How is a PhD dissertation writing different?

There are various kinds of academic writing styles that could be adopted by an individual. But particularly the topics are also different which are supposed to write in academic writing. Content writing, report writing, articles, essays, and dissertation, summer training reports, etc. these are different kinds of writing which is required to write as per the course or level of academic qualification. Here at this juncture, it is essential to mention that every style of writing or writing for different topics is differing and there is a huge requirement of learning about these writing patterns.

Out of all these writing styles the dissertations are completely different and demand more concentration. Before understanding the differentiation elements there is requirement of understanding the concept of PhD dissertation. It is a research which generally focuses on some social or organizational problem or situation, etc. PhD dissertation is something which provides the outcomes or results which gains huge significance for society. Every dissertation comes into existence with an aim of finding something very interesting and unique. There are various factors which corroborates that the dissertation writing is completely different than the writing of other topics. The major difference could be related to the size of the dissertation. The word limit for the dissertations is quite big as it deals with the detailed intellect of particular subject matter. As compared to other writing materials the dissertation is more detailed and elaborated with the context of any content or topic. The major difference arises on the ground of the structure of the dissertation. In report writing or in essay the students’ or research scholars done the categorization in a different manner and in dissertation the structure is completely different. The structure is so big usually involves so many sections with various sub headings. It is to acknowledge that it starts from the introduction and then literature review took part within the report along with research methodology and data analysis section. At last the chapter of conclusion and recommendation comes into the existence. It is essential to explain that with the help of dissertation the apex knowledge about the subject matter could be developed. In the report, there is certain question or single topic which is required to be attempted. The structure is different as a student attempts the task. Here in dissertation the single topic runs the entire study or investigation. There is need of giving the concentration that through dissertation the students get the understanding about the major problems within the research field or the area.On the contrary, in a report the basic overview about the topic could be developed. Another difference is that the dissertation is based on more specified subjects as compare to other academic writing. However articles are also much specified but there is a huge difference between the article writing and dissertation writing.

Ahead in dissertation writing the objectives are specified. The whole study revolves around those objectives and mainly it just supports the dissertation writing. In other reports there is no need of stating the objectives separately. The only objective in report writing is implied, i.e. learning. The construction of objectives depends upon the subject matter and thought process of the researcher. The most significant difference is that the dissertation writing provides the outcomes or results which could be used in policy formulation as well. The dissertation that has been constructed in most serious and professional manner generally derives such results or outcomes that can help in order to take learning’s and revising the current strategies. The organizations or the government both can extract the significant and relevant output from the dissertation writing. This feature is unavailable in other writing styles. However, in dissertation the level of results remains very high, so the appropriate changes could be provided. The PhD dissertation is very different than other writings as it involves the section of the literature review. The word limit of this section is very high as it provides the information about previous researches. As mentioned above that the main aim of PhD dissertation writing is to provide information about the subject matter or gaining the elaborated knowledge about the content or topic. So for the same purpose the expediency of the literature review is immense. Thus, this factor also indicates towards the differentiation within the PhD dissertation. It is to ascertain that with the help of literature review the problem statement could also identified so that the topic construction process could undertake effectively. Once the researcher has gone through a variety of literature within the same area or field, then it becomes easy to select any one problem and conducting the research into it. The language is another area of difference that could be experienced within the dissertation writing. The language which researchers or scholars write that is very much smooth and simple. They never use any slang or something which seems to be unprofessional. It is a very significant difference that could be experienced. The tone of the study reflects the thought process of researcher or scholars. In PhD dissertation the role of previous studies is very immense as they become the basis for another study. On the contrary, such kind of scenario could never be felt in other writing techniques. The section of research methodology is another factor which makes it different than another. The objectives that have been framed or designed separately that gains huge consideration in research methodology section. In order to achieve the objectives the researcher tries to select such research methodologies that can justify with the research objectives. Therefore, this difference cannot be neglected that in report writing or in essay writing, the content is required to be relevant to each other, whereas in PhD dissertation every chapter must be well connected to each other. Every technique or tool that has been adopted must be justified and have some sort of relationship with the research objectives. Here the chapters should be well connected to each other. In PhD dissertation writing the researcher is dedicated to focus on numerical tools or applying the statistical tools. On the contrary, in report writing such aspects are negligible. The entire report remains subjective in the case of articles, report or essay writing. The use of statistical tools is very huge in professional PhD dissertations. It just supports the research outcomes and mainly the research investigation could be done in an effective and proper manner. The analysis section could be thematic as well if the information is subjective in nature.

It is to acknowledge that in PhD dissertation the section of data analysis and findings and analysis constructs separately. The PhD dissertation demands everything to be elaborated so that the readers can get proper intellect and understanding about the subject matter. Another area of difference is that in PhD dissertation the researcher is required to use a large number of references and bibliographies. If a researcher fails to do so, then some problems related to the authenticity and reliability could be faced. Further, the during the PhD dissertation the researcher is supposed to take permission for the same.

It happens sometimes due to the research topic or for the purpose of data collection that the researcher needs to take written permission from the authorities else the reliability and validity of the report could be treated as failed.The list of differences includes the section of the conclusion and recommendation. It is to ascertain that the section of the conclusion is very common in other report or research writings. But in PhD writing the entire conclusion is depend upon the research findings and objectives. Here the researcher tries to identify the gap in articulated manner. The researcher never states the summary of study in a simple manner. He just tries to relate the objectives with the research findings and try to indicate towards the accomplishment of research objectives. PhD dissertation is very professional and written in well-structured and organized manner. So conclusion also comes into existence in different ways.Further, the section of recommendation is also based upon the identified challenges or problems within the study. It indicates towards the attentiveness of an individual that how much he has learnt by constructing the report. At last, the publication sources for the PhD dissertation could be the government journals or international journals or economic forums etc. so there is always a need of using the highly relevant and true data. The chances of manipulation are very less in the PhD dissertation. The researchers are supposed to give an adequate amount of consideration to collect the data from relevant and authentic sample size. Further, the number of respondents also remains high in PhD dissertation as there is need of producing the results for whole nation or at international level. Therefore, these are some of the major differences that could be experienced in PhD dissertation.

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