


This section is also called the discussion section. The range for this section should be between 15 to 20 pages. This section gives a brief idea of the implications of your paperwork. So I think we have covered every section's length while writing your dissertation now it will be more convenient for you to understand everything about your perfect research work.

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Layla Williams Mon, 11 Mar 2024

The evolving landscape of dissertation structures is intriguing. It's encouraging to see a shift towards prioritizing quality over quantity, reflecting the dynamic nature of academic research and innovation.

Maria Charles Mon, 11 Mar 2024

The changing dimensions of dissertation structures are fascinating. It's heartening to witness a shift towards prioritizing quality research over rigid length requirements, fostering innovation and interdisciplinary collaboration in academia.

Daniela Smiths Mon, 11 Mar 2024

The shift in dissertation structures is fascinating, emphasizing quality over length. It reflects the dynamic nature of academia, encouraging innovative research approaches and interdisciplinary collaboration.

Tino Gabriel Mon, 11 Mar 2024

In academia's evolution, dissertation structures adapt, valuing substance over length. This dynamic approach fosters interdisciplinary collaboration and innovation, reflecting a progressive shift in scholarly discourse.

Harry Foaster Mon, 11 Mar 2024

As academia evolves, dissertation structures adapt, prioritizing substance over length. This fosters interdisciplinary collaboration and innovation, signifying a progressive shift in scholarly discourse.

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