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Integrated Digital Marketing Strategy

Learning Outcomes Assessed


Critically appraise the nature, importance and challenges of integrated digital marketing strategies.


Propose and evaluate an effective integrated digital marketing strategy with associated objectives.


Evaluate core digital skills, theories, concepts and models and apply digital production skills.


Assessment Brief

You will create a digital marketing portfolio for Dark Woods Coffee. This is an individual piece of work and is worth 60% of the module mark. Sections in the portfolio are related to taught sessions and you should work on the relevant section during the week that area is covered so that you build up your portfolio continuously. You will be given instructions on how to create this portfolio during the taught sessions.

You will receive a portfolio template which includes instructions on what to be included.

Please submit your portfolio by the deadline day. Feedback dates are based on the University of Bolton’s fifteen working day feedback policy. Some dates may have been adjusted to take in to account holiday periods.

Essential Content

You will need to submit your digital marketing portfolio in Microsoft Sway format and justify the application of each method in your portfolio by highlighting its relevant theoretical and practical strategic rational. Your digital portfolio should include at least three of the following:

WordPress Email Marketing Online advertising Twitter created feed Search Engine Optimisation Analytics

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Important and helpful information:

Please refer to the Module Guide for information regarding indicative reading, guidelines for the preparation and submission of assignments, and the module learning outcomes

Specific Assessment Criteria:

(Please note that the General Assessment Criteria will also apply. Please see General Assessment Guidelines for Written Assessments Level HE6)

inimum Secondary Research Source Requirements:

Level HE6 - It is expected that the Reference List will contain between fifteen to twenty sources. As a MINIMUM the Reference List should include three refereed academic journals and five academic books.

General Assessment Guidelines for Written Assessments

General Assessment Guidelines for Written Assessments General Assessment Guidelines for Written Assessments
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