The Biomarkers and Personalized Medicine For Cancer Treatment

Despite the fact that medical science has achieved so much success in the recent years, cancer has remained a leading cause of mortality across the globe. The present essay puts an effort to discuss The Biomarkers and Personalized Medicine For Cancer Treatment. The biomarker could be treated as a biological molecule which is responsible for a particular biological state or condition. It can be a DNA, RNA, protein or the biological compound that can put its impact on the genes and body structure. With respect to the cancer treatments, the biomarker can provide the information that which therapy could be favourable or which therapy could put its adverse impact on the cancer patients. The responding capacities of the patients could be identified easily (Lloyd, Braithwaite and Southon, 1999). According to the medical professionals, the biomarkers are very much useful in order to assess the sensitivity and resistance to the therapy. The proper alignment with the therapy could also be analyzed or diagnosed in an appropriate manner. Overall, it could be stated that it helps in providing the right kind of therapy to the cancer patients. Through this, maximum benefits of the therapies could be provided to the patients (Leatherman and Sutherland, 2005). Like the vemurafenib therapy should never be provided to the patients suffering from the tumours with BRAF V600 mutations.

The concept of personalized medicines states that the medical system categorizes the patients into the subcategories. These categories could be based on gene expression, type of blood cells, tissues and so on. The groups could get treatment as per their responses and potential risk-taking capacities. The stages of the disease and the symptoms could help in altering the decisions related to the treatment (Leatherman and Sutherland, 2005). The medical facilities could also be personalized as per the group and category. The molecular diagnostic tests must be conducted in the highly responsible and accurate laboratories. It could be helpful in gaining the right clinical tests as well. The test of biomarkers for the cancer patients could be diagnosed effectively. The discovery of biomarker is necessary as it helps in gaining the understanding of the disease and most importantly the proper treatment could be designed (Leatherman and Sutherland, 2005). The biomarker is very crucial in the field of health care so its discovery must gain huge relevance by medical practitioners, laboratories, and other medical professionals. In the field of cancer also it helps in making the diagnosis process easier, and proper treatment could be delivered.

Due to the previous discoveries into the biomarkers, the understanding level of the cancer disease has been increased, and the patients are actually responding well to the therapy. It is highly effective and the death rate among the cancer patients has been reduced. The diagnosis level has been improved significantly. Nowadays the disease could be identified easily and its related precautions could be taken at an early stage (Lloyd, Braithwaite and Southon, 1999). The most crucial result is that the health care system could be improved tremendously. The right move into the biomarker discovery could help in discovering the new medicine for the treatment of cancer. The adverse impact of diseases like cancer could be minimized at large scale. Thus, the concept of biomarkers discovery must gain huge priority.

While delivering the cancer treatments, the most crucial aspect is that the safety and security of the patients must gain huge priority. Due to this element, the biomarkers could enable medical practitioners to ensure the safety of cancer patients. The quality of treatments could be improved. The diagnosis could take place at very first stage only. The cost of drug and medicines could be reduced by up to certain extent. These are potential benefits of biomarker discovery that could be availed by the health care systems. It is to acknowledge that the patients could feel secure and safe after these inventions in the medical field (Ludhra, 2014).

The application of biomarker could improve the personalized medicine and the treatment quality as well. The stratification markers could be treated as the markers which inform about the success of trial and most importantly the causes of disease could be identified. Moreover, efficacy marker is also equally important for the purpose of identifying the disease and its symptoms at very early stages. With the help of such biomarkers, the patients could take precautionary steps to deal with the medical issues (Lloyd, Braithwaite and Southon, 1999). The differentiation markers could be immensely helpful on the ground of selecting the best drug or treatment for the patients. It is to acknowledge that biomarkers provide the information that what kind of virus or bacteria could be treated by which kind of drug. The molecular design could be understandable, and its behaviour symptoms could also be identified. Toxicity markers provide information about the toxic effects among the patients. In such a way these markers could be immensely beneficial in diagnosing cancer at an early stage, and early treatment could be provided. The personalized medicine or treatment could be designed accordingly which is crucial for the complete eradication of cancer (Hurst and Patterson, 2014).

The invention of biomarkers could have its impact on various areas of the medical field. It has its connection with the wide scope that changes the dimensions of treatment. The pharmaceutical context explains that the drug manufacturing companies can make such kind of medicines that could be helpful in preventing the diseases and its adverse impacts. The pharmaceutical context also explains that the biomarkers could be beneficial with respect to minimizing the cost of drug manufacturing process, the efficiency of drugs could be improved and most importantly the time of clinical trials could also be reduced significantly (Hurst and Patterson, 2014). It is to acknowledge that drug reactions are one of the emerging issues that could be solved by the biomarker discovery. The pharmaceutical companies can design such drugs which don’t react to human tissues adversely if the biomarker discovery is appropriate and proper. The possibilities of promising treatments could be increased tremendously.

Further, the clinical context includes that the level of treatment could be improved tremendously. Here, the patients could be diagnosed at very early stage if the biomarker discovery is correct. Cancer and its symptoms could be identified easily. The clinical decisions could be taken accordingly (Johnson and Stoskopf, 2010). The responses of the patients to the therapies could improve as they get such treatment which is compatible with their body structure. The dosage and the amount of treatment could be set during the clinical procedures. Overall, the diagnosis and treatment process become result oriented in a positive manner. The personalized medicine could become reality, and the transformation could come into existence. However, for the same purpose, there is a huge requirement for identifying and dealing with certain challenges so that the biomarkers could be discovered properly (Johnson and Stoskopf, 2010).

Genomic technologies have changed the dimensions hugely but still the research in the field of biomarkers is very much complex and it demands a huge level of investment as well. It is very expensive process within the clinical setting. Even after the development of large infrastructure, there is a need for high-level discoveries so that the knowledge sharing could become possible. The discovery for the biomarker must be fast and effective as well. The discovery of biomarkers is based on the clinical validity and utility. It helps in improving the decision-making process if the validity and utility are properly approved (Lloyd, Braithwaite and Southon, 1999). Thus, it is a very time-consuming process as well. Due to high time taking process, the development is slow in the discovery of cancer biomarkers. It could avoid the development of personalized medicines. The data related to novel molecule biomarkers must be shared with the professionals so that the appropriate actions could be taken.

As mentioned above, the arrangement for the biomarkers tests is very expensive, time-consuming and complex process. The emerging issue that could be faced is that the countries might experience troubles with their legal structure. There must be a proper arrangement of a regulatory system to take the biomarkers based diagnostic test (Johnson and Stoskopf, 2010). The absence of these aspects could be treated as emerging issue in biomarker discovery for cancer diagnosis and treatment. To include such practices into the health care system, there is a huge requirement of improving the current legal structure. These technologies could be result oriented if the reimbursements are effective and accurate. The physicians should also get proper training and knowledge about the procedure of clinical test. It could help to improve the discovery procedures for the novel biomarkers.

The integration with their decision-making process is also required to be considered. The doctors and medical practitioners must understand the expediency of biomarkers test. Then only the cancer diagnosis and treatment could be improved. The benefits of genetic tests and study could be helpful; it must be explained to the patients, so they know about the intricacies of cancer treatment. There are various privacy issues which must be addressed, and failure to the same can definitely affect the biomarkers discovery. The personalized medicines could be designed only if the patients agree with the biomarkers discovery and diagnosis. Thus, the lack of knowledge among the physicians could be treated as emerging issue. It could also help in improving the clinical practices (Ludhra, 2014).

Further, to give leverage to such discoveries, there is a need for promoting such aspects where the business model for the personalized medicines could be improved tremendously. The businesses must get support so that the discoveries and development of medicines could go hand in hand. Due to lack of proper business model, the biomarker discoveries are not so popular and experiencing slow growth. There is need of giving more commercialization so that it becomes less expensive, and more exposure could be provided (Leatherman and Sutherland, 2005).

Therefore, these are some of the emerging issues that have been faced with the discovery of biomarkers and personalized medicines. On the basis of above discussion, it becomes clear that the role of various participants like clinical practices, set up or infrastructure, physicians and legal structure are huge in avoiding the challenges. The biomarkers discoveries could be increased and speed up if these challenges will be addressed properly. The personalized medicines for the cancer treatments could be improved tremendously if the professionalism or the business model will be improved. The pharmaceuticals companies can definitely focus on the need of patients, and the symptoms could also be identified. Accordingly, the right kind of medicines could be provided (Leatherman and Sutherland, 2005).

The role of government could be immense in the same process. It needs to ensure the flexible aspects into the tests and procedures. Cancer needs to be addressed, and the biomarkers tests have potential to eradicate cancer. The treatment could be stronger, and most importantly the sufferings of patients could be minimized. The development of technology is wide but the process needs to be less complex with relevance to discover the molecule biomarkers for cancer. It helps in determining the whole treatment (Lloyd, Braithwaite and Southon, 1999). The medicines, therapies could be provided according to the cancer patients. Other than the government, the business houses and the pharmaceuticals companies can also give their immense contribution towards the biomarkers discoveries. They can deal with the challenge related to the infrastructural setup. They can arrange the whole set up that can help in providing aid to the medical practitioners. Their investment into the biomarkers discoveries could be helpful with respect to ensuring the development of personalized medicines. They can identify the need for cancer patients as per their body structure and stages of cancer (Lloyd, Braithwaite and Southon, 1999). Therefore, in this way, the collaboration between government and businesses could bring immense improvement.

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