The growth of cosmetic surgery industry

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Now days the measurement of happiness could be done through beauty and appealing looks. There are so many techniques that can help in delivering that happiness by bringing the change in looks and appealing face structure. Cosmetic surgery is also one of those techniques that have brought down huge revolution in the medical history. People prefer to undertake cosmetic surgery so that any kind of scars or other distortions at face could be removed easily. The history of cosmetic surgery is very old but its actual growth has taken place in the recent past when celebrities’ endorsements become very common for the cosmetic surgery. There are lots of celebrities who have undergone through the process of cosmetic surgery in order to make their looking more impressive and attractive. It is very significant element that the growth of cosmetic surgery industry has huge influence of advertising and recommendations of medical professionals. They have suggested the benefits of cosmetic surgery to common people as well and even they are showing their interest into the face makeover or other usage of cosmetic surgery. Advertisement has made people aware about its availability and myths have been eradicated related to the cosmetic surgery. No doubt cosmetic surgery has negative consequences, but painstaking treatment never causes any negative implications. The effect of media is very huge upon the perception of the people towards the cosmetic surgery especially internet media. Through the internet and online platform the advantages and disadvantages of the cosmetic surgery could be gained. Further the desired information regarding the cosmetic surgery is also available on the internet. Thus, it is clear that the media has played immense role in ensuring the growth of cosmetic surgery industry. Other than the media, the medical professionals dealing into the cosmetic surgery have also scattered and they are providing their services to the patients. Thus, they have catered the huge market share and the opportunity related to revenue generation has also increased. Their reach has become so wide and they are able to focus on a large range of customers. The surgeons counsel the people in well manner and clear all their doubts.

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Technological advancements are also taking place within the industry and it has also improved the quality of treatment. The results are quick and long lasting with less side effects or infections. The technology played a huge role in doing the cosmetic surgeries. The industry has undertaken huge level of technological development that has allowed them to ensure their rapid growth. During the World War I and World War II the use of cosmetic surgery begins actually till that time plastic surgery was much more popular and common. Later on cosmetic surgery took its place and become so popular. Ahead the legal aspects related to the cosmetic surgery are also relaxed, which also allows focusing on growing this industry in various parts of the world. The government has put certain restrictions related to the security and treatment standards. The government is supporting the industry by providing flexibility to the industry standards and rules and regulations. Thus, on the basis of the above discussion, it becomes clear that environmental factors are in favour of cosmetic surgery form recent past and it is enabling the industry to grow at very rapid. The cultural as well as social environment is changing due to proper access to the media and internet blogs. It provides the huge level of information about the cosmetic surgery as discussed above and decision making of operations could be taken easily. Further, the social environment has been changed with the popularity of cosmetic surgery among the celebrities and they also endorsed the same.

Other than social and cultural environment, the technological factors have also contributed immensely in ensuring the growth of this industry. The treatment quality has been improved and most importantly the safety and security of patients has gained huge considerations. The equipments are very highly advanced and have the capacity to cure any kind of cosmetic surgery related disease. The technology plays an important role in any industry and like other fields of medical area in cosmetic surgery also the technological revolution took place. It facilitates to win the faith of patience towards the medical facilities and surgery qualities. Since World War the technology has been developed immensely and doctors or surgeons have the facility to deliver excellent services and medical care facilities. Media is also a part of communication element and technological aspect that work for both technological factor and social factor. The contribution of media is common in both social and technological factors. Beyond these above mentioned factors, there is requirement of understanding the role of economic factors in the growth of cosmetic surgery industry. It is to acknowledge that now cosmetic surgery is comparatively cheaper and even middle class people can also afford the cosmetic surgery. It is highly beneficial for them and they can even improve their looks. It is clear that the earning capacity and per capita income has been improved and at the same juncture the willingness of people is also positive with respect to taking the cosmetic surgery treatment. Further, legal aspects need to be taken into special consideration. As mentioned above that the legal aspects are not very much restricted and complex with respect to set up of cosmetic surgery industry. The medical professionals can definitely work as consultant with nominal legal formalities and responsibilities. It is something that corroborates towards the positive environment for the cosmetic surgery.

In the UK the worth of cosmetic surgery industry is 2.3 billion pounds and it is increasing very rapidly. In the last 10 years the industry has been growing by 25 % and it is showing that the people are inclining towards the cosmetic surgeries. Most of the people lie into the middle income section so socially and economically the cosmetic surgery has become interesting trend. Some people adopt it as a makeover or any change activity or for some people it is completely based on their problems or issues related to some injuries or scars. Another interesting fact is that in the UK most of the time women prefer to have such kind of surgeries as they are more conscious about their looks and cosmetic surgery given them an opportunity to get an edge on their consciousness. It is with growing with fast speed and teenagers are more interested in undergoing such cosmetic surgeries. The awareness about the process and its usage has been improved as mentioned above. But these facts corroborate towards the scenario of growth rate of cosmetic surgery industry in the UK. The role of advertising is very immense in ensuring the growth of cosmetic surgery industry. The newspaper, radio and television always provides the information about the places where the cosmetic surgery related facilities could be availed, further, the information about the reliability of those sources could also gain easily. These are the reasons or facts that have been faced with the growth of cosmetic surgery industry. But actual results that have experienced huge change into the various body parts are liposuction, breast augmentation, etc. These are the body parts that have been transformed with the help of cosmetic surgeries. The women prefer to bring improvement in these body parts so that the attractiveness could take place very easily.

The cosmetic surgery culture suggests that in every ten girls, most probably into the teenage, one girl have undergone through the cosmetic surgery process. It can show its popularity among younger age female population in the UK. It is also clear that the ratio of women who undertakes this surgery is more than men in last 10 years. Another very interesting feature is that this industry is completely recession free as during the recession period people has undergone the process of cosmetic surgery and even the growth rate was 6 % in just financial year 2010-11. After 2000 the ratio of breast augmentation has been increased almost by 250 percent, thus these interesting facts suggest that even in the future the industry could be increased and its market share can also rose with impressive rates. The industry has successfully removed all the myths related to its side effects or negative aspects. Ahead the reason behind the growth is that so many parties associated with this industry work together and markets it in a well organized manner. They integrated well and provide the tag of recession free industry to cosmetic surgery industry. The efforts of various parties play an important role in removing all the challenges. However, there are certain challenges that have been faced by medical practitioners and other people associated with cosmetic surgery industry. The complaints have been made in the year 2005 by regulation expert on cosmetic surgery that there is need of controlling the advertisement and false promises that affect the mindset of people in a negative manner. In that plea the harmful effects of advertising have been depicted. The misleading advertising was supposed to be banned else the negative impact at the mindset of people could be realized. Overall, it could be said that by keeping in view the social environment the market of cosmetic surgery industry is about to grow in near future.

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