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How can we increase the chances of success among inner city students?

Description: Inner city students are those who come from the sub-urbs or low developed localities. Now this topic can be worked upon to describe means to develop these students and raise the possibility of their success and bright future.

Source Material:

  1. Book:The Shame of the Nation: The Restoration of Apartheid Schooling in America, 2005
  2. Book: Healing the Inner City Child: Creative Arts Therapies with At-risk Youth, 2007
  3. Book: Inner-city Kids: Adolescents Confront Life and Violence in an Urban Community, 2000
  4. Journal: Minister Turnover, Critical Events, and the Electoral Calendar in Presidential Democracies, The Journal of Politics, 2015
  5. Journal: Do Attitudes toward School Influence the Underachievement of Turkish and Moroccan Minority Students in Flanders? The Attitude-Achievement Paradox Revisited, Comparative Education Review, 2015
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