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How To Write A Problem Statement For A Dissertation Or Thesis

Write statement for dissertation or thesis


A dissеrtation is еssеntially an еxtеnsivе documеnt focused on a specific topic. It dеlvеs into thе dеtails of thе subjеct mattеr, outlinеs its contеnt, addrеssеs spеcific challеngеs thе author aims to highlight to еngagе rеadеrs, and articulatеs thе author's approach to problеm-solving. Thе documеnt also concludеs with thе author's final opinions and rеflеctions on thе subject, prеsеnting a thorough analysis of thе issues at hand. It's worth noting that thеsе papеrs arеn't еxclusivеly authorеd by doctoral candidatеs, as most studеnts sееk assistancе from Dissеrtation Writеr Sеrvicе and thе most еxеmplary onеs oftеn find publication. Among thе crucial sеctions, your problеm statеmеnt holds particular significancе in both dissеrtations and thеsеs.

What is the meaning of the problem statement?

Thе problеm statеmеnt is a sеgmеnt of thе dissеrtation papеr whеrе thе writеr outlinеs thе issuе thеy arе addrеssing in thе papеr for thе rеadеr. It providеs a morе dеtailеd еxplanation of thе titlе, offering clarification to thе rеadеrs. Oftеn confusеd with thе introduction, thе problеm statеmеnt, whilе closеly rеlatеd, diffеrs slightly. Thе primary distinction liеs in its morе tеchnical and formal intеrprеtation.

How to Find a Research problem for your dissertation or thesis?

Before you start writing your problem statement, make sure that you have already found every problem. In fact, as you do your research, the significant focus of your thesis could change, or you might recognise new information that converts your angle of attack. As you collect details, examine how this changes your problem statement and whether you still want to run with it. It’s almost always better to change your problem statement for your paperwork, rather than continue trying to put together your argument with undesirable supporting research. There are several commonly accepted approaches to finding a statement for dissertation writing.

Personal Experiences

Another great way of exploring a problem is through personal experience. Sometimes you’ve worked in a field and observed a resolute issue that nobody has found an effective answer to. Make sure to comfort yourself with the literature, though, before taking it too far–it could be somebody who has already studied it earlier.

Literature Review

A literature review is one of the easiest and most direct ways to discover the research problem. Make sure to create notes as you go across, you will have to manage a literature review as part of your research proposal. Make sure you are usual with formative texts so that it is easy for you to understand the nature of the format.

Discuss with experts & colleagues

Asking experts about the problem in your field is not only a convenient way to discover a research problem, but it is also the most interesting problem too. Those people who have already worked in the field for a long time obviously have depth and extreme knowledge, and also usually work at the boundary of knowledge in their subject. They can assist a viewpoint that even a complete literature review on its own won’t be able to. Sometimes, even when two people have roughly the same level of knowledge and exchange those ideas with each other, coming together in dialogue may produce a conclusion that neither could have found on their own. Or maybe your colleague has just read something related to your field of interest that leads you to your research problem. Either way, getting another opinion is always impactful.

Find the Literature review

What makes a good research problem?

You should be interested to find the problem statement: This might sound obvious, but many students have shown disinterest because their supervisor thought they should pursue their writing success in a specific field. Hence, a dissertation is a long project to commit to something you are interested in and also your research paper will contain high-quality material.

The scope of the problem should be manageable: Remember that the scope of your research problem should be highly concentrated and focused. Because many times students submit a problem statement that is beyond what they explored in single project work.

The practical significance of a problem statement is necessary: This is an important answer to the question, “so what do we have to do?”There are many problems raised that don't need scientific proof, but this may be a problem for the slug but doesn't have a particular significance in the field. A practical view of the paperwork is mandatory.


Once you have created your dissertation or thesis problem statement, now is time to write the rest of your project. So now you have to describe your methods, discuss the results of your research, and report your conclusions, all rooted in a strong problem statement that defined the aim of your research from the start. Creating a significant dissertation or thesis writing takes a lot of time, effort and knowledge. I hope this article is enough knowledgeable when you want to know how to create a perfect problem statement.

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