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2015 trend for smartphones:-

The smartphone is a basic necessity for humans as they want to meet day-to-day needs like connecting with people, accessing information, monitoring small offices and living trendy life. Recent launches like IOS 8.0, Android 5.0 Lollipop, Samsung Galaxy Note Edge and Google Nexus have increased expectations among humans and brought a new outlook to smartphone use.

They have successfully been able to prove as a better alternative to Laptops and PDA’s. All because they have all comprised in a handy form which was available in Laptop’s and tablets. The most critical driving forces and smart phone trends coming up in 2015 are as follows:

This essay is an example of a student's work


This essay has been submitted to us by a student in order to help you with your studies. This is not an example of the work written by our professional essay writers.

1. Android Lollipop

The new android Lollipop 5.0 has been launched which will be available in the new smart phones will Android 5.0 by the very beginning of the 2015. With this Kitkat and the current android versions will fade away gradually. This will enable the developers to put a lot of new and fantastic features installed with this new OS bringing fabulous graphics and interface capabilities within a smart phone. Do not get shocked if you find new features like wonderful touch experiences, outstanding picture quality, 3-D screens with real shadow effects, etc. in the upcoming future mobile technology.

2. The Cloud

Cloud storage provides opportunities and services for using cloud based file hosting like creation and storage of folders and files, access to pictures and music files, offer to download a software specific to a device. Few examples of this are Apple iCloud, Google Drive, DropBox and Microsoft SkyDrive. These give various uses like syncing files and folders without having to move it by access of internet, syncing Music from one device to multiple devices using home sharing feature or online offerings, and in case of photos it has to be uploaded manually except in case of DropBox.

3. Big Data and Analytics

Smart people are spending on data-related software’s and rich media analytics in case of audios, videos and images. These features not only enhance the richness of the product, but also increase the level of experience and usefulness to the user.

4. User Experiences and needs

Now the smart phone industry is expected to grow with a considerable hike, if working towards satisfying the growing needs and desires of the informed and trendy users around the world. Now one should expect to see the top leaders and brands to work towards giving richer and distinct experience to the user like metallic cases, 3-D touch screens, multiple camera lenses and professional picture quality, high quality sound value, huge storage capacity, etc. Thus quality and enhances value added features are in more demand with the trendy and classy looks these days.

5. 4 G and hardware chips

With the growth of 4 G infrastructure which will be all set by 2015 will give better and more optimal use of application processing and other hardware products. Thus new 4G products are expected to outshine in the market of smart phones this 2015. With this there will arise a need to develop chips for lower range mobile handsets.

6. Regulations for the mobile payments

The mobile payments are easier, faster and accessible means to make payments using handsets by the users for which there is a need to generate regulations which will eventually create more of opportunities to the mobile vendors.

7. Huge number of market leaders and competitors

There are big leaders in the smart phone industry, like Apple, Samsung, Nokia, Sony, HTC, LG, Motorola, Blackberry, etc. Which have their own new inventions and developments that itself act as a driving force in the smart phone industry. They have their own R&D infrastructure to continuously keep its products updated, improves, trendy and provide better features than its competitor to its users. Moves of these smart phone handset developers and smart phone operating system vendors like Android, Linux, Blackberry, Windows, iPhone OS, etc. are the key driving forces as they strategize every act of theirs according to market, users, economy and global level factors.

8. Chinese brands and Mobile vendors

China is the market which has a very small margin and wide variety of features with a number of brands like Lenovo, Xiaomi, Huwaei, ZTE, Cool pad and TCL. These brands are in cut-throat competition with each other as well as others differentiating based on the low product price, features, apps, media, mobile payment system and social networking attribute.

9. The smart apps like digital purse

Digital purse is one of the smartest ways to make payment for any purchase using a smart phone. This is so easy and simple mode of carrying a power to buy without carrying cash or cheques. This is voted to be chosen by 48 percent of the smart phone users as per the survey conducted by Ericsson. And the survey says by 2020 smart phones will be able to replace our wallets and lot of things carried into it by 80 percent of the users. There are lots of developments expected in this area to be coming up in near future.

10. Wireless internet world

Smart phones make the global world and huge range of information available to the user at the click of a screen with the access of the internet. Smart phones reduce the stress of carrying a dongle or a Wi-Fi instrument to access the internet for any use. They enable the free and easy use of any application or service with the packages provided by the data suppliers or telecom vendors.

11. Sharing and efficient economy

This idea of sharing is potentially bigger and enables the users to gain the benefits of use without worrying about the ownership of the product. Smart phone users think it as a smarter and faster means of selling, buying, booking, renting or leasing f anything of no longer use to self will not only save resources but enhance the benefits and convenience of making use. This enables to save money for one and start as an earning for another, adding to the flow of the economy.

12. Healthier and longer life based apps

The smart phone provides various apps that have major health benefits and features attached to it. They come up with apps with the ability to monitor and regulate the activities that impact our health closely. Few of these are diet and calorie chart, water intake reminder, pulse meters, sleep monitors, walk alarms, medicine jars, diet updates, BMI calculators, etc. They help an individual to keep a close check on their health and live and stay a longer life.

13. User friendly and children can connect everything

For the children rowing in this era of internet, it has become an integral part of life and day to day working where internet is on the screen of the smart phone in comparison to those born a decade earlier thinking cyber as the primary source. These smart kids know to connect everything over internet like reading online, making projects using information available online, watching videos online, downloading and uploading stuff, ordering things over the internet, making purchases, social networking, etc. It is expected that these children in their older years will need to connect everything through the internet.

14. Smart individuals and citizens

The measure of the smart people these days is the way they make use of their smart phones in their daily chores like navigation apps to find routes to their destinations, traffic volume apps to see the least crowded routes, compare daily use of gas, water & electricity, Google Maps or GPS to find a new place, schedule their weekends by planning and booking using a fun app of restaurants, shopping store, etc. and get good deals. They use these smart gadgets so efficiently to save time and make life simpler.

15. Social networking and mind sharing

The internet has made lives easy and smart phones make it fun and leisure by enabling to network with people being in our own comfort. Apps like Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram, Watsapp, video calls, VoIP, etc. keeps an individual connected and posted with the regular updates and do the same. People believe there should be wearable products that enable to communicate with other by thinking, control and regulate media, appliances, gadgets, temperature without a remote control, etc.

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