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All of the essays are free to use and download with no registration required to see the full essay content. Please remember to reference if you wish to cite any of these essays in your own work.You can discover the use of release formulation in agriculture and pharmaceuticals. In this process, compounds deliver results for a particular time after reacting with others. The controlled release formulation is helpful in the therapeutic process and control the dose of drugs up to the certain level. The usage of controlled release formulations is very huge within the cosmetic care and personal care as well. It controls the drug overdose and avoids the nefarious impact by releasing the formulations timely. Earlier the controlled release fertilizer was the degraded version of controlled release formulations and most importantly the enteric coating and other technologies related to encapsulation are the part of the advanced controlled release formulation. It is a technology or process which is very much popular within the food science as well. Further pills and other injectable drug carriers are also a part of controlled release medicine. As it is clear that controlled release formulations worked as per the response to stimuli so there are various components which are used as stimuli for the proper release. These are enzymes, lights, magnetic fields, temperature and osmosis. It just strengthens the controlled release formulation process. The development of controlled release formulation has been taken into special consideration from the viewpoint of availing the therapeutic advantages and minimizing the negative impacts of diseases. The major aim behind the development of controlled release formulation is to improve the results of medical treatments and minimizing the nursing time. Desired release profile and swelling free released is the quality of controlled release formulations. It is clear that the controlled release formulation suggests the controlled release near to zero order kinetic release and it helps in avoiding the side effects or negative consequence over the health.

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There are various molecular which are used for the purpose of controlling release and it includes the sodium alginate and polyethylene oxide and most importantly hydroxypropyl methycellulose. It is also known as HPMC. The properties of HPMC is quite favourable for the controlled release formulations. It is something which is accepted at global level duet to the high level of non ionic nature. The global acceptance makes it more important and it has high stability as well. It has ability to get desired release and it is also considered as non toxic which is a highly significant nature of molecular weight hydrophilic polymers. The stability of HPMC is resultant from the non ionic water soluble polymer which enable the HPMC to remain stable in various chemical interactions. HPMC is semi synthetic cellulose and its drug release mechanism involves the dissolution, diffusion and erosion. It is very significant which makes it useful within the entire food science and improving the technological aspects. It is clear that the water soluble dugs could be resolved very easily and it helps in achieving the extended release. The gel layer generally grows thicker when water penetrates and it just reflects the diffusion layer. There are various layers and water and gel mixture plays an important role in erosion of outer layer. The role viscosity is very huge in selecting the matrix formulation. The high viscosity is helpful in the controlled release formulation and mostly used by the people in the formulation release process. HPMC k100lv is generally used for erosion and it just provides the chances to get better results. The polymer must be quick and must have hydration within the gel as it helps in avoiding the tablet disintegration. The premature drug release could be easily avoided with the help of rapid gel formation in both soluble and insoluble drugs.

In the medical field the controlled release formulation is highly beneficial as it provides the benefits in cosmetic care and personal care as well. The solutions have been provided in various forms. The personality could be improved and the drugs could be injected into tablets or solutions. The HPMC is used very rapidly by the medical field and it just transformed the cosmetic industry. Through the effective controlled release formulation the side effects are very nominal and most importantly the restrictions have put on negative consequences on health. It is clear that with the help of such aspects that drug release have been controlled. To get extended release the polymer must be introduced within the drug release in the proper concentration. It provides effective results and most importantly the formulation process could be done in a proper way. It is known as percolation threshold and this contains amount of 30 to 35 % for the HPMC. It is clear into various studies that lower HPMC drugs have faster results as compared to the higher HPMC value into the drugs. Here the drugs provide its huge level of results and avoid the situation related to the side effects or negative aspects. The level of hpmc concentration must be proper in controlled release formulation process. The penetration of the gel into the water can make the solution and it might erode into the matrix. The force must be handled and controlled in the entire process. The technology has become so advanced that it just enables to ensure proper value of HPMC. The drug release and tablets into polymer reverse the gel like structure and it just is controlled by diffusion process. It diminishes the drug rate release and the erosion rate of polymer also decreased immensely. Thus, it is a very significant stage of entire controlled release formulation process.

It has gained in pharmaceutical industry due to its usage in drug carrier and drug encapsulate. It makes the process very much easier by making the use of polymer as mentioned in the above discussion. The cellulose enters into the matrix and creates the solution which uses by pharmaceutical companies. The physical properties of powder are also required to be considered in the controlled release formulation process. The various other solutions and chemical products also come into existence and it just provides chances to control the drug release. The polymer is most critical component and it just enable to prepare the most effective combination. The mixture and blended polymers with the gel and water also help in making tablet matrix. The benefits of controlled release formulations are that it can improve the compliance and most importantly the serum concentration could be maintained. In medical companies the major benefit is that they can get more drugs patents and financial gains could be at peak. It is something that has helped on the ground of increasing capturing more market share. The financial gains could also be ensured by the medical companies. Further the life of the patent could be increased in some scenario which is also a huge benefit of controlled release formulations. It is to acknowledge that improvement in drug using polymer the improvement in the therapeutic effects could be ensured. But other than these advantages, there are certain disadvantages too, that could be faced by the companies. The cost of companies is increasing as the controlled increase formulations are expensive as compare to other techniques. These disadvantages create certain operational troubles for organizations. But still it is more effective and result oriented technique which results in better medical treatments. The issues and challenges are related to be handled in a proper way.

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