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Today’s technological world has changed the definition of almost everything, whether it is related with education, corporate world and other fields. It is through technology, the world is becoming a small place, where each and everyone can communicate sitting at any corner of the globe. Many new applications are regularly stepping ahead and thereby, making every task simple and trouble free (Galbraith and et.al., 2007). Apps are considered as the wave of the future man. Talking about the use of apps in the classrooms, soon each and every classroom will be filled with apps of all sizes as well as shapes. They will sooner or later replace the books and maybe someday friends and family. However, till then students who want to grade high in their assessments require apps on their computing device in order to succeed their school. Irrespective the students are taking notes, reading, typing up, annotating photosynthesis PDFs on the juxtaposition of thing A and thing B, there are many best applications to get their work and schoolwork done quite easily (Tomei, 2009).

Of course, it still depends on the students that whether they actually want to do work or not, but these applications when tucked into their iPad, MacBook, One X or ZenBook will help in cutting down their work to some extent (Henning, 2007). The present article will throw light on the applications related with the class that should be used by the grade students to score higher marks. The subsequent snippet will discuss about the class apps which are useful for the students and will make their work easy.

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The first classroom application is Dropbox. It is nothing but a multifaceted tool, which is very powerful. This app can be used to store and sync the files and documents across the tablets, computers and smart phones. Students can simply write a lesson plan or the lecture in their computer at home and put it on their Dropbox folder and whoosh!!! It will be synced with their work computer (Hollander, 2013). During their free period they can just open that file, make alternations and that change will be synced automatically with their home computer. Thus, it can be said that it is very seamless, free and fast. All the grade students can make use of this application in many ways. They can just manage their own materials and make it readily accessible. In addition to this, Dropbox works across platforms and devices and thus, students can use a Mac at home, an iPad, a Blackberry phone, a PC at work, all will have access to their documents and materials. Dropbox makes the life a lot easier. The very first thing the professors are required to do is they need to create a sharing folder for each and every class they teach so that they can make available crucial information to all the students (Smith, 2003). There are many benefits which can be availed by the students by using the Dropbox app. Grade students uses this app to submit their presentations and all visual components and thus, saves their time, which can be utilized in some fruitful work.

Another important classroom application for the students and teachers is Skitch app. Now, most of the students as well as teachers are moving towards a paperless teaching and learning world. Recent advancements of technology and invention of iPad, Elmo and projector in almost every schools and colleges has rapidly changed the working patterns and business in the classrooms (Galbraith and et.al., 2007). There are many applications for the purpose of planning, collecting, capturing the students learning, anecdotal notes and teaching; however the most useful is Skitch. This application allows the students and teachers to take a snap or screenshot and allow them to write directly on it in order to make the point swiftly. In addition, it can be used for numerous learning experiences. Skitch helps in enhancing the discussions with the students by providing a support to them in learning more visible. Hence, students can learn and understands the basic concepts easily, which in turn will help them score higher grades. Further, they can do many things in their learning to show their level of understanding if iPads and Macs are made available for use in the classrooms (MacDonald, 2012).

The third important tool that can be used by the students is sticky notes. Teacher can give sticky notes in the classroom to make them write the things that they have learned in the class and can check the order to understanding and thinking. Not only teachers, but students can also be benefited by this. Students will be able to confront their exact understanding of what they have learned (MacDonald, 2012). There are many ways in which the sticky notes are useful in the classrooms as well as for the students. Grade students make use of sticky notes for the purpose of organizing the folders, notepapers and study cards. Sometimes, while reading the difficult passages from the technical textbooks, students are being encouraged by the teachers to summarize the things on the sticky note and place it on the margin so that it becomes easy for them to search it out in the near future. There some of the students who storyboard their writing with the sticky notes so that can be moved around. In addition, it also allows them to take the advantage of ideas spawned out of order. Furthermore, the students can make use of sticky notes to determine the things in the classrooms, categorizing the items by type and by labelling items in a target language (Hollander, 2013). There are many students who draw antics of stick men at the bottom of the sticky note so that when they flip the pages, it emerges as if the men are moving. All these things require planning as well as higher level of thinking.

Talking in regards with the Resoph Notes, it is another important app that students should use in order to score higher marks and manage their work easily. With this application, students can take super-fast notes in plain text that will never be unable to get along with the future word processing software being used by the students. In simple words, it can be said that one can open their notes from different apps on both the computer and mobile device such as Simplenote and Flick Note. Further, within Resoph Notes, the students can search for text as well input text (Hess, 2011).

Wolfram Alpha is also a new app for the students, which allows them to answer most of their questions in regards with the mathematics, chemistry, physics, words, demographics, dates of essential events, conversions and many more (Tiwana, 2013). There is an erudition curve for figuring out how the questions should be entered, however the time students figured it out, Wolfram Alpha app is able to unravel each and everything being thrown at it. Hence, with this app students will be able to solve complex questions regardless of their subject and topic. This will be considered as a steer to them, which will help in showing them right path of success.

Throwing light on the e-reading application, Amazon’s Kindle app is considered as one of the best app for the students, which works on all the platforms. Kindle app has a mammoth library and it is most likely that it will not going to be out of style any time soon. Because of this reason, it is suggested that students should make use of this app in order to grab their textbooks and novels (Galbraith and et.al., 2007). One thing of this app, which is being liked by most of the people, it is quite simple and easy to share highlights and quotes being like by them. In addition, if student finds any problem parsing what’s imperative in the book he or she is reading something you're reading, they can just turn on the notes and popular highlights from other users of the Amazon. Finally, this app also helps the students to take all the books and notes with them and even they can have access by the cloud reader. Thus, it is coolest web app, which can be accessed on any library computer.

Last but not the least, Pixelmator is one of the best reasonably priced photo editing suites for Mac which helps in offering more bang for the students buck as compared to Adobe Photoshop. This app is very useful for editing the visual projects; however it may not include all the favorite Photoshop keyboard shortcuts or filters. Pixelmator allows the users to save and export the files quirkily and is of great value and elegant looking (Tomei, 2009). Finally, it also have a iCloud Sync for their users files amid computers, touch-up tools, numerous filters and the capability to export the files to the users social networks.

To conclude it can be well-attributed that all these applications can solve major problems of those students who are facing difficulties while managing their materials, editing their visual projects, searching textbooks and many more. For instance, by making use of sticky notes student comment on the other student’s work and assignments and put forward many suggestions for the betterment and compliments on the sticky notes. Another app i.e. Dropbox can be used as a great learning and teaching tool for the grade students.


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