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How far is too far in terms of faculty-student relationships?

Description: The education system prospers where the student and teacher are devoted, connected and related. Looking at the circumstances in current times this seems as if the relation is more professional and no chance of warmth to be experienced. This topic will give a deeper insight on current situation, developments, and how far it seems from expected.

Source Material:

  1. Book: The Law of Higher Education, 2011
  2. Book: Coming to Terms with Democracy: Federalist Intellectuals and the Shaping of an American Culture, 2001
  3. Book: A Professor's Duties: Ethical Issues in College Teaching, 1994
  4. Journal: Intraspecific Trait Variation Is Correlated with Establishment Success of Alien Mammals, The American Naturalist, 2015
  5. Journal: Using Predator-Prey Theory to Predict Outcomes of Broadscale Experiments to Reduce Apparent Competition, The American Naturalist, 2015
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