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How to Write a Masters Dissertation Proposal

The first step after receiving the masters dissertation project is not to panic and should not feel dread after gazing the daunting task. The dissertation will go smoothly, if the dissertation proposal is right. So, just feel like there is no pressure and hope that everything will be good and successful. Writing an undergraduate dissertation is quite different as compared to the master’s degree dissertation. Here, the researcher is required to have a proposal, which is not necessary in case of undergraduate dissertation. Thus, here is a guide, which will take all the candidates who want to write a master’s dissertation to the way where one can know the process of writing the dissertation proposal.

Getting Started

There are number of steps that need to be undertaken to start a master’s dissertation proposal and these steps are:

  • The very first step job the candidate needs to do is to develop a list interested topics and the subjects that will be benefited from the creation of more research. Generally, in master’s dissertation, the students are provided topics by their respective academic institution or university
  • The next step is to consult the list of topics with the tutor or professors so as to determine the most appealing and appropriate topic. This topic will be considered as the basis for the master dissertation proposal.

Things to be included

Prior starting the proposal, it is imperative for the researcher to know what things should be included and excluded from the document. Often the students are provided with handbook of instructions and format by the university that should be followed while writing the dissertation. Even though, underneath is a brief description of the things that should be comprised in the master’s dissertation proposal:

  • Project Summary or Abstract: It is that section that offers a brief summary of the details being included in the entire proposal.
  • Table of Contents: It shows the proper and accurate lists of the main sections of the proposal with page number.
  • Project Description: This is the main part, wherein the researcher put efforts to write the introduction about the topic and devises the main aims and objectives.
  • Literature Review: Literature review is nothing but the analysis of the secondary sources related to the topic, which will be discussed in depth in the later part of the dissertation.
  • Research Methodology: Here, in this part research methods and techniques that will be used for the analysis of the data in the dissertation is being explained. In addition to this, if there are any perceived limitations of the selected method, than it is also need to be addressed.
  • Gantt chart: This shows the timeline of various activities involved in the whole dissertation. In other words, it will depict the schedule of how the work will be completed by the researcher.
  • Conclusions: This is the final and will include summary related to the major points of the proposal.

The Research and Writing Process

From the above list, the researcher can initiate the basic outline. At this stage, the candidate can begin to fill each section so that proper organization of each and every task can be maintained. For the purpose of flushing out each section of the master’s dissertation proposal, notes should be used that has been taken from the research by the candidate. It is not necessary that right in the first instance, the things will move on the right track. Things need to be revised, re-written or sometimes it can be re-organized also. However, it is essential that each and every minute detail at this stage should be discussed with the advisor or tutor.

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