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Notable Introduction & Conclusion Tips for Essay Writing

Notable Introduction & Conclusion Tips for Essay Writing


Students must write a persuasive essay. Students choose to start their writing on their own but then they get stuck in the middle or even at the starting sections that how to structure their essay writing perfectly. It's a skill set that students from college can make use of even after they have passed out. The skills that are required to effectively write an essay are persuasive and analytical writing. However, it's not as tough as it seems once you understand the basic structure of the essay.

Why it is important to structure a good introduction & Conclusion?

As we all know, first and last impression plays an important role in everyone’s life. Especially when you are writing, the introduction & conclusion section should be structured in a significant way so that the examiner or readers will be impressed at the starting and keep reading your content whether it's a simple essay or a long research paper. As we have said, the introduction is what makes the reader want to continue reading your paper whereas the conclusion makes your paperwork stick in the reader’s mind. Now in academic perception, the best way to write an introduction section is to follow the guidelines provided by the academic. You just need to strategise and analysing well about your topic before starting writing.

Best ways of writing an introduction to an Essay

Background context and information:

Providing good background information on the particular topic is the best way to structure the introduction of the essay. This shall give an idea about what problem statement you are targeting and why its needs to be addressed.

Restrict the scope of discussion

The introduction part is not as long as the body structure so a writer cannot cover all the details in this section. Give a perspective to what you are covering instead of making it lengthy and confusing. Try to use fewer words with meaningful context so that readers can enhance their interest in your essay and continue reading it until the conclusion part comes.

State your opinion in the essay question

Before you start writing your reflective essay, state your opinion on the question asked. It could be your main argument, research statement or contention. Give a brief idea about the approaching topic chosen by yourself. You have to include case studies and sources that you have explored throughout the searching journey. You need to add a rough outline of all the points that you are going to cover in the body section.

Some tips for writing a Conclusion

The conclusion section allows you to summarise your entire academic essay in an organised manner. This section is usually used to remind the reader of all the crucial points that you have covered in your intro and body sections. Here are some great tips for writing a conclusion to your essay:

  • To remind the reader your initial statement start with the rephrased thesis statement.
  • Add all the important points you made previously, and add examples that supported your statement. This is your chance to add all the highlighted or relevant points together.
  • Make a suggestion section for your readers so that they give you feedback on your work and accordingly you understand what your audience likes or dislikes.
How to Improve your essay writing skills?

How to Improve your essay writing skills?

Students usually start writing their essays once it is assigned by colleges or committee. Still, they get low grades because - they create a low-quality paper or plagiarised content. Mistakes that we usually see are because of lack of time & effort, lack of English command, grammatical mistakes, copied content etc. Some basic tips for students to effectively write their essays are:

  • Understand the topic first and then start writing.
  • Plan and schedule according to your significant time.
  • Be critical for your own good.
  • Be mindful of your essay structure and format.
  • Proofread and edit once it is complete.
  • Read wisely.


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