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The differences between an Undergraduate Dissertation and a Masters Dissertation

When compared and contrasted the undergraduate dissertation with the master’s dissertation, it is always found that our dissertation is not like other. Throwing light on the differences between the two, as such there is a not a great deal of differentiation amid the two. The real contrast comes amid a master’s dissertation and a PhD dissertation. But, the present guide will focus on both the differences as well as similarities being involved in both the assignments, as the students change over from an undergraduate degree to master’s degree.

Comparing the levels of Dissertation

For the purpose of creating a visual comparison of undergraduate and master’s degree dissertation, the below chart is being prepared, which significantly depicts what is being encompassed in each type of thesis.

Dissertation Component Undergraduate Dissertation Masters Dissertation
Requirements of the chapters Under this, chapters are written in the same format and involve the same type of information Both these dissertations includes abstract, introduction, literature review, research methodology, discussion and analysis of results and the conclusion. Both the dissertations have a cover page and bibliography section.
Requirements of topic The topic must be feasible, relevant, and important. Topic needs to be relevant, important and feasible
Requirements of the proposal Sometimes proposal is not needed in this type of dissertation Proposal of masters dissertation is quite necessary and may involve in-depth details
Requirements of the research Research part is almost same Deeper research is required.
Requirements related to writing Same as in the master’s level dissertation Masters dissertation requires a more sophisticated as well as higher quality level of writing.
Requirements of length It is not so longer Masters dissertation is considerably longer
Overall Instructions In this the instructions are quite easier Instructions are more demanding

Seeking Similar Success

Talking in regards with the research as well as writing skills level, it exponentially increases from the under-graduate and graduate level. This is because of the fact that they expect the candidate to learn some more. The same fundamental type of tips is being applied on determining the success with the final research report. The following are some of the tips that are being applied on both.

  • Select the research topic cautiously.
  • Research is required to be undertaken in regards with the subject. Use an outline to stay organized.
  • Further, Gant chart should be prepared for proper scheduling of all the activities.
  • It is important to take into consideration all the direction being given and additionally, the handbook also need to be followed that has all the overall research, writing, and instructions related to the formatting.
  • It is not right to use the words and research papers of others without referencing them. It is strictly prohibited.
  • Researcher should work on the undertaken project daily.
  • After completing the report, it is significant to proof-read the document and getting feedback from the professor and peers.

Help with Undergraduate Dissertations and Graduate Dissertations

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