The evolution of bio diesel and its prospects

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The availability of bio diesel has been registered from 1930’s and since that time lots of efforts has been made to increase the usability of bio diesel. The use of bio diesel has been increased tremendously, and it has provided lots of benefit to the society and most importantly the mode of transportation has faced lots of transformations. The bio diesel has become one of the most prominent commodities all across the world. People started to show their reliability over the bio diesel since its inception and utilize it as most common and prevalent commodity. Biodiesel is actually a renewable fuel that is manufactured through methanol and vegetable oils and animal fats. There are various advantages of Bio diesel that increases its usage among the society people and provide ease to manufacturers to produce bio diesel in simple manner. The major advantage is that the bio diesel could be easily produced through renewable and domestic resources. Thus, it could be stated that it quiet easy to produce bio diesel if the combination of domestic resources in proper. Further, the bio diesel is energy efficient. So in the era of globalization where industrial development in increasing and global warming is also increasing very rapidly using the bio diesel could be highly positive for the natural environment. The nefarious impact of petroleum could be minimized. It can be used directly in engines due to its non toxic and bio de gradable nature. It could be considered as one of the major advantages of the bio diesel. Thus, these are certain advantages of bio diesel that makes it highly effective to use for the consumption purpose. Another characteristic of bio diesel is that it is completely based on the chemical or material that is used for its manufacturing. The property of bio diesel varies as per the resources utilized for its production. Thus, all kind of bio diesel are not same in use.

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There are certain disadvantages too which are associated with the Bio diesel. It includes the availability of nitrogen oxide as the reaction of chemical properties contributes to smog formation. There are various researchers who have tried to focus on gaining a hold on this particular aspect and improving the level of manufacturing within the quality. The improvement in manufacturing can help on the ground of dealing with this problem and reducing its level. The involvement of government is increasing very rapidly, and they have definitely grown the bio diesel product at very large scale. The subsidies have been provided so that business owners can show their interest in setting up the manufacturing units for the bio diesel. Further, the construction of bio diesel is also dependent upon a variety of techniques. There are various manufacturing patterns that could be adopted with respect to dealing with the production process of bio diesel. Mixing the vegetable oil, cooking grease are some of the resources that could be used within the manufacturing units. As mentioned above that the properties or bio diesel is also different as per the resources or manufacturing material. The bio diesel is highly solvent and bio degradable. The SVO (soyabean, Corn oil, and canola oil) is simple vegetable oils that are easily available, ahead the animal fat includes the pork lard, and beef tallow could also used for the purpose of production process. Ahead the grease from the waste water treatment plant or restaurant grease trap could also be used for the manufacturing of bio diesel. The major advantage for the bio diesel is that it is highly sustainable for the environment and has a positive impact for the eco system. Further, the level of harm is also very low.

Other characteristics of Bio diesel is that it is highly suitable to be manufactured in any climate and is based upon already developed agricultural products. The bio diesel could be produced in 100 percent actual form or could be produced blending with other petroleum diesel. The B100 is complete bio diesel or is a neat form of bio diesel and B2, B5, B20 is the example of blended bio diesel. In different regions of world different vegetable oil is popular as per the availability or convenience. In Europe, the rapeseed oil is popular and in USA the soybean oil is used for the purpose of manufacturing the bio diesel. The growth prospects are not only associated to its benefits for the industry or actual characteristics it actually helps in maintaining the proper pricing structure for the vegetable products. It provides a new developmental market for the farmers who produce soya or other vegetables. It put its impact at the economy and its related elements. Therefore, it is clear that the bio diesel and its prospects are highly clear in terms of supporting the related or associated people who directly or indirectly contributes into the production of bio diesel. The fuel pricing is increasing very rapidly but it may be used as substitute for the fuel or petrol so it may help in bringing the stability into the fuel prices. The fuel supply could be replaced easily with the bio diesel, and it may help in saving or protecting the natural resources. Thus, it is clear that other than the environmental benefits it has certain economical benefits. Thus, there is need of using it in painstaking manner, and there is a huge requirement of bringing the new technology that can provide opportunities to make effective use of bio diesel and increasing its prospects in near future.

It has the power to reduce the element of carbon monoxide into the environment, and emissions could also be reduced. Further, it has excellent lubricating facilities. The bio diesel life cycle is also excellent and using the bi diesel in buses can reduce the utilization of petroleum. As compare to energy fossil fuels the bio diesel has a long life cycle and just helped on the ground of bringing the cost efficiency as well. Thus, it is very interesting to understand that the future prospects of bio diesel could be improved with a view of gaining the advantages. The list of factors that corroborate for the future sustainability of bio diesel is that it has a huge role in avoiding the water as well as soil pollution. Further, it can provide employment to a high level of the population as new manufacturing units could be established for its production. The healthy lifestyle could be gifted to society people, and most importantly the reliability on fossil energy fuels could be reduced. The alternative energy source is always better for the future generations, and bio diesel has proven its expediency for the same. The developed economies have helped the developing economies to develop manufacturing units for the bio diesel. Further the countries who has an abundance of agricultural products they are giving special consideration to manufacture the bio diesel. It is treated as a future revenue generation source for the companies. It is actually helping the bi diesel industry to strengthen its future prospects. The dimensions of bio diesel have changed hugely after its evolution, and now it has become the future for energy sources. Most important the significant researches are taking place into the industry so that the new kind of technological advancement and processing development could be introduced

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