Narrowing down on your dissertation topics – Points that needs to be considered.

Dissertations are very useful for academic development and for the purpose of developing the intellect within the field or subject area in which any person is pursuing the study. There are various factors which are required to be considered while conducting the dissertation. While working on the dissertation the research scholars need to focus on selecting the most appropriate and most suitable research topics. It might help in conducting the research in a proper manner. Further with the help of narrowing down the topic the researcher can definitely get the desired results as the information could be gathered which is most relevant and reliable. The selection of topic should base on one crucial element that it should narrow down as per the subject. Here the term narrow the dissertation topics refer to the specific selection of any topic with the perspective of gaining deeper knowledge about any topic or content. If any researcher is conducting the research on entire wide subject rather than any specific area or field. It is to acknowledge that it might help on the ground of gaining the complete intellect with respect to the topic or content. For instance, if one researcher is taking the topic related to the human resource management then it includes the complete area related to the human resource management only. On the contrary, if a researcher is dedicated to study the particular training and development department, then it enables to move into the right kind of direction and most importantly the T&D could be clear completely. Further, if any organization is studying about the industry, then the researcher can definitely use any organization active into the same industry. This factor could definitely allow a research scholar to study about the organization and its related concepts. It can also help in narrowing down the topic from both the perspective of research topic and organization.

Now there are various techniques that can help in narrowing the topic and research content. First of all the researcher needs to understand the subject in which he or she is studying. The main aim of research or dissertation is to gain knowledge in a particular field or area in which any person is qualified or have any interest. This factor is highly beneficial on the ground of narrowing down the topic. It is clear that with the help of making the alignment with the subject or interest area it becomes easier to narrow down the topic. Like if any person is studying in the area if finance, but his main area of interest is working capital, then the entire research topic could be dependent upon the working capital and its related concepts. Thus the identification of major areas of interest is another factor that can help in narrowing down the topic. Ahead the researcher can try to understand the recent trends and developments within the subject area or industry. Likewise in the field of finance if any technique or method of calculation comes into existence then the researcher can try to develop his topics revolving around new recent trend and development and can definitely conduct a research within the limited or restricted area. Ahead the researcher need to take suggestions from his seniors and other research scholars then also the topic could be narrow down.

Further with respect to narrow down the research topic the researcher is supposed to focus on his own aims and objectives as well. Once selecting the research topic the aims and objectives should be clear to the researcher. It helps on the ground of taking the appropriate decisions and most appropriate decisions could be definitely taken with the context of taking the final decision. The researcher should have a clear vision into his mind that exactly what he is supposed or dedicated to finding. It is something that might be useful highly with the aim of narrowing down the topic. If the vision or objectives are not clear, then also the researcher might face troubles in narrowing down the topic. Ahead it is also clear that the researcher should go with the option of literature review. It is one of the most significant technique which helps in selecting the topic. It is to acknowledge that if the researcher is not able to narrow down the topic, then the help of literature review could be taken. Through literature review the major problems within the wide field could be identified. For instance, if someone is studying in the field of marketing and is not able to narrow down the topic, then the researcher can definitely conduct the literature review. Thus, with the help of this factor the researcher can identify the area where the research into the field of market8ing could be identified. So if any researcher wants to narrow down the topic, then there is a huge requirement of making the alignment with the outcomes of literature review. Other than this the researcher can rely upon the problem statement as well. Through identifying the problem statement the researcher could definitely construct the topic and can narrow it down. Beyond all these aspects the research scholars, who are conducting the research or dissertation for the very first time or they are not much habitual with the research process, can rely upon the university guidelines as well. Adherence to guideline can help in narrowing down the research topics. They guide in a well organized manner and can help in narrowing down the research topics. Therefore, these are some of the major factors that can immensely beneficial in narrowing the dissertation topic.

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