Digital marketing

Digital marketing changes the way companies communicate and interact with their clients or customer and also changes the way customers finds their suitable brand to invest the time and money to get the best services and products (Behera et al. 2020). This essay will discuss how digital marketing impacts the way companies communicate with their customers and also demonstrate the negative and positive aspects of digital marketing.

As mentioned by Brych et al. (2019), digital marketing is the online promotion of brands or companies by using the internet as well as the other modes of the digital communication process. Companies use social media, web-based advertising and email in terms of maintaining digital marketing to conduct direct and effective communication with their clients.


Digital marketing makes it easy for the brand to find out their potential client and customers. As mentioned by Eze et al. (2020), Search Engine Optimization SEO enables a brand to get a higher rank in the digital media and to be seen on the Google search engine. Digital marketing by using SEO impacts positively on improving the connection between the brand and customers in which top-rated brands can be seen on social media and other digital mediums in front of millions of customers, thereby enabling customers to choose the right brands that they can afford.

As mentioned by Iqbal (2021) digital marketing enables companies to develop an authentic and highly potential brand voice that can assist marketers to attract customers toward their products and services and maintain direct communication with them. As mentioned by Is-haq (2019), while it comes to communicating with customers and clients, digital marketeering enables brands to interact and communicate externally with clients and customers but also communicate internally with team members, managers, executives CEO, suppliers and dealers. Though creating an authentic brand voice, a company can conduct effective communication with customers and clients by using innovative combination strategies (James, 2020). Digital marketing improves the way brands develop and implement effective and innovative communication tools by using intranet software to collaborate with the customer and clients to inform them regarding the service sad products. Digital marketing also improves the brand to present the tone, business words, sentence formation and brand mission as well as vision in front of customers that can easily attract customers towards the brand. As mentioned by Key (2017) digital marketing enables companies to use specific and appropriate voices to communicate with customers which assist marketers to provides that much information regarding the products and services that customers need for choosing a brand.

Social media marketing is the most important aspect of digital marketing which improve the ability of brands to communicate with a limit of customers (Kurniawan et al. 2021). In the modern business world, social media marketing enables brands to reach large numbers of customers across the world thereby improving brand awareness and brand reputation. Digital marketing through social media enables companies to promote their products, services and different offers in front of customers of various geographical regions (Melović et al. 2020). Social media is the best platform for targeting, positing and promoting a brand. It enables marketers to make direct communication with clients and customers and know their preferences, buying behaviour and interest which enables markets to make necessary changes in their products and service list. Social media enables marketers to read and respond to the comments of customers on the official page of a particular brand (Omar et al. 2020). Through responding to the queries and acknowledging the views and opinions of customer’s on Facebook and Instagram, today’s companies can maintain healthy and effective communication with tier customers.

Digital marketing also improves the interaction between companies and customers by improving the ability of marketing to understand the audiences and target customers (Pandey et al. 2020). Through digital marketing, today's companies are able to maintain a healthy relationship with their customers. Digital marketing enables companies to develop innovative marketing massages that enable companies to maintain transparent communication with clients to provide clients with clear information regarding products and services that they need to buy from the brand (Sahai et al. 2018). Digital marketing enables companies to conduct an online marketing campaign in which different rad can interact with their customers regarding informing customers about the newly launched products, effective changes in the existing products and services exclusives offers and buying offers.

Digital marketing enables companies to use Search Engine Marketing or SEM which enhances the visibility of a brand on a digital platform (Saura et al. 2021). Modern business SEM increase their rating and visibility by customers, which enables them to reach a large number of customers (Sharma et al. 2020). On the other hand, content marketing or CM is also another effective digital marketing strategy that improves the way business communicate with their clients, in this process, CM enable companies to present purposeful, valuable and attractive content in front of customers which enables customers to get attracted toward the brand.

Along with the positive aspect of digital marketing in terms of improving the communication between companies and their customers, some negative aspects are associated with this. The major limitation of digital marketing in relation to maintaining effective communication with customers is the risk of data hacking (Suginraj, 2017). Digital marketing is proved to be risky while it is used to deal with the personal and professional information of customers and clients. Negligence ad lack of skills of company staff in dealing with customer databases leads to a serious breach of the confidentiality of customer database.

Another limitation of digital marketing in line with impacting on the company-customer communication is the ever-increasing cost of automated communication software that makes it difficult for many small businesses as well as customers to use these software (Wang, 2020). Online marketing is not free of cost rather it enhances the marketing expenditure of a company, especially while using SEO and SEM for improving communication with customers, in this context many companies prefer manual business marketing processes for conducting direct interaction with customers.

Business growth depends on many factors such as communication with clients and customers, business operation, business decision making, digitalization of business and skills of employees (Behera et al. 2020) Martin and Emelia can improve Bakery business’s performance in different ways. First, they need to switch their business from manual process to digital marketing which will not only enable them to deal with automated business dealing processes but also improve their way of communicating with clients and dealers. Through conducting social media marketing Emelia and Martin can connect to several customers at a time thereby understanding their demand, preferences and buying behaviour (Brych et al. (2019). As Emilia and Martin want to improve the business growth of their Bakery shop, they need to first understand the buying behaviour and preference of their client. In this context, they can open an official website and official Facebook page for their bakery business through which they can connect directly to their customers thereby receiving orders online, solving questions regarding the products and understanding the demand of customers. On the other hand, Emelia and Martin need to install automated machines for fastening the production of bakery products which will enable this business to meet the high demand for different products. Moreover, Emelia and Martin need to recruit highly skilled and experienced staffs who have good knowledge in operating automated bakery machines.

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Improving human resources function:


Recruitment is an important function of human resource management. For the performance growth of the Bakery business, Emelia and Martin need to develop a good recruitment framework that will enable them to recruit highly skilled and well-trained staffs who have enough experience in the Bakery business (James, 2020). For recruitment and hiring of eligible staff, Marin and Emelia can conduct external and internal recruitment. In internal recruitment, they can recruit staff from their professional source. For example, they can recruit the existing staff and the candidate which are known to the existing staff. On the other hand, in the case of conducting external recruitment, Martin and Emelia can use a different process such as interviews, advertising and consultancy agency. As mentioned by Eze et al. (2020), in the case of small businesses, interviews and advertising are convenient and cost-effective processes for recruiting staff rather than hiring any consultancy. In this context, Martin and Emelia can hire highly trained and skilled candidates by conducting the interview.

Training and development:

Training and development are the two important HRM practices that any business needs for its consistent development and growth (Key, 2017). Here Martin must conduct an effective training and development program which will improve the professional ability of staff regarding operating the automated machines and digital technologies to fasten the overall service. In this context, Martin and Emelia must ensure that the training is arranged and monitored by professional staff who have good professional knowledge in business performances. As mentioned by Kurniawan et al. (2021), training and development in the fundamental HR function which is associated with improvising the professional skill and abilities of staff. Through this training and development of staff, Martin and Emelia can improve the productivity of their staff thereby ensuring that the staff can work in any unfavourable and critical market environment. Moreover, the training program will also improve the resilience and adaptability of staff to assist them to deal with any kind of market challenges thereby ensuring that this Bakery business is able to maintain its competitive position in the market.

Marketing and social media:

Marketing and social media are crucial for the preference improvement of any modern business. As Martin and Emelia, want to improve the performance and market growth of their business, they must switch to social media and digital marketing (Omar et al. 2020). Through usages, social media to promote their products and services Marti and Emelia can be able to not only reach millions of customers within a second but also can understand the market trend and the customer preferences in the bakery market. As mentioned by Melović et al. (2020), social media plays a crucial role in improving the performance standard of any business by enabling marketers to understand the preferences, buying behaviour and decision making of customers. Social media marketing will assist Martin and Emelia to not only contact their clients but also contact good suppliers and dealers which they can contact for getting authentic raw material at a reasonable rate (Sahai et al. 2018). On the other hand, social media marketing will enable Emelia and Martin to improve the way of communicating with the customer by responding to their feedback and solving their queries. Through creating attractive Facebook pages and Instagram, Emelia and Martin can promote their products and services in front of customers by upholding products’ uniqueness, discounts, and recent offers.

Importance of product portfolio:

A product portfolio can be defined as the menu of services and products that a company sells. The product portfolio is important for any business for enabling the customer to know about the products and services that the company offers (Sharma et al. 2020). Martin and Emelia must create an attractive product portfolio in which they will list all the bakery products that they are going to sell. This portfolio will have the details of the product such as price, health benefits, uniqueness, ingredient and calorie value. Martin and Emelia must make sure that the product portfolio must be created smartly which can easily convince customers to invest in their brand.

For example, while selling cupcakes, Martin and Emelia must ensure that they created a portfolio that highlights all the types of cupcakes that the Bakery shop sells. Additionally, the calorie, ingredients, health benefits, preservatives and other characteristics of each cupcake must be given in the portfolio (Suginraj, 2017). Martin and Emelia must ensure the prices and ingredients of the cupcake must comply with the food and Safety Standard. This portfolio is the best way of informing customers regarding the details of the product, through this portfolio of cupcakes, Martin and Emelia can make the customer aware of the authentic taste and uniqueness of their cakes.

Importance of business plans:

Payroll and pension are the two important organizational structures of any business. Martin and Emelia can implement these two plans into their business. Payroll is the list of staff who are included in the pay structure of a company (Wang, 2020). On the other hand, a pension is the sum amount of money that is given to employees to support their retirement. These two business plans will enable Martin and Emelia to promote self-motivation within their staff thereby encouraging staff to put their best effort into achieving organizational targets.


From the above-mentioned discussion it can be stated that, for improving business performance, marketers can take different stapes such as improving HR functions, creating product portfolio, conducting effective training and development to staffs, recruitment process and using social media marketing. Through automation of business, marketers can improve business growth by improving the way they communicate with their customer clients and dealers. Therefore, marketers must conduct market research to understand which strategies they need to implement into their business to improve their business framework.

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