Some tips for writing the Dissertation

It is so true to say that a dissertation is nothing but an extension of the thought. The core knowledge remains the same. It generally occurs as an academic exercise at the end of a course of study. Without a doubt, the term “dissertation” is generally misapplied to what is actually a thesis. Thus, by the time the students are being indulged in writing the dissertation they will become familiar with the structure of an academic dissertation.

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Getting Started

Writing a dissertation is quite different from writing a shorter academic piece of work. This is because of the fact that the research plays a significant role in the formulation of the proposal and which is where most of the dissertations are being started up. Generally, there are two types of dissertations i.e. those that are taught and that are researched. The former type of dissertation is a response to a question and takes into consideration the usual structure of an academic dissertation such as an introduction part, the main body and the conclusion. On the other hand, the later one is the dissertation, which one needs to research from the scratch. In other words, if the researcher has focused on an aspect of the topic that he or she has studied and they found it interesting and want to widen their research in this area. Then afterwards, the researcher put together a proposal on the basis of the research being focused on any original aspects that has been uncovered. Once, the idea is accepted and admired the researcher moves forward with the taught dissertation.

One thing it is important to recognize that irrespective of the type of dissertations being undertaken, the investigator is needed to reference their sources meticulously. The style of referencing is also required to be considered and the researcher should be very careful to adhere with the style, as he or she will be handling numerous sources.

Moving On

As soon as the research part is completed, the investigator is now ready to start the writing portion. It is imperative to plan the dissertation prior writing, as it will render a supportive hand in organizing the ideas. After planning scrupulously, the moment comes when the dissertation writing can began by following the appropriate structure. However, the structure can be modified as per the requirements.

Structuring the Dissertation Writing

The Introduction

In each and every dissertation, the introduction chapter is considered very vital, as it is needed to establish the thesis statements and will focus on the intended research methods and methodology. Further, it is also imperative that the researcher successfully create a logical link between them and should adhere to them throughout the completion of the work. This is crucial because veering too far from the topic can frail the central argument of the topic. In addition to this, the researcher also needs to conclude the introduction chapter with such sentences that creates a link between the main body and can be used as a opening paragraph for the next chapter.

The Main Body

Talking in terms of the dissertation writing, the main body will encompass a series of chapters rather than a paragraph. Furthermore, all will cover different aspects of the subject area. In a dissertation, the average numbers of chapters are three; however it can alter depending upon the variables being used such as length, scope of the topic and many more. All the chapters will be sub-divided into many paragraphs. The researcher is required to make sure that each and every paragraph as well as chapter can be clearly linked to the main argument. Additionally, it must also address the sub-divisions being indicated by the chapter heading. Other than this, the utilization of evidence in order to support the arguments is remarkably significant in the dissertation, as the researcher will draw some arguments from the research and the evidentiary support needs to reflect this fact. Further, it is also essential to examine the quotations because this will certainly suggest the areas that the researcher can develop within the main argument. This will in turn help in increasing the textually grounded originality of the study and this is the main point where students score maximum marks.

The Conclusion

It is never good to think that the conclusion is a last minute job or one should not be excited and think that the dissertation is about to complete. Because this is the section for which the professors and other researcher’s look for. Rather, the investigator should think about this particular section write from the inception of his or her work. This is so much important because, conclusion is what the researcher’s argument is building towards. Therefore, it is crucial to include following things in the conclusion chapter.

  • An amalgamation of researcher’s thoughts, which reflects the inferences drawn.
  • A summary of various thoughts and findings in the dissertation.
  • Limitation of the dissertation and future areas of studies are also required to be included.

Furthermore, if any further substantiation of the significance of the conclusion is desirable, then just imagine that this is considered as the final thought, which will be read by the assessor and thus, it is essential to leave them with a good consciousness!

Final Tips

For the purpose of avoiding any errors and flaws, the researcher is required to proof-read the whole dissertation thoroughly for spelling, grammar and punctuation errors. It is considered as very good idea to proof-read the work being done by the researcher himself or from any other person. In addition to this, the bibliography section should not be leaved for the last minute work, rather due attention should be made from the very beginning as it is an integral part of the whole dissertation and this will evolve coherently with the research.

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