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How to Write a Masters Dissertation Literature Review

Literature review is considered as the most important aspects in dissertation writing. It can be said that this chapter us the whole and sole of the entire research work. The outcomes from this chapter will support the researcher in determining what type of research he or she needs to embark on in order to fill in the gaps being established in the existing research work on a specific topic. The following is the guide that will show how to initiate the literature review of the master’s dissertation. Our team of specialists, writers and editors can also help the customers by providing anything from an annotated bibliography list and a list of sources to a model answer chapter for the literature review.

Getting Started on the Masters Dissertation Literature Review

Writing the dissertation is very time consuming process and it requires lot of efforts as well. This is because of the fact that the researcher needs to exhaust all the source channels in order to discover all the information. The review of various research papers can be done offline as well as online such as industry reports, journals, articles, magazines, trade journals, books and numerous online publications and articles.

After accumulation of all the relevant data, it is the time to summarize them all so as to create a flow. Summarizing is not so easy, the researcher needs to analyze information meticulously and it also involves critical thinking. In a master’s dissertation literature review, the writer is required to divide the information and then analysis is being done as what the researchers behind that data have done. Various questions are being answered like, what is the impact of data on the topic, how the information has contributed to the body of work, whether the information is biased on not, is the data is credible and what thing is missing and reasons of the same?

Stages of the Masters Dissertation Literature Review

For the purpose of completing the literature review, some stages should be addressed so as to make the process easier:

  • First is to identify the fields and theoretical concepts that the researcher is required to research.
  • The next step is to investigate for the literature on those concepts and unearth all relevant information.
  • Evaluating the information by making use of the aforementioned questions.
  • Analyzing and interpreting the findings by generating headings and subheadings that address each concept that the writer has researched, read about, and critiqued.

Key Elements of the Masters Dissertation Literature Review

There are number of key elements that need to be included while writing the literature review. Some of these are as follows:

  • It is important to write the overview in regards with the concepts that will be included by the researcher.
  • Each and every concept should be illustrated by various headings and subheadings.
  • Finally, the conclusion and short summary should be written that will help in tiding up all the concepts as well as literature reviewed.

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