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How to Write a Dissertation Proposal Example

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A dissertation proposal is a piece of assignment that tells you what you are going to do in the research. It states what the research is about, what is its aim and how it is going to be conducted. The dissertation proposal must be created in a well-written manner that will be mentioned step by step process that is to be used for carrying out the research. A dissertation proposal will contain some major points that a dissertation writer needs to know. The first major point of any dissertation proposal is the succinct introduction with a clear problem statement. Then the research proposal will present a brief literature review on the dissertation topic. In the literature review, the students must present an authentic and valid database that is to be useful for meeting the research questions and research aims while carrying out the research. The research proposal will have a clear research methodology which will outline the entire process and methods that are to be used in the research study in carrying out the entire research. Finally, the research proposal will have the expected outcomes and the Gantt chart.

Steps to Writing a Good Dissertation Proposal

A conclusion must be created at the end of the proposal to draw the major aspects of the topic.

1. Come up with a good idea: Before start writing any research proposal the most important thing is to grab a clear concept of the research topic. You will be able to present high-quality proposals only when you will have a clear conceptualisation of the topic. Therefore, students must develop a strong idea of the research topic before starting the proposal. For grabbing a clear idea of the research topic, the researcher needs to read different articles books, magazines and current blogs for grabbing proper information regarding the topic. The students need to understand the topic first for creating the best quality proposal. The dissertation proposal must be created in such a way that will present the best and most authentic database and evidence on the research topic. Students must conduct thorough research on the research topic to grab a clear knowledge of the topic which will assist students to write the proposal by addressing all the mentioned criteria in the assignment brief.

2. Presenting a succinct introduction: The introduction is the most important part of any research which presents the aim, objective and context of the research study. while writing a research proposal, writers must present a clear and concise introduction which discusses the context, aim and objectives of the research study. the students must present the introduction with a thesis statement. The thesis statement must present the problems or issues that are to be addressed in the research study. for example, in a nursing research study on diabetes management, the thesis statement must be the problems or challenges faced by modern nurses and doctors in managing diabetes. Therefore, the introduction of a proposal must discuss the thesis statement to provide a clear idea to readers regarding the aims of the research study, the factors that are to be mentioned in the research and the major background or context of the research study. while presenting the introduction, researchers must discuss the entire structure of the research study to outline the idea regarding how the entire research is going to be carried out.

3. Research questions, background and context: After presenting an introduction, the next things of a dissertation proposal are the research aim, research question and background. In the research aims, the researchers need to mention the aim and the objective behind carrying out the research, many times researcher does not mention the logical aim and reason behind conducting the research which reduces the quality of the research proposal. Therefore, after creating the research introduction, the researchers need to mention the research aim. The research questions must be formed in the research proposal which presents a clear idea of the major aspects of issues that are to be addressed in the research study. the research questions provide a clear undegrading to the reader regarding the criteria that are to be considered for creating the evidence-based research study. In this context, it is necessary for all the researchers to present high-quality research papers with presenting the best possible research questions and evidence that will enable the writers to outline the major objectives of carrying out the research study.

4. Literature review: The literature review is a piece of writing that presents an evidence-based discussion on the research topic. The literature review presents an evidence-based discussion of the major aspects of the research study. the literature review is well-written content that will present comparisons and critical discussion on the research topic. In this literature review, writers must present authentic and valid data on a research topic by presenting a logical database. The literature review must be highly authentic and informative and present the necessary database on the research topic. While presenting the literature review, researchers must discuss the theories and models that are related to the research topic. The theories must be critically analysed in the literature review which will assist the researcher to answer the research questions researcher must discuss the necessary aspects of the research study and will mention the background and the context of the research study. Sometimes, writers do not mention the theories and models in the research study which reduce their marks. Therefore, the researcher needs to be highly careful while writing the literature review to present an authentic and evidence-based discussion.

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While writing the research proposal the summary of the entire discussion must be mentioned. The conclusion will summarise the entire research study. the recommendation must be presented in the conclusion which will present the strategies that the researchers can implement in their research study to improve the outcomes. Otherwise, you can choose the option of getting dissertation help for your thesis or dissertation writing.

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