Enhancing Communication Effectiveness

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  • Published On: 14-12-2023

Communication is one of the essential elements that are considered by the businesses with the purpose of ensuring the subtle growth and development while winning over the trust and confidence of its stakeholders. Different types of theories on communication have been emerging while ensuring the efficiency of information transfers. Waisbord (2019) observed in a research that efficiency of communication is reliant on sharing credible information and achieving a response from the receiver. From different past literatures it was witnessed the manner in which efficient communication has supported the development and growth of business and non- business institutions.

Moreover, Treem, Leonardi and van den Hooff (2020) observed that communication or interaction is a two way process where the sender and the receiver acts takes a proactive step towards ensuring the completion of the interaction process. Clarity or efficiency of message and the identification of the mood or interests of the receiver supports in achieving the targets towards which the communication is directed. In this connection, the literature review would focus towards identifying communication needs, the measures for developing efficient communication and barriers that might be encountered while facilitating communication between two individuals or groups. Therefore, the current study would delve deeper into the aspects that drive efficiency in communication and the manner in which the same might be achieved.

Literature review

Efficient communication empowers transmission of credible information while addressing the objectives for which the communication is being facilitated. According to Sillars and Vangelisti (2018), efficient communication caters to the transmission of information or data to the receiver while generating a feedback or response. For an instance, in an organization the hierarchy of management takes the initiative of implementing a change in the operational units. In this connection, communication plays an integral part for the management to keep the people aware of the different changes while encouraging their active participation. However, there are various forms of communication of which top- down and bottom- up are two mostly regarded communication techniques. In top down communication, the management of an organization makes the workforce aware of the changes in the form of instructions.

On the other hand, in bottom up communication the employees take the initiative of providing their feedback or responses or interacting with the management on their concerns for continuous improvement. Zerfass et al. (2018) defined communication as way two way process where a sender encodes a message and supplies the same to the receiver whereas the receiver decodes the message and identifies the different intents and information that is delivered through the message. After the message is received by the receiver, a feedback or response is provided by the receiver to the sender which makes communication a two way process. Well organized communication is identified as one where the sender of the message is clearly knowledgeable on the audience and has capability of crafting the message or the information in a manner in order to achieve the objective of the communication process.

Communication is an effective means of transferring information, knowledge or skills from one individual to another. As per the research made by Shah et al. (2017), efficient communication is specifically based on the transmission of credible information that are targeted towards achieving the purpose. Business organizations communicate to cater to educate and make the stakeholders aware of the different strategic changes, whereas a political leader communicates with the purpose of identifying the concerns that are being faced by the people in the societies. Although the forms of communication that is adhered by a political leader and a business leader is different but the purpose of communication is the same, which is the transmission of credible information.

Efficient communication is possible with brevity and clarity of the message, the choice of the channels of communication and the content of the message. Yiqing. and Guojie (2018) stated that quality of the message is judged through the brevity and clarity of the same which would contribute towards developing a sense. Likewise, Besley, Dudo and Yuan (2018) opined that the quality of content of the message is an integral factor that improves the communicability of an individual. The quality of message is determined through the alignment of the audience with the message content. Delivering a message to inappropriate audiences might create a negative impact on the objectives for which the communication is being undertaken. On the other hand, Genç (2017) observed that channels or media that is used by the sender of the message for communication determines the efficiency. Effective choice of the channels supports an individual in reaching out to the target audience for the message while establishing the objective of communication.

However, in certain scenarios it has been observed that communication fails to redeem the effects or outcome for which the information was being passed. Communication fails due to mental barriers or physical barriers which limits the scope of communicability for an individual. On the other hand, from the research made by Waisbord (2019), it was witnessed that communication fails when the content quality of the message is inappropriate for the mood, interests or preferences of the audience. Therefore, in certain specific situations it has been observed that communication fails to improve the scope of information transfers.

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Therefore, from the current study it might be concluded that communication plays an integral part in developing capability of information transfers. It was observed that communication acts as a major means of transmitting information among the people. The research also identified the different instances and interventions through which the efficiency of communication can be developed. However, there are certain pitfalls and concerns that might be considered while communicating with individuals or groups like the choice of channels, the quality of the content and the nature or behaviour of the audience to whom the communication is being made in order to influence the efficiency of information transmission and communication. Therefore, from the study it was observed that communication is an integral part for transmitting information and educating people.


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