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Healthy nutritional and protein drinks are the major aspects in pure gym culture. People who attend the gym needs to follow the proper diet which would consist of nutritional foods and proteins. Protein is an important element to meet the nutritional requirement of the people. This ethnographic research will represent the ethnographic study exploring relevant as well as contemporary social issues within sport and physical activities. Moreover, this assignment is going to use proper research methodologies, data collection method and analytical tools, to represent the qualitative study research topic. This assignment will critically discuss the findings and themes by representing the different academic evidence to demonstrate the fact that how protein drinks and health nutritional are associated with the pure gym culture.



This ethnographic research report aims to the importance of a healthy diet and protein drinks as part of the pure gym. Moreover, this research report also aims to explore the contemporary social issues that are associated with physical activities and sports.

Objectives of this ethnographic research report are as follows: To evaluate the importance of the healthy diet in pure gym exercise To analyse the importance of the protein drinks for the people who are involved in pure gym To make the critical evaluation of eth contemporary social issues that are associated with the physical exercise

Review of literature:

Recent evidence suggests that ethnographic study on the physical activities and gym, culture represents the facts' that play; activeness and physical fitness are associated with the family and neighbourhood context. There is evidence that proves the strong connection between the family and social background of the people and their physical activities. As stead by Ross et al. (2014), Asian and South Asian community show comparatively lower participation in swimming, gym activities and outdoor games as compared to the people belonging to the developed nations such as US and UK. Different themes can be formed based on the recent evidence on the ethnographic study of physical activities:

Contemporary social issues affect the physical activity of individuals:

As stead by Hartmann and Siegrist (2016) ethnographic report on the physical activities shows that how the social factors such as income, perspectives, social support and the behaviour of the individual affect their physical activities and sports. Different pieces of evidence suggest that US-born children are one of the fastest growing individuals due to their proper physical activities and gym culture. on the other hand children in the developing and underdeveloped countries such as India, China, Africa, the children suffer from lack of gym activities, physical exercise and sports facilities. This process affects the children in the developing and underdeveloped countries to gain poor health and memory.

As stated by Betik et al. (2016), family and neighbourhood context is associated with the healthy and physical activities of the individuals. for taking the pure gym training, social and financial support are important aspects. For taking the regular training from the pure gym, it is important that individual can afford the payment of the gym. As stead by Tawfik et al. (2016), in Asian and South Asian countries the number of the pure gyms is lower than that of the developed countries such s UK, EU countries and the US. This is berceuse, the number of trainers and participants in this gym and sports in developing countries such as the Asian countries are lower than that of the developed countries. On the other hand, Ross et al. (2014) mentioned that in Asian countries, social persecution, rituals and traditional; viewpoint sometimes pose potential barriers to physical activities and gym culture. Such as in case of swimming in most of the villages of the Asian countries, girls are not allowed to wear a swimming costume.

The protein drink is one of the most active parts of the pure gym culture:

People are now quite conscious about their health and fitness. PureGym is UK based no-frill fitness club, which offers the high-quality equipment and membership to the participants. Based on the WHO report on the health fitness in the UK, it has been seen that members of PureGym have maintained the high level of fitness and physical activities that improve their overall body structure as well as functions. As stated by Viana et al. (2016), ethnographic research shows that there is strong relationship between the gym culture and the food habit of the members. From the recent researches, it has been seen that more than 45% of the people which art eh members of PureGym, take regular protein drinks, protein powders and protein supplements. Protein drinks become an important part of the gym life. People who work out in the gym, take protein drink for regularly after the workout. As stated by, Thomas et al. (2016), protein is an important element that met the nutritional requirement of the body. People who are associated with getting the fitness training in Gym needs proper protein drink in a regular manner.

The healthy diet is an important part of the people which attend fitness training ion PureGym:

The healthy diet is important for maintaining the proper mental and physical health. Through taking regular healthy diet, people can develop their memories physical abilities and immunity power. Recent evidence suggests that people who take the fitness training in the PureGym need proper healthy foods in each interval to maintain proper energy balance in their body. As stated by Viana et al (2016), it has been providing through the research that, people who are taking the fitness training from the gym need more nutritious foods that the people who do not take any exercises. Recent health report also suggests that a healthy diet assist eth people to develop proper energy in their body which is needed to maintain their physical and mental activities.

Research design:

The research design is an important part of the research paper that shows that clear process in which the entire research proceeds. This ethnographic research report consists of the following research designs

Research Philosophy:

This research report has selected the interpretivism philosophy which is based on the naturalistic approach of the overall data collection process. As stated by Thomas et al. (2016) secondary research is generally based on the interpretivism research philosophy, in which researchers collect the relevant information through conducting interview and observation. In this ethnographic research report, research has selected the interpretivism research philosophy in terms of collecting proper evidence through interview and observation. In case of conducting ethnographic research, interpretivism research design is appropriate which assist the research in terms of focusing on the social constructivism while discussing eth healthy drinks and fitness through the gym culture


This research paper has selected the ethnographic research which will assist the researcher to analyse the association of social factors with the physical activities and gym culture. In order to conduct the ethnographic research, the research has collected secondary databases from the different pieces of evidence which can represent how the social aspects affect the gym culture and healthy diet of people.


This research report has selected qualitative secondary research, which analyses the importance of protein drinks as well as healthy foods in case of the PureGym culture. Through applying the current academic evidence this research report is going to make the logical reflection of the research design. Here the researcher has conducted the interview with an open-ended question to the 3 gym trainers. In conducting the data collection methods research has focused on the following aspects such as:

Questions are carefully scripted as well as written before conducting the interview process for minimising the variability in the question wording The researcher is going to ask the uniform series of the questions to each ten interviewer Questions are open-ended to capture the different perspectives of the interviewee on the same research topic Multiple interviewees (3 trainers) are used to conduct the qualitative method of data collection to get the proper database regarding the topic.


The researcher has maintained all the ethical guidelines during conducting the research report. Research has ensured that all the participants are well-informed regarding the objectives as well as the aims of the research. The names, personal details and other important information of the respondents is kept confidential by the researcher. Moreover, the researcher has maintained a high level of privacy regarding maintaining all the research related information. The consent form is provided to all the participants to get their proper approval as well as consent about whether they voluntarily participate in this data collection process. All the participants, as well as interviewees, are also provided with the information for which will provides the overall information regarding aims, objectives and possible outcomes of the research.

Analytical tool:

The researcher can use different types of analytical tools such as discourse, semiotics and coding. In this ethnographic research report, the research has used the Semiotic analytical tool. This tool assists the research in terms of analysing the verbal communication and the sings as well as facial expression if the interviewees. Through using this tool, the researcher can analyse the perspectives, ideas and thoughts of eth different gym trainers regarding the association of social issues with the physical activities. Moreover, through using the semiotic analytical tool, this research is able to analyse the expression, perspectives and decision of the interviewee.

On the other hand, this research paper does not use discourse analysis, which focuses on critically analyse the largely written content. Although in most of the theoretical research this type of analytic tool is used, this research does not use this analytical tool as it will not help the researcher to deal with the verbal communicational and interview database.

Findings and Analysis:

From analysing the qualitative research database, it can be stated that the majority of the people who take the gym facilities and a healthy diet. From the database collected from the interviewee, it is clear that all the members of PureGym take protein drink such as Whey protein, PT protein, Maxi Nutrition, UFIT protein. On the other hand, many people who are members of PureGym eat fish, fruits, salads, porridge with protein powder and rice. Through this analysis of the database, it is clear that this research able to meet objective 1 and objective 2.

Moreover, white people from the developed countries are more actively participates in PureGym as compared to the Black Asian. This aspect shows that fact that, contemporary social issues such as social perspectives, ideas, thoughts and social support are associated with the physical activities and diet. Therefore it can be stated that the research paper successfully meets objective 3 of the research.


From the above findings and analysis, it can be summarised that people who are associated with PureGym, take protein drinks and healthy diet regularly. Moreover thus ethnographic research paper also suggest that contemporary social issues such as educational, financial status, social perspectives and traditional ides affect the overall physical activities and sports of the individuals.

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Reference list:

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